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Oppositor – Embrion (2016)

Release date:February 4, 2016

Here is a new death/thrash band from Santiago,this is their first release a six track EP.

The title track Embrion (Embryo) opens this up and oh man I love how this builds up in the beginning then it just goes into a brutal assault with a minor break, before this lead comes in and just blew me away and the vocals are perfect sick dirty,a great opener.Tombs of Greed, I will say this,that there are english and spanish tracks on here,this being the first of the english titled ones,and it’s a good one as it has a crunchy riff that kept me interested, sometimes I heard a Criminal influence on this one,good stuff!Muerto en Vida (Living Dead),another strong track that pounds out the goods and the break really killed,then a lead that’s thrown in before it comes back and finishes strong.Bajo Amenaza (Under Threat),the vocals on here are what made this one for me total anti god shit here and the ripping leads really added fuel to this one with a cool ending.Disease of God was recorded at a different session and you can tell by the production and it sucks because this is another killer track,maybe they will re-record it for another release,Camino al Infierno (Road to Hell),what’s cool about this track is the two vocals on here and how they mix as well as the pace of the whole song goes just like the title says and the final line (Satan es mi Dios)(Satan is my God) closes this out.

This is a killer release for this young band and I’m glad I found them and expect more in the future,the production is good except that one track but it doesn’t matter.the band is giving this away to download and it’s all high quality,you can get it here.also they put the whole thing up on youtube.


Cháskels – An Approach to the Hallucinatory Dimension of the Wise Buried Past (2015)

Release date:April 30th, 2015

Here is a death metal band not many people know about, they say the members are archaeologists and the concept of the band is oriented to an archaeological theme and they been around since 2012 but this is the only material they have released.

Ñawpa Kitara is a nice acoustic guitar intro then Antaras comes in with a strong blast beat but then slows down and goes through different changes that keep the listener hooked,I liked this one the vocals are your typical death metal vox but the track comes off strong.The Last March of the Neanderthal opens up with this old school feel as the guitar makes me feel like it’s from back then,the track pics up a bit and it’s another one that takes you through a trip because everything that is put into it.Ouchá Paléna Fóka is another guitar instrumental that fits in well here.Sinister Sea,I had to give this one a few listens before I could get anything out of because it was slow and it had to much vocals in the beginning and it dragged on forever but when the pace sped up it got better,not the best one on here but ok.Akapana’s Table, I like this closer because it’s eerie feel to it,it only has screams and grunts and that guitar hook that carries mostly through the whole track,so it’s a good closer.

Who knows if will ever hear anything from this band as not much info is online from them.I might have to email them and see,I think it’s pretty good because it’s different that most bands from Chile playing death can listen to the whole demo below and even download it for free if you like.

Totten Korps – Supreme Commanders of Darkness (2015)

Totten Korps
Release date:December 4th, 2015
Label:Apocalyptic Productions

I was really excited when I heard Totten Korps had something new coming out it had been over ten years since Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels (2001) and with a few personnel changes since then I had to check this new material out,if your not familiar with this band they play death metal.

From the get go we have Supreme Commanders of Darkness the title track this comes in with no intro just straight in your face and it gave me a feeling of old Morbid Angel to a certain point,the new vocalist SadaX comes off very well with a killer tone to his voice that should please anybody into death metal,but I must say this track didn’t really do much for me as it slowed down near the end and left me kind of wondering how the rest of this would be.The Black Flame of the Underworld hell yeah! now where talking this what I like a pure smoking track even with it’s breaks this one should catch anybodies ears,this should of been the opener.El antiguo maestro de las pestilencias (The old master of pestilence) this is the only track on here that is in spanish and it’s a very interesting one because it starts out with this crunchy riff with a slight solo thrown in then the vocals come just as it burst into a pounding of the brain,it has some more interesting parts that kept my mind hooked,Hastur’s Voice Echoes in Our Minds and I Dwell in the Mind of the Gullible the first one starts out really fast but then midway through it slows down and shows a part of the band not heard yet but it’s really good reminds me of some other band I can’t think of at the moment but this gets heavy at the end a well written composition,the other one has this catchy riff but what really caught my ear on this one was the drumming it really stands out here especially halfway through it went off really good then concludes without a hitch,so we’re half way through then The Journey through Styx on the Arms of Hades nothing new on here but the guitar leads really standout here,not as driving as the previous but a good listen.Amarduk and The Legacy of Leviathan (Shadows from the Depths) here I came at a standstill as the first one didn’t really do anything for me but that’s just me, others might like it,the next one makes up for it as gets back into the mold of things but Nailing nailed me this is my favorite track on here all the elements on here are perfect it grabbed me on the first listen,it just has that punch some tracks have.Tortured Souls from the Paths of Perdition the closer,you would think that after the previous track they would have something to blow me away at the end but sadly this doesn’t come near that,it has a few blast beats here and there but it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

By the way the production here is excellent! and this release was worth the long wait,yeah it has it’s flaws,like the tracking list could of been better but in the digital world we can easily skip things,I would recommend this if you like old school death metal,the vocals really made this stand out,their really good,this release is worth checking out.


Evil Bitch – Sin and Pleasure (2015)

Evil Bitch
Release date:2015
Label:Fucking Death Division

I featured this band earlier but I finally got a hold of their material,the band consist of two females Cony Bitch (Vocals, Guitars) and Leslie Witch (Bass) and a studio musician on drums,they play heavy/speed metal this is their 2014 demo that was released a year later.

It starts off with a short intro then Hellfire comes in and from the start the opening riff has this Motörhead feel to it,what really has me confused on here is the way she sings Hellfire in the chorus sounds like she’s saying Deathfire but oh well this is a good opener that gives you a hint what to expect,Bitches from Hell sounds like something that has been done before but so what, it’s really good and that’s what counts very catchy track all around great lyrics to boot.Cry of Death this one opens up with this kinda punk riff and is probably the slowest track on here but the vocals on here and the lead make it up for it not bad for what it is.Witch of Satan things pick up on here again with a bass opening line then burst into this hellish treat,I love the vocals on here that really shine on here and come across well,Sinner my favorite of all the tracks on here not that any are bad but this one just caught me from the day I first heard it on you tube,it’s a driving track that has a break in the middle but you have to love the leads through out this whole release.Broken Skull is the bonus track on this CD and it’s a live track and it’s a good one but the recording isn’t the best as you can hear people talking, but below I posted another live version that sounds like it was taken from a soundboard off a split with Inner Rotten a very good metal/punk band.

Seeing this band has been around since 2008, I hope they get some recognition because they have what it takes,they know what their doing, the musicianship is perfect,the best female band from Chile period,I hope to hear more in the near future and I would recommend this to anybody that likes speed metal because they do a the genre a great good.


Degotten – Black Wolf Pride (2016)

Release Date:January 4, 2016
Label:Evil Steel Records

Some Black/Thrash we got here,this band put out an EP Finsterkult back in 2014 that caught my ear and was wondering what happened to them,so I find this demo and it’s a four track one with two covers on it,makes me wonder why they only did two originals.

But this starts out with the title track Black Wolf Pride,this grabbed me from the start,I must say this isn’t your typical straight in your face black/thrash as a lot of others are doing, this has a lot of hooks in it that I find fit in really well.Brvce Amok (Vocals + backing,Guitars) has a great voice as well and he does the high’s as well, Sonnenmensch (Guitars,) does the high’s sometimes as well,very interesting stuff and the chorus rules!

Hail to the sword
Fuck the whore
Black Wolf Pride

All Legions Shall Fall
is totally different than the first track as this starts out with a black metal blast but then slows down as a spoken part comes in then the guitar comes in with this riff that rides this for a while then it gets fast again but slows down again and a guitar riff fades this away,this was written around a tale so it’s something you have to hear to really understand the concept,I quite enjoyed it because of the feeling it left me with.

We get two covers first In a Winter Battle (Desaster),I been a Desaster fan for a long time and this is a good cover,I liked the mix of the vocals on here which brought a new light to the track and then we have Over the Wall (Testament) I must say I was never a big fan of this band so I listened to the original and I personally think this cover is better than the original, just has a better feeling to me that made it more listenable.

This left me wondering where the band is headed because we have two different sounds on the originals and they should stick with there guns like they did on that first EP.


Letal Cross – Maldita Nación (2015)

Letal Cross
Release Date:December 31, 2015

So we start the new year with this thrash band’s first demo but you might say “oh another one of those” but remember this is Chilean thrash and by now you should know what to expect,I heard a track “Hijos de la Oscuridad” (Sons of Darkness) they released earlier last year that left me wanting to hear more so the band contacted me and left me with this new demo.4 tracks here,this is sung in spanish but it doesn’t matter,get over it.

Falsa Mirada (False Look) starts this and the lyrics are basically about being fucked over by somebody but let’s get to the music,we get these evil growls in the beginning with this pounding riff and then it breaks into another more speedy riff as the vocals come in,you gotta checkout the pounding double bass drums going off during this time but then in the end it gets really good when the lead comes in, that took this track to another level for me, a very good opener.Sueños Torturados (Tortured Dreams) hell yeah! this one is true neck breaker and with a title like that what would you expect this rips from start to finish,with this catchy kinda metal/punk hook that pounds with every beat and then a minor break as the lead comes in and then out of nowhere it just ends,very good shit I must say,then we get the remake of Hijos de la Oscuridad (Sons of Darkness) I must say this version is just as good as the first and this should please anybody that takes thrash metal seriously, a very well written track that just grabs you with lyrics of total destruction as well,this has old school written all over it.Maldita Nación (Damn Nation) the title track,I guess this is about Chile as they see it but this could be about any country these days with all it’s bullshit but anyhow this has this great scream in the beginning that grabs you,the playing on here is something else,a very furious track and the vocals really shine on this one as well,a great closer.

What can I say this is great way to start the new year with this demo from this new three piece from Santiago,I have nothing bad to say about this as everything on here is perfect from the production to the songs each one has a different vibe but all have that intensity to them you have to hear.the band is giving this demo out for download on their bandcamp page just click the player below and also give them a like on Facebook

Top 20 of 2015

Since it’s the end of the year and everybody is making a list of their best of, here is mine.note* some of the bands I reviewed didn’t make the list because I’m waiting to hear more from and yes there is a few that blew me away on their first effort so they were added.If 2015 produced so many killer releases I hope 2016 is even better.

1.Invocation Spells – Descendent the Black Throne
(Metal Command Rec.)

2.Unholy Force – Embrace the Unholy Death
(Veins Full of Wrath Rec.)

3.Evil Madness – Bastards Get Rotten
(Thanatology Productions)

4.Praise the Flame – Manifest Rebellion
(Memento Mori Rec.)

5.Invincible Force – Satan Rebellion Metal
(Dark Descent Records)

6.Infernal Slaughter – Spilling Blood and Hate
(Pacto Records)

7.Hellish – Theurgist’s Spell
(Evil Steel Records)

8.Castigo – Demo 1

9.Terror Strike – Terror Strike
(Evil Confrontation Rec.)

10.Sadistik Goathammer / Abhorior – Hierophanic Sigils ov the Poison and Death
(Spreading the Pest Productions)

11.Goatzied – Hueste Encabrizada
(Veins Full of Wrath Rec.)

12.Atomicide – Chaos Abomination
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

13.Dangerous – Metal Heritage

14.Sadism – Alliance
(Mechanix Records)

15.Dekapited – Nacidos del Odio
(Suicide Records)

16.Communion – Black Metal Dagger Demo Rehearsal

17.Metastasis – The Essence That Precedes Death
(Apocalyptic Productions)

18.LvxCælis – The Watchers
(Lamech Records)

19.Worship Death – Promo MMXV

20.Perversor – Anticosmocrator
(Hells Headbangers Records)

Necrosis – Age of Decadence (2015)

Release date:August 21st, 2015
Label:Best Foe Records

Necrosis is one of the pioneer bands from Chile and “The Search” is a classic album every thrasher should own but let’s get with the times,I’ll be honest, I have given their other albums a listen and sadly they never did anything for I approached this with an open mind and I hear they have a new vocalist on this one so lets see.

So this starts with Desolation Land a nice small instrumental and then End Awareness which is really a grabber from the start and the first time I hear Jorge Jones (vocals) this reminded me of the first time I heard Søren Nico Adamsen doing vocals for Artillery,but it’s a great tune to start this off,one thing I will say this ain’t the thrash most of these younger acts are doing these days and Crush like Rats is a good example as it’s heavy but not at 100 m.p.h even Insolence has the same edge but the way these songs were written is something I ain’t complaining about but much like.Furia is the only track that’s sung in spanish and musically the weakest track but a great message behind the song.The Ovalo Prison this the track they did their promo for,it’s a descent tune but there are better tracks on here they could of done a video for.Price of the Soul love the guitar that opens this one up,but this one has an up and down feel to it,I think most thrashers would get into this.Unfair Justice another mid pace starter that builds up as it goes along and what the song is about makes it stand out for me.My Own Funeral one of my favorite’s on here on all levels,like how the final line is “Of My Fears” as a reminder of the past for those who know.

This is a good album compared to their previous releases by a big margin,some solid tunes on here and a great production as well,I’d say Necrosis is back with this.


Sadism – Alliance (2015)


Release date:December 4th, 2015
Label:Mechanix Records

This is the 7th full length from this great death metal band,the band has had it’s highs and lows throughout their existence with this being an excellent release,Ricardo Roberts (Vocals) still has the power he’s had since the beginning.I’m not gonna go through every track on here cause there is 12 of them and you get your money’s worth on this one.

Conversion the opener this track grabs you as soon as you press play, no intros here total death metal right in your fucking face!as this goes along you will hear all these tempo changes and their very catchy, crunchy at times and there is plenty of speed on here as well,Juan Pablo Donoso (Drums) still kills the skins on here as well.the guitars on here are razor shredders some killer shit.I’m telling you tracks like Putried Golden Cord which is heavy pounder and Impure & Obscure will keep your blood flowing,Pain Will Tear Us Apart one of my favs on here because there is a bit of everything in it really catchy track.the title track Alliance – We Decline..! which closes this out starts out slow but with this real heavy vibe but then we get that heavy fast shit that brings this to a close.

My advice is,if you take your death metal serious get this you won’t be disappointed,this is one of their best releases yet,and I see they just toured Europe maybe someone in the states can bring this old school band here because it’s about time.


Some live footage from the tour in Europe doing one of their classics.

Hellish – Theurgist’s Spell (2015)

Release date:August 8th, 2015
Label:Evil Steel Records

Hellish has been around since 2010 and have a few releases and this is their latest EP, 4 tracks of pure old school crushing thrash that reminds me kind of Kreator in their early stages,Necromancer (vocals,bass) has that kind of tone on here,if you listened to the “Witch” (2014) this picks up where that left off.

Total Darkness starts this off with cool intro that then goes right into it, then this killer break with the bass pops right out then into this shredding lead that will leave you floored,by the way the vocals on here are perfect easily to understand and the production is perfect dirty and raw.Silent Night the shortest track on here caught my ear on how sick the vocals are on this whole thing and the pounding groove this has to offer,some might say this sounds like something already done of course it has but who cares as long as it has that right formula and it works that’s fine with me.The Arrival of Satan is an instrumental that left me wishing I could see this band live,such a driving force these guys bring to the table,a blistering track indeed that took me back to the old days of thrash.Assassin Mind as the rest total hell on this one but I love you can here the bass rattling on this one a good closer.

I have no complains on this one and I’m glad I got to hear it before the year ends,all I hope for in 2016 from this band is a full length studio album because these short offerings leave me wanting more.