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Ejecutor / Atomicide – Split (2007)

Ejecutor / Atomicide
Release date:2007

Since I also run the Notes From The Underground Channel on YT,and I’m always putting up old Chilean Metal that I can find,I thought about bringing back some of the older releases of bands from now and then.
So I’ll start with this split,both these Death/Thrash bands that have gone onto doing many other great things after this but this captures the rawness in it’s full glory,I’ll be reviewing the latest from both these bands very soon.mean time enjoy this.

1. Ejecutor – Mysterium Magnum 00:00
2. Ejecutor – Deidad 01:32
3. Ejecutor – Usurpación sacrílega (transcanalización divina) 04:29
4. Ejecutor – Circulo de determinación 06:55
5. Ejecutor – Metal Eternal 09:10
6. Ejecutor – Advocación 11:25
7. Ejecutor – Guerrero astral 14:19
8. Ejecutor – Majestuosa inmortalidad 17:22
9. Atomicide – Crushing Son of a Bitch 21:43
10. Atomicide – Drauge Rain 24:00
11. Atomicide – Troops of Extermination 26:34
12. Atomicide – Materialized Hate in Destruction 28:18
13. Atomicide – Death Metal Command 30:24
14. Atomicide – Atomizig the Jewish Dog 32:32
15. Atomicide – Atomicide 33:13
16. Atomicide – Pisagua in Burning Down 35:25
17. Atomicide – Spreading the War 37:29
18. Atomicide – Alcohol and Gunpower 39:17
19. Atomicide – Penetrate with My Panzerfaust 42:00

Castigo-Demo (2015)

Some new Black/Death Metal from Quilpué, I just came across this band the other day,from what I read it’s a one man project
(Ikonoklast Destrvctor : Vocal , Guitar , Bass) and has ties to another band that I can’t think of at the moment.but anyhow check out the demo it’s not bad even a Archgoat cover.


Perversor – Venomous Madness (Up Coming Track)

Hells Headbangers Press Release

Set for international release on July 27th via Hells Headbangers on both CD and vinyl LP formats.

It’s been seven long years since PERVERSOR released their classic debut album, Cult of Destruction, and four nearly-as-long years since their last EP, The Shadow of Abomination, which HELLS HEADBANGERS reissued on a wider scale not long after its initial release – but the Chilean maniacs are as restless ‘n’ wild as ever on their long-awaited second album, Anticosmocrator! Firmly committed to the hellish climes of South American black/death madness, here on Venomous Madness, PERVERSOR whip up a fury of filthiness and bestiality that could only come from the cult-metal cauldron of Chile. One track detonates after another, with the band seemingly locked into a state of violent possession, each scabrous riff and vocal vomit summoned from a sulfurous pit far beyond the purview of mankind. But through it all, PERVERSOR stay just as committed to the METAL aspect of their black/death madness, thrashing forth with a memorability rooted in the ’80s ways. And the world trembles before the imminent doom of Anticosmocrator…

Atomic Aggressor / Diabolical Messiah (EUROTOUR 2015)

Two Death Metal giants of the scene will be hitting Europe for the first time this year.

Press Release:

It’s with great pride that the agency Roadmaster Booking announces the first Eurotour of two of the most significant bands of Chilean extreme underground death metal scene ATOMIC AGGRESSOR and DIABOLICAL MESSIAH. The tour will happen next September 2015, and already include appearances at Germans NRW Deathfest and Italian Briscia Deathfest.

Enrique Zúñiga, guitarist of Atomic Aggressor says:

“This is our first time playing in Europe, so it’s very important for the band. Atomic Aggressor is a very old band, for us it was a pending goal, and now that our album is out, it’s the best time to visit Europe. We hope that European Metalheads will appreciate our work and maybe find some old school fans that already know our band since the late 80’s. Mainly we want to show “Sights of Suffering” to the European Deathbangers. But because this is our first time in Europe, we’ll also be playing some old stuff from our demos. So people can expect a show full of real Chilean old school death metal. Atomic Aggressor started in the late 80’s. After 2 demos the band split up. Now we are paying some old debts. The most important was to record an album. After that, another pending goal was to do an international tour. That’s why this tour is so special for us.”

Cesar Diaz, bassist and vocalist from Diabolical Messiah says:

“This is a great step for our band, and will be our second tour out of Chile and the first tour with many dates, will be great to meet other countries and his scenes. We expect to introduce the band in Europe in a directly way. That the European metalhead can see us live and we can spread our music and material in the countries that we will visit. We are preparing near of 60 minutes of a musical bomb without break. The European metalheads can expect a lot of energy, weight and speed. So attend to our concerts. Atomic Aggressor is a legend band from Chile, the first band of Death Metal in Chile and all his music in all his years is brutal. We guarantee unmerciful concerts”