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Mezexis – Demo I (2022)

Release date: August 1st, 2022

Here is another new band that crossed my path, labeled Black Metal, this is up to the listener to decide, only two tracks Beyond The Eyes is brutal and raw this sounds like the old days of tape trading production as it is all over the place.
La Sombra del Infinito shows another side of the band and this is my fav of the two, and so many years of listening to this stuff here is one that brings back the old vibe for real.

Not much is known about them which is fine but will keep an eye out if anythng new pops up.

Mortuarium – Mortuarium (2022)

Release date: July 21st, 2022
Label: Putrid Prods.

Some new Death Metal from this band coming out of the south. and actually their first release on this EP of four tracks.

Demon Attack this opener should satisfy bangers into this stuff a really well written with all the right elements a great opener and the pounding continues on Masacre Demencial  as this has heavy crushing riffage at the start and will say the vocals are top notch on this as well the production, this gets better as it goes with a great lead that ccmes in and goes back to that heavy riffage, excellent material.

And it really gets even better on Instinto Visceral which is about a killer and his lust to kill and the way he does it, the track has a great build up from the start, one of the best on here and the closer Necrófago is the perfect closer, grotesque stuff written here that left me floored.

This is a hell of a release, I hope to hear more from them in the near future as this will crush the weak.


Nefast MCMLXXIX – Ad Infernum, Somnia (2022)

Release date: February 28th, 2022
Label: Oratorivm Records

Back to some Black Metal this time the first full length by the band and with all the black metal coming out of the country I can actually say there is something in this genre for every one being it raw, atmospheric, depressive, etc. but back to this and remembering the demo from a few years ago this is a bit different as the band sound rawer now.

And to start Symphonia Impiorum Noctis this just an intro that is quite lengthy on first listen it had me looking behind my back and if that was the intention I guess it worked 🙂

A Flame for Impure comes in with a heavy feeling to it as the vocals break in, some good evil sounding as well and a faster drive develops as the snare picks up the beat and then the track goes off in all kind of ways. took me a few listens to grab me to be real.

On Tuorum mplacabilis dolor things get more intense as this steam rolls from the start and with a different feel as the guitar is more in control as it goes, definetly riding high through most of the encounter on here to make it more enjoyable and one of the better tracks on here, Maledictus eris ex fide brings another feel to this as it has a slower pace but still has a evil vibe to it, the vocals really shine on here as they over power most of the track and a silent break comes out of nowhere near the end that breaks into a powerful ending.

Sheol which closes the musical part of this is a horror filled composition which brings out all the good in the band, sick ass vocals the drive is intense in some parts but it calms down just to go at it again and it ends with no fadeing as the closng outro Consecration of Funest Dreams comes in to put this ritual to an end.

One of those albums you can listen to as many times and always hear something new is the only way I can put it.


Repugnancia – Decadente Mundo De Divina Tiranía (2022)

Release date: March 15th, 2022
Label: Narcoleptica Productions

Some Death Metal, I had this in my collection for a while now and this being the bands first EP, I needed to get this out to those who don’t know and that is a good thing as this release is just a head splitter, some furious hymns on here, this shit is heavy as fuck! no fucking around here this is solid from start to finish.

The band recorded this as a three piece but have added another member since then that should add power to their sound when they play live, I put the whole release up so you can hear it, trully one to give an ear to, this is a crushing release, can’t wait for the follow up to this.


Anomie – Mandragora Autumnalis (2022)

Release date: June 27th, 2022
Label: Independent

A new Experimental Black/Death Metal band with their first EP and this is surprisingly good as the band put this together well, the production on here is as good as your going to get it. Exposure the first track on here is basically an intro piece with no actual music but sounds to set the mood to what is coming.

I is first and all the real tracks are just numeralized and this one isn’t bad as you can hear the start as it comes roaring out and the vocals are quite good, but as it goes on it has it breaks but it does deliver as it has this crunchy riffage that fits in just right and it kept my mind interested on what more they had to offer.

On II the pace is a bit different as the guitar comes in solo but it builds up to a stronger conpostion as the full band comes in, the lyrical content on most is on centered life which is fine by me and this one has it all even how the ending is captured.

The closer III is more centered as you can tell by the lyrics the track isn’t that extreme but it has an interesting feel to it with some unexpected breaks but it has it’s high points and shows the band has a lot of potential on the way they write compostions. Null closes this out and just an outro with a censeable feel to it.

I’m sure we will hear more from this band in the future as this release left me with wondering what will be next, not a bad debut.


Sadistic – Rotting Eternal (2022)

Release date: June 18th, 2022
Label: Apocalyptic Productions

One of my most anticipated releases of the year and it was worth the wait as this has everything you could want and expect from the band, if you take your death metal seriously you need to give this slab a listen.

Eight tracks on here with Prelude to Rot opening and is an instrumental full of energy and sets the mood just right for what is to come,Impure Congregation is just a bombastic piece as the vocals are mean as hell but the guiter tone is even better as it has this feeling that crawls up your spine and yeah that old school feelimg is written all over this.

Things get a bit different on Hell on Earth as the pace changes a bit on here but the track is heavy as hell with some minor breaks, it still has the raw gripping effect to it, the leads near the end kill! Embrace the Darkness is more on the crunchy side you could say as the pounding riffage makes up most of the track, adds a bit of flare to the release and the ending is just right.

Things start getting back to a heavier pace on Bloodstained Grave and from here is where this album delivers that kick ass punch, Denied is just a hell of a track as Peter yells out the title this gets better as it goes, this one got me on the first listen and then the glory continues on Conjurer as the brutality keeps flowing and it comes to a climax on Down into Catacombs as this is a storm of a track a fucking killer closer to this whole thing as it has so much going on through out it that it will leave the listener wanting more.

When it comes to Chilean Death Metal this release is up there in my top five so far for this year, the wait was well worth it.


Putrefactio – Sigética (2022)

Release date: February 2022
Label: Ruined Pig Records

This Black Metal horde made some ears turn a few years ago with their Sizigia EP and now a couple of years since then we get this second EP from them.

Only two tracks but they are blizttering with a powerful might as the opener Acausal relámpago, this has a great vibe when it comes to the riffage but when the vocals come in this explodes as you get high and low ones through this and some great fast parts as well but it takes a turn when it slows down but really doesn’t matter as the band makes it all go down good, great track!

Anatemismo, with a mystical guitar intro that gives it a twist but then it burst out to the senses, and they break it down again but not to fear this is fucking good, these guys write some great lyrics that take you to another mind set, so I give them credit for that.

I think it’s time they give us a full length as this has all the goods you could want, both tracks are killer!


Aarkanne – Revelatio (2022)

Release date: May 26th, 2022
Label: Independent

The third part of the band’s trilogy and short as only three tracks are here for the taking.

And not a dull moment. all three are in the same vein as on what the band has delivered in the past and lots of good raw and ripping going on here, it’s like you’re on a ride from the start.

If you got into the bands previous work, you should enjoy this I certainly did, it just has a great raw vibe to it.

Desacato – Trascendencia (2022)

Release date: May 16th, 2022
Label: Independent

A new Death/Thrash Metal outfit from Valparaiso released this four track EP.

Trascendencia, the title track opens this up and its short and doesn’t really show that much on what the band will deliver later on here, not much aggression as in speed at all.

Sugestion Del Miedo, yes and here they take another turn as the rage is felt for the first time with more speed and vocals to deliver a powerful punch, this gets better as it goes, the production really shines on here as well and the galloping part with the war effects really made this stand out.

And it gets better as Odio is one of the highlights here the pounding part they add here really has a great drive, with some minor tempo changes this still delivers the goods, as Sicario, closes this out and it pretty much continues where the band has been going through this, the vocals really standout here which is good and the drum roles at the end as well.

Not a bad first EP from the band I’m sure we will hear more from them in the future.


Repugnatory – Alma Impura (2022)

Release date: March 15th, 2022
Label: Narcoleptica Productions/MCDT Company

This band needs no introduction as they been around spewing their black/thrash for a while now with 3 full lengths to their credit, this is the latest EP they released to the masses.

The Intro has a haunting feeling that leads to Nada Sagrado Quedará, and this comes off as a solid number, the vocals are as good as you can get them for this type of metal, sung in Spanish they come out better which gave me hope on what was to come, Ahogado En Tu Tormento with a title like that I expected a crusher as it opens with a strong riff but it changed a bit later but if you listen closely to it, it keeps repeating itself and it just got kinds boring but the lead they put in it saved it to be honest.

Alma Impura things get a bit better on here as the band are belting the hell out here this is more like it, as Visión De Muerte, closes this out with a great punch, it took me a couple of listens to this to finally get it, Outro (Estás En El Infierno) closes it out an acoustic piece that puts a good end to it.

Not a bad release and glad to have it in my collection and the band keeps the flame lit which is what matters.