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Imperathron – Mercy for the Despicable (2021)

Release date: September 26th, 2021
Label: Independent

The first demo from this Blackened Death Metal band, one familiar note, the bass player from Degotten handles all the vocal duties on here.

And four tracks of right down old school death metal comes to mind as I listened to this, as its all over the first track Mercy for the Despicable as it has its fast and slow parts and should keep the listener pinned to what is being offered here, a very good start to this.

Demons of Steel is more on the dark hard pounding side and the drums really stand out as this goes on and it kills to the end. The Human Must Be Overcome, well here we have what to me is the highlight to my ears this track is just over the top its a crusher with different fills pact to an extreme effect, this smokes even the vocals are sick as hell on this one, a superb piece of chaos.

Ophidism of the Gods closes this out in high form, total onslaught to the senses, it rips from start to finish even with the break near the end that then goes in for the kill.

A mighty good first effort from the band that you should hear, lets hope for more real soon.

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Kizin – Existentialism, the Sense of Human Essence (2021)

Release date: July 17th, 2021
Label: Independent

Kizin is back with their second full length of Progressive Death Metal and now the band is just a one man project and this should satisfy your taste if the first one left you wanting for more.

Immersed Through the Light-Dark Path opens this up and its a lengthy track and what I noticed is the production has gotten better than the last, this is a pretty up beat track lots of hooks spread throughout the whole thing the sound of the band hasn’t changed, the break that comes in halfway adds to the flare of the whole thing, a solid opener to this.

This next one Advent really caught my ear after the first verse is sung this really catching vibe comes through that will catch you then it takes its own form as all the tracks on here do as they all have a life of their own as there are only six but all lengthy and this whole thing runs over an hour, but this track stands out just because its interesting as hell, the keyboards really add to the pleasure of it.

More keyboard influence on Thrown of Fate at the start but then it picks up with a harder drive but you can hear this one has a lot of feeling to it as the music goes with the lyrics, In the Front of the Monolith, a bit different what I heard so far, more of a cosmic feel here as this really shows the prog side of things at first then later on the pace gets bit faster but might not be for everybody as this is the shortest track on here but seemed the longest to my ear.

Transcendence and the Selfhood comes in with this crunchy riffage but gets even better after a break and then lots of interesting fills a really solid track with a ripping lead that sores in here, one of the more catchier tracks on here, the ending is really killer. the closer the title track Existentialism, The Sense of Human Essence has this galloping feel to it at the start but then has a new life later, a lot of character is the only way I can put it.

A interesting release that you need to here, contact the band for more info.

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Unbowel / Deconsekrated / Endless Sedition – Imminent Death (2021)

Unbowel / Deconsekrated / Endless Sedition
Release date: August 3rd, 2021
Label: Melipulli

Here we have this three way split of some death metal bands, from what is on here the Endless Sedition tracks are mostly new and Deconsekrated is just what was on their first demo, Unbowel are some old demo and single tracks but everything was remastered for this release by Rodrigo Serrano, so the production is really good.

So lets get into this up first is Endless Sedition and an intro Linger in agony which is basically a acoustic guitar with a haunting noise in the back ground and then Kill the invaders brings on the goods, the vocals are really sick and with a great bashing to go with it, the double guitar really stands out here as the track has a good pace with choppy parts well as the speed as well a good opener to this.

Fucked in shit and this has an even more catchier vibe to it as you can hear the bass pounding at the start but then the track gets even more aggressive and midway through it comes to a slight stop then roars back to life that made this even more catchier, with a ripping lead at the end that should satisfy you, the last track they do is a cover of Atomic Aggressor (Beyond Reality) and their version is a bit more modern but still kills as its heavy as fuck.

Deconsekrated is up next and like I mentioned this is the demo and you can read my review here and it sounds better on this cd quality wise.

Unbowel, they have an weird sounding intro Disolved belief that leads into Immortal persecution and this one had to grow on me as it got better as it went on and leaves you a feel on what this band are about, N.N. into demential is more my style this one shreds as all cylinders are going off here, really impressive stuff, as we get to the closer Condemn and the punishment continues on here, a smashing number with catchy hooks that will crush the weak, insane guitar work on here that brings this to a close.

Not a bad release but could of been longer with more Deconsekrated tracks but they are coming out with a new EP soon, so something to look forward to as well as the other bands on here.

Suffering Sights – When Sanity Becomes Insanity (2021)

Suffering Sights
Release date: September 27th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Well here is one I been anticipating for its release as I mentioned in my last review of this band I knew they had it in them and here is the proof as this is a blistering debut.

If you got off on their EP then this will fill your need as most of it is on here as well and for the new comers prepare to be slaughtered as this will teach you on what this band has come to deliver.

Suffering Sights, the opener here is a ferocious slab as it has a mighty punch from the start, a new track that sets the mood of what is coming here, this track absolutely smokes, ripping leads that will grab you on the first listen and it just roars with glory, a fantastic opener.

As we go into G.E.B. an old favorite and here with a better production it has new life just like all the other ones previous released. Punishment Voids another new one with a new vibe but its catchy as hell, and gets better as it rolls on, basically an instrumental that leads into The Great Filter and if your familiar with the band you know what to expect as this hammers down like a spike into your brain, crushing material!

Face the Reality, digging the riffage at the start of this one and again it gets better as it goes on, and the vocals are pretty clear on here as you can understand them, aggressive when I mean clear. Hypocrite was the first track that caught me when I first heard this as it has a storming drive at the beginning but then some tempo changes but it goes back to its savage roots, one you need to hear to get the full impact.

As the instrumental Between Madness and Reality is a short mind grabbing piece it leads the way to one of my old favorites Worthy Acts of Hate and rips just like it always has, one that if you never heard it will crawl up your spine, this has a mighty impact!

Desperate Search with its catchy bass line at the start will grab you as it has a different feel but still shines as its a crawler you could say, the bass really stands out here in some parts but all hell breaks loose near the end with some killer hooks.

The closer Corrupted Childhood is a bit different from the rest as its heavy but then midway in the pace changes to a slower but deep feel but it has a life to it and it has a weird ending its not bad but a whole different side of the band not heard much through this whole thing.

If your into old school death thrash I highly recommend this release, the band sounds as good as ever, no disappointment here.

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Apokryphus – Apokryphus VII (2021)

Release date: September 12th, 2021
Label: Independent

Here we have an instrumental EP by this band that has had some releases, I never really put an ear to them until this release and it got my attention.

It opens up with the track Battle and it comes out with a great drive but then you hear that squeaking guitar tone that I’m not a fan of but the good thing is it doesn’t last long but this is a great opener to be honest these guys know what they are doing, as we go into Blessed Death and here the energy keeps flowing with a short tempo change thrown in this is just killer to the ear but that tone I referred to shows up even more on here but at this point I can accept it as I never heard it put to a more battering as it comes across here.

Interlude, is wicked sounding piece thrown in with church bells and even the cries of a baby but the thunder behind it really gave it a chilling feel as it lead the way into Winter, which is a full onslaught as this goes for the throat from the start and has a really cutting edge to it, another dagger on the plate, as the closer Tenebris packs the same punch the band has given us through this whole opus, more crunchy riffage is displayed here but still at full volume you could say and a strange outro to end the madness, good release.

The band left me wanting to explore what they have released prior to this, I can appreciate what they are delivering from what I heard here, so definitely give them an ear.

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Llankazo – Llankazo (2021)

Release date: May 26th, 2021
Label: Suicide Records Chile

Here we have Llankazo and their debut full length, and I remember hearing their “Demo Rehearsal” from a few years ago and was what ever happened to them and this slab comes out, if you never heard them they are a chaotic trio that spews out some heavy Black/Death Metal so I was glad to hear of this.

And from the get go we get those first three tracks from the rehearsal demo and here they been upgraded since they first appeared, so a great start to this slab, Solo existes en el presente, the first new track on here is a deep dark filled number with this very slow hard driven pace but the way it is sung a very emotional message comes across, not in the vein as the previous tracks but still a worthy cut.

Will mention this is sung in Spanish but the band translated the lyrics to English for those who are just curious, as we go into Perdición and here we go into a harder fast pace and this has that same personnel attitude of things when it comes to the lyrics and you got to love the way it is sung as the feeling is there, a lot for a short track.

Caos, this is an interesting one as it carries itself as if a tale is being told to you as it gets heavier as it goes on with some speed changes this will grab you once you hear it, not bad in addition here. Malditos, well this is one of my favs on here as the drums are pounding at the beginning but then there is a break that takes us into another dimension but it the ending is absolutely chaotic and topped this to my ears, good shit!

Enferma razón brings this to a close and a very good one to finish this off as its pounding and has a great message inserted in it so it brought good vibes to my ears in the end.

This album was like a ride for me as we got to here which way the band is headed these days and not bad as the lyrics really add to the flavor of the whole thing and the way they are sung as well, something for everybody in their music, so I would give them a listen you might like what you hear.

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Sacred Veil – Mirad lo que ha engendrado nuestro círculo…….primer paso a la destrucción (2021)

Sacred Veil
Release date: June 30th, 2021
Label: Oratorivm Records

Some Black Metal and this was actually released last year but it got a better distribution through Oratorivm Records, so now this will head out to more dark souls out there.

And this band has been around a few years now this being the bands second ritual and my first taste of the band and with this weird sounding intro Apotheosis for missa nigra, which is actually catchy after you hear it a few times we go into Bajo el río del mundo privado and the mighty presence of these keyboards come in giving it a haunting sound as this raw sounding guitar comes in and the vocals are in Spanish but have that raw vibe to them, this isn’t an all out blast beat outing as it has more feeling to it as it goes on, Insepultor has a message to bring and it shows on his vocal style, really dark and evil.

El oculto & siniestro acto, even more darkness on this one with a slower crushing pace but half way in the force comes in and the aggression is there to rip at your soul as it goes back into the original sound at the beginning. No hay más esperanza is more on the fast side as this goes for the throat right from the start, probably the fastest track on here to this point and doesn’t disappoint one bit, a crusher!

The title track being the closer to the ritual brings and has this eerie feeling of being in some mass, but it gets better this goes into a frenzy of chaos only the band could bring and a perfect closer to the ritual.

Great old school vibe on here when it comes to black metal, I enjoyed this more the more I played it so it grew on me, as in writing this, the band has already released their third ritual Incógnitas visiones bajo la Luna but only 30 copies, lets hope Oratorivm Records steps up and gives it a better distribution.

Ecologist – Advance Demo MMXXI (2021)

Release date: February 6th, 2021
Label: Black Spark Records

Well after the first promising EP here we have the latest creation from V and this is a three track demo that you get when you buy the physical copy. and reading the liner notes all this is an upcoming preview of two albums that are in the process of coming out in the future.

And Desierto florido is a really excellent opener on here if you liked Las raíces que decaen on the first release this will take you back to that but here this has a lot of killer hooks, the Atmospheric side of things really shines on here and even when it slows down it grabs you as you can feel on whats being delivered if you know what this band is about.

At the Edge of the Evolutionary Cycle, has this really catching riff that rides for awhile but then the change comes in and this next part is even more interesting as it takes on a whole new course which really brought more pleasure to it and an excellent addition , so that ends these first two, both are instrumentals but might have a new life when they reappear.

On to Human Antimony, which is the bonus track you get if you purchase this, quite long coming in over 15 minutes long, and a whole different side of the band shows here as this is more intense and chaotic at times, really off the wall shit that will sound better when officially released as this is a rough mix compared to the other tracks.

A good preview of whats to come, so its waiting time for me, we might get the first one before the year is over, cheers!

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Alaridos – Horca (2021)

Release date: April 28th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Some Grindcore for a change, this band has been around for awhile now and this being the bands first full length and a pretty good release but its short but packs a powerful punch, 9 tracks that come in under 12 minutes but its Grindcore so what would you expect.

If your into Terrorizer or old Napalm Death you should hear this, as I looked into the back ground of the band I seen they acquired a new vocalist in Daniela, yes thats right a female and man does she have a set of pipes on her and has brought a whole new life to this band as their older material had a male vocalist but in my view held the band back as now they have a more intact sound.

Some tracks that stood out where Talión and Fuerzas ocultas but this hole thing is killer! not a dull second on here, great stuff!

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Exanimatvm – Sollvm Ipsa Mor (2021)

Release date: August 9th, 2021
Label: Apocalyptic Productions

Does time fly by these days as its been a few years now since we heard from these guys and this second full length was a treat when I seen it coming out and didn’t know what to expect as I dug the first one but here I noticed there are only four tracks but they are all pretty lengthy.

En las negras aguas de Atélily, opens it up and has its own intro with a ocean waves crashing behind this eerie keyboard playing, but when it comes to the band playing this is very interesting as it’s got this vibe to it that just caught me not really fast shit but only when the drums are blasting is when the speed comes to light but the track is mostly revolved around the hypnotic riffing something you would need to hear, Like I said the tracks on here are long so there is plenty of changes throughout and this first one was amazingly good.

Sollvm Ipsa Mor o la voraz antítesis del cosmos, starts out like before with some intro before the band comes in with some deep heavy fast riffage then slows as the vocals come in and then gets even better with this pounding onslaught as it comes to a brief heavy slow part but then goes off again and rides out with different tempo changes that will feed your fill of this type of stuff.

And by now with titles like Chskl o en las misteriosas aguas de Tkoyuska, you can tell this isn’t your typical death metal but more in depth and this track has a great vibe as its heavily slow at the beginning but burst into some awesome headbanging madness at it rolls down, a long one but one of the best on here.

To the closer Magna Veritas and this being the longest track on here I expected all the previous tempo changes would fill this and righteously it does, heavy slow and even some spoken parts thrown in but lots to enlighten the mind on here as this has a punch no doubt in only the way the band could pull it off, the ending is just perfect to this.

A killer release, adds to the flare of the death metal scene in Chile, so have a listen.

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