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News: Destroying Texas Fest, In Nomine U.S. Tour cancelled


Less than two weeks representing Chile Invocation Spells and Diabolical Messiah at this killer fest, should be a good time, I’ll be there getting my fix of extreme metal.

In Nomine has cancelled their whole U.S. tour the following was posted on their facebook page.


Due to problems to adjust budgets between promoters
We must postpone our tour in USA this year until new notice.
Feel sorry for the interested people, but we’ll continue
in contact with the people for to arrive soon there!
Besides we continue with the dates in our country and
the nearer recording process of our second album by this year!

Lux Nigrum – Burning The Eternal Return (Advanced Tracks 2019)

The band has just published two tracks from their upcoming release which will be out on tape format in about three weeks on Street Metal Blasphemy/Herejía Prods.
Also the band is seeking a label to put this out on cd so if anybody knows contact the band.

After you hear these two this sounds solid as hell!

More info at their Facebook.

Top 10 of 2018


Well another year gone by and a very good one,as in previous years I would make a top twenty but this year it’s a bit different as I have comrade Soukpen adding his top ten.

These are not in particular order as different genre are represented.


1.Concilivm – The Veiled Enigma
(Von Frost Records)

2.Deathwards – Towards Death
(Invictus Productions)

3.Invocation – The Mastery of the Unseen
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

4.Mayhemic – No Life
(Evil Steel Records)

5.Deathly Scythe – Celestial Darkness
(Necrolatry Records/Life Eternal Productions)

6.Undertaker of the Damned – Satanas Potestas Est
(Australis Records)

7.Hellish – The Spectre of Lonely Souls
(Unspeakable Axe Records)

8.Alienation – Ideological Hoarding

9.Culto A La Malevolencia – In Nomine Capra

10.Apostasy – The Sign of Darkness
(Fallen Temple)


1.Necromantic Forces – The Ocult Power of the Only God of Chaos
(No Mercy Reks)

2.Hypnosinosis – ῾Υπνωσίνοσις

3.Dead Moon Temple – Ænigmasólvoid
(Throats Productions)

4.Meridion – Rise from the South

5.Invocation Spells – Spread Cruelty in the Abyss
(Suicide Records/Hells Headbangers Records)

6.Devotion – Far Beyond All Light
(Mouth of Madness)

7.Blasfemia – Nocturnal Astral Visions
(Tribulacion Productions)

8.Ritual Blasphemer – Satanic Ceremony

9.Misticismo – Terraria
(Grim Records)

10.Invocation – The Mastery of the Unseen
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

Invocation – Live 15/9/2018 (Ceremony of the Black Flame) Santiago,Chile

Here is a great soundboard gig by the band but there is a story behind this as the venue that does live feeds (FAQ Record) only let the first night of this happen as the promoter never paid the venue so they cancelled the next night which pissed everybody off I could imagine.

So I watched this live and it was a great night of Metal no doubt and I figured I would record the best sets the next day and takeout all the lame shit they throw in during band breaks. so I grabbed this first and when I went back the video was taken down and I sent this to the band and once they posted it one of the members of Funeralis contacted me asking if I had their set and unfortunately I had to tell him no, sucks because they were the next band I was going to get as they really impressed be with their live set.

One thing that I noticed watching this is the crowd and I figured this would of been packed but it wasn’t, I been to this venue and have seen it packed so it really made me wonder if there was some other gig happening that night as people tell me that this is what happens in Santiago offen and like other scenes people just don’t support the local bands, which truly is sad because this bill was something else.

Ouija (Mystifying Oracle)
“New Song”
The Spirit Trumpet
Devout Effusions

Ejecutor – “Of Doom and Darkness” European Tour (2018)

Ejecutor is ready to embark on a tour with Deathly Scythe and Radiation (Slovakia)

Promotional Flyer and a few others

Here are the dates:

27.09.2018 Pisek, Pi Klub, CZ
28.09.2018 Grafing b/Munich, Jig, GER
29.09.2018 Mladá Boleslav, Farárova Sluj, CZ
30.09.2018 Nürnberg, Kunstverein, GER
01.10.2018 tba…
02.10.2018 Erfurt, Ajz, GER
04.10.2018 Bologna, Freakout, ITA
05.10.2018 tba…
06.10.2018 Berlin, tba, GER