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Pentagram – Reborn 2001 (VHS Rip)

Pentagram - Reborn 2001 Front Cover vhs

Pentagram - Reborn 2001 back cover vhs

I uploaded my copy of this legendary concert just to show how better the quality is compared to the one that was released on “Under the Spell of the Pentagram” compilation in 2008,I felt ripped off when I bought that release expecting the same quality but instead it’s shit! I even have those other two video clips that were added and they are even better than what was on here.

Recorded live at their reunion show on Sunday May 27th, 2001 at “Teatro Providencia” along with Dorso and Necrosis.this featured all the original members of the band except Alfredo Peña (bass) who committed suicide in 1990,so Juan Francisco Cueto ex- Criminal took on the duties.

Released on Picoroco Records, I doubt that this will ever see a real official release on dvd as Eduardo “Picoroco” Navarrete passed away in 2005.

Sergio Mella (Productions)

Sergio is another like Leo Pozo that does a lot for the Chilean metal scene,I been following his work for awhile now and his photos are great but he also does some great videos and has gotten better with time now that he has multiple cameras, he has stepped up the production.

Subscribe to his youtube channel here or checkout his photos on Facebook.

Here is some of his latest work from this gig.