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Cadaveric Cult – Spiritual Migration (2021)

Cadaveric Cult
Release date: February 5th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Well here we have yet another new death metal band which has members or Putrid Evocation in it, a three track demo of some really brain crushing mayhem this will pound your head in.

And from the get go on Transhumation, this has a very heavy doom like feeling to it and it gets heavier and more punishing as it goes, reminds me a little of Demilich at some times, great riffage on here and the vocals are superb real dark and grotesque.

Descent even takes this to another level as this has that same hard doomy feel but sucks you in with how deep it goes and then when it puts the drive in this wicked lead shines out as this piles into your skull, this track will floor you!

The closer Reincarnation Transmigration is just as strong as the previous but more speed offered here, the tone on the guitars is just perfect and one of the main ingredients this band has in their music, excellent with out a doubt.

A total crusher of a demo this needs more exposure as the band has all the goods needed, I hope they get signed as I’ll be the first in line for a full length debut.

Thyasorgvama – Promo MMXX (2021)

Release date: February 3rd, 2021
Label: Verdugo 333 Propaganda

Here is the first demo from this new Black Metal band from Santiago and its only two tracks and one being a Beherit cover.

On Knees Before My Own Shadow the first and original track is fucking good as it has a great sound to it, I wouldn’t call this traditional black metal as it has its own fill to it, I dug it as it has this great guitar sound on here as it grabs you and just the way this flows as it has some really grabbing parts to it and the reason I wanted to get this out there.

The Beherit cover Gates of Nanna does the original good and the sound these guys have is something that catches my ear but would of loved to hear more original material as this has great potential from what is offered here.

Check out the first track below, killer shit!!!

Vel’Har – Letanía I (2020)

Release date: November 25th, 2020
Label: Mahamvantara Arts/Rigor Mortis Productions

A ritual released late last year that needs to be giving a shout out to, the band has a Chilean/German connection as this is a whole band as they are mentioned on the cd and also part of the Pure Raw Underground Black Metal Plague circle.

The demo has only two tracks plus a intro/outro and some filler between tracks and they add flare to the whole thing as there is nothing boring about it.

Ad portas / Nigredo is the first taste we get here and if you like that raw old vein stuff you might like this as it comes full blast beat in your face but it gets even more interesting as it goes as there are some really grabbing riffs in this composition and the vocals are pretty sick nothing new but just right and some great breaks in here as well, impressive stuff.

Of the two tracks on here Audi, vide, tace… is more interesting as this starts out slow, a part of the band not heard till now but then it hits hard as hell as the torment comes in with no remorse but eventually calms down with this hard filled crushing vibe to it, then a sudden riff rolls in as the band goes off again in glorious form to a hard driven end.

Not a bad demo to show what this band can do, I highly recommend giving it a listen as this is one I want to hear more from.

Perseguidor – Globalización de la Destrucción (2021)

Release date: January 15th, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Here is a band that’s been around quite a few years now and its been awhile since I heard them as their music is quite hard to find and if you never heard them they deliver a tour deforce of speed metal and if you never heard them this release is a good start.

A demo of 7 tracks sung in Spanish and this opening track Sistema Perveso, just shows on what a ride your in for as this rips from the start and the vocals are sick and grindy as the production on here doesn’t get any better as all the instruments come in nice and clear, some excellent leads and a thunderous bass that can be felt, headbanging mania as it should be.

The beginning of G.D.D (Globalización de la Destrucción),is heavy as fuck! a heavy riff in the old-school way and an excellent drive to it a short and sweet one, Falsedad is filled with all these heavy riffs and the bass really stands out here with a tasty lead thrown in, pure energy great stuff!

Oculto Plan is the track that if it doesn’t move you you must be dead as this is an absolute killer a definition of speed metal at its finest, the band takes it to another level here and continues on La Sentencia as here the vocals really shine as has some heavy crunchy riffs and the leads just smoke.

More of a slower pace on Siglos de Dolor in the beginning but then just fires up and in for the kill as this insanity comes in and were on an onslaught of pure aggression that totally annihilates the senses as we go to the closer Consumo Material which has all the elements that have been heard through out this release, these guys play tight and it shows here a smashing closer to this gem of a release.

This is probably the best speed metal release I have heard in years, a must have release and should be heard worldwide this is kick ass from start to finish.

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Demoniac – So It Goes (2020)

Release date: October 2020
Label: Dissonant Death Records/Suicide Records/Edged Circle Productions

As by now the whole world has heard this and many positive reviews have been published on this release, as a fan from the first release I will admit the band which I thought was inactive after this long break but this new one was a splendid surprise as it takes the band to a whole new level.

From the opening crack of RSV – Fools Coincidence – Testigo, the band is saying we are back with a vengeance as this track will drill you, for fast shit this doesn’t get any better as the lyrics are sung in Spanish and English even adds to it. The Trap is just as blazing but the lyrics are what got me even better as I can relate to what they are saying, good shit!

Extraviado, oh yeah this a take on an old song and with that superb clarinet that is featured here, some might say no but for me its a blessing as it adds new dimension to the music and shows the band has balls to put this out so a salute to them for doing this.

Equilibrio Fatal gets us back to the more thrash part of things and one thing you see here is the band can bring out all kinds of goods that fit just right this shit was meant to open your ass up to what can be done, hell I been listening to thrash metal since the eighties and this is some impressive shit! love the way you can hear all the instruments, great production on here!

To the closer and final and title So It Goes and almost 20 minutes long, this some will say to long but just listen to this and it wont seem that way as it was written, such a masterpiece way that this will go down as a classic as it the beginning with that smooth feeling to it but then it goes into full bloom and after is something you need to here cause the band shines on here.

Demoniac has put out one of the best albums when it comes to this genre, a true brain crushing release that shows the world what the Chilean metal scene has to offer.

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Kadmiok – Iconoclastía (2020)

Release date: December 28th, 2020
Label: Independent

Some new thrash from this new three piece from Valparaíso, this being the bands first offering that surfaced late last year , I must admit this brings a style in the vocals I haven’t heard in awhile as its sung in Spanish but the way its sung, not the typical yelling and growling but straight forward clean and mean.

Six tracks featured on this demo, Iconoclastía the title and opener is a very catchy number as it has these crunchy riffs to open then it gets heavier and when the vocals come in the pace slows but the lyrics are just what I like hateful shit to crush all the false prophets and all their shit, a very splendid opener as it gets even better on Karadura as the same message keeps being sent but more aggression is displayed here as it has some heavy pounding and it rips on through, I’m liking the way the band composes these tracks cause they come across very well.

Lacra has a more heavy sound to it but its gets more interesting as it goes, not as fast paced as the previous but still catchy as it goes and a great lead near the end that added fuel to the whole thing, but things really get good on Aquelarre as this comes at you blazing from the start and then breaks down but in a way that catches your ear as this has some great drive in it, one that sticks out of the way it is composed.

A little demon worship on Sukuba, the shortest track on here but packs a mighty blow that has all the goods in it as we go to the closer Fuerzas del mal, which is a great closer as it has so much attitude and greatness to it as the lyrics are as good as you can get and the way the track has this great vibe to it which ends this in a excellent way.

All I can say is this is an excellent debut and the band has a good formula that could lead to better things and hope to hear more soon.

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Sepulchral Rites – Death and Bloody Ritual (2021)

Sepulchral Rites
Released: January 18, 2021
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen

Been waiting for this and its finally arrived, this female trio and there death metal attack in form of a 5 track EP and on a German label which is always good.

But lets get into it as the Intro comes in with a spoken word of which I have no clue what it is then the bass comes in as the rest of the band follows as this has a really mean and dirty vibe to it and gets faster as it goes, a really good opener.

As we go into Hidden Among Roots, and the pounding continues and after these two tracks I would call this more on the death thrash side as its got some good speed to it and the vocals are pretty good (Hellwitch) as she calls herself has a great set of pipes on her, excellent growls that up there with the big boys and the track is blazing as well with a break that adds more to the depth as it storms out with all guns cranked to the maximum.

And man does it get better, Possession has a different feel on the vocals as they seem even lower at the beginning but this comes right at you and all of a sudden this part a lead comes in, and its an all out war as the band rips up a storm and then breaks down to crushing but ignites again to the end.

Sacrifice, this sounds just right as its has crunchy beginning and then goes into a faster gear as the band is taking us to the ritual, some really grabbing riffs on here and the heavy slow breakdown puts more effect on the whole thing, heavy stuff!

It ends with Demented Rites and with a more doomy feeling at the start but then goes off with this really whirlwind of a riff that grabs before breaking down again as it fades off and that spoken word comes in again as it fades out.

A really strong release that I plan on getting as only the digital format is out, the label has set March 20th as the release date for vinyl and cd formats and pre sales are up already so get a copy.

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Maledictum – Sempiterno (2021)

Released: January 13, 2021
Label: Minche Mapu Records

A very interesting release by these Black Metal maniacs as this goes right into it as Abyecto comes at you like a storm of demons as its chaotic as hell as the vocals are pure insanity and the music as well as this has all these insane breaks in it, it took me a few listens to actually get the feeling, but it sunk in after few listens.

It gets better on Yo Sin Ojos as this is completely different but very catchy, the way the vocals are sung on this whole thing might not be for everybody but just listen to the music its fucking insane so many drives as this is all over the place but its really good, a whole new vibe to black metal and the production is perfect as you can hear all the instruments just right.

Roja Demencia is a long track and more laid back in a way but the sound is still there some really wild riffage going on here as this has some breaks that just keep your mind pinned to it as you wait to here what is next and it goes into Sangre del Cosmos a really strong instrumental and the way it was recorded it sounds like it came straight from hell.

And I will mention these guys really write some interesting lyrics as they show on Disyuntiva which is more on the individualism side of things, and this track has more feeling compared to what I heard to this point, lots of breaks that drive this in all kind of ways, more on Océano, the drums on here where the first thing that stuck out but the whole band shines on here as well, its heavy in its own righteous way and the ocean part added in really took this to another level.

The title track Sempiterno is another instrumental that has a great absorbing vibe to it, the bass really shines here as this hypnotic feel is written all over it as we go into the closer, Sé Quién Soy and a really good way to end this as the lyrics are deep as well a solid closer.

Like I mentioned earlier this might not be for everybody as the way the vocals are laid down here but believe me the music is something you have to hear, it really opened my ears, as its insane as it can get, give them a listen.

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Devil’s Poison – Sacrifice (2020)

Devil’s Poison
Release date: December 25th, 2020
Label: Independent

So here we go I didn’t give these fuckers a review on their full release from this year just because I was to lazy to do it and I seen others praising the shit out of it so good for them.

So this single as the band calls it they release at the end of the year and hell yeah!

The fucking title track is what it should be a fucking master piece of pure insanity to Satan himself the track has what fuckers who like this kind of shit like, the track rips with a killer drive as it just grabs your sorry ass soul.

And the shit continues on Fire as they know and bring the goods as we “Are Sons Of The Devil” and this rips right into you like it should be, a no fuck a round track like these men set out to do.

And to close Blood, Semen, and Cocaine a anthem to end everything! Kill everybody as it is pure chaos as it should be! and the last words “Kill EVERYBODY” Yes!

Good shit for fuckers like me I love it!

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Trimegisto – Hanged in Blissful Torture (2020)

Release date: November 30th, 2020
Label: Independent

Time for some old and killer Death Metal from these old favorites as Trimegisto was featured in the original version of this site and this new EP shows the band still has never let down after all these years.

There are two studio tracks on here which I will mostly look into on this review and they kill!

As The Hanged Man shows the band has not lost their edge, this goes back to the old ways they have done in the past, it has a powerful punch really old school the band did in the past, really good shit!

Iridescent Vapours is more on the crunchy side as its evil and mean as you hear it, no letting down as it has this evil feel to it and as it goes even gets better, it crushes believe me the way it comes off really hits the spot.

The rest is live tracks and they all kill! some really good shit that they ain’t going away, which is good as Trimegisto delivers Death Metal in a righteous way.

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