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Orion – Mysterivm Cosmographicvm (2020)

Release date: September 30th, 2020
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation

Well where do I even begin as this band has only two demos released and awhile back, as I listened to one of their earlier demos they have really matured from then and now and have risen with a brilliant full length of death/thrash.

This is one of those albums that caught my attention from the first listen, the opener On Being and Becoming goes right for the throat, I was taken on how good the band sounds, lots of good hooks all over the track, ripping leads and the vocals are just right, you can understand them perfectly.

And basically this is what is offered here, there is no dull moment on this as there is plenty of neck breaking madness to get your fill to.

And to add on the track Epinomis some keyboards are thrown in and fit just right as they come in when the track breaks down and then goes off in the end.

This concludes with Witchery War which is the only old track on here and sounds way better than the original and a good closer to this.

All I can say this a must have to your collection this album slays!! one of the best of the year.

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Ejecutor – Que dancen las brujas (compendio diabólico) (2020)

Release date: April 25th, 2020
Label: Nyarlathotep Records, Deranged for Leftovers Productions, Impaled Records

Yes this is a compilation released by Brazilian labels this year with the first two full lengths and the first EP but as a bonus we get the 2020 EP Metal Venenoso which I will be reviewing here, the Chilean pressing has the same tracks but the bonus is a remastered demo plus some live tracks.

One thing that I hear is this band has gotten better with age, if you enjoyed the production on their last full length it has carried over to this.

Metal Venenoso, right to the point with a heavy riff to start then into the driving fast paced shit! before breaking down to this real heavy part you hear the bass is heard and then some ripping lead and after that the blows up into oblivion, just what I expected total killer.

And it continues on Que dancen las brujas, as this comes out more storming and if your familiar with the band you know what I mean, this is an all out assault on the senses, the break after the lead is fucking intense as hell a true nerve wrecker.

As there are only three tracks to the EP they chose to do a cover of Varathron in Genesis of Apocryphal Desire and they did a great job as it sounds better do to the production, a great cover.

Just some more killer shit to add to the bands discography, these guys are already known worldwide and one of the scenes best as they have already been to Europe to spread their mayhem, hope a new full length is next.

Diaböl – Demonomania (2020)

Release date: October 5th, 2020
Label: Hydra Arrows Records

The first demo from this one man Black Thrash act, Four tracks of filthy mean in your face metal!

You can tell what your in for just by the title of the first track Sodomiza en el nombre de satanás and the vocals are sick just like they should be and the lyrical content is just perfect as they go just right with this, lots of anger with some killer leads thrown in and the backing vocals, good shit!

More sickness on Gargolas as this has the drive and straight to the point, with the killer chorus but it goes quick as this one is short but still dig it.

93 mantras blasfemos, probably my favorite track on here as the background moaning adds this fucking great feel to it as goes into chaos and a insane drive that just drills you straight on!

The closer Rockandroll is the Master of Sin is the only track sung in English and the vocals sound the same as before and its short but sweet total aggression at full speed, am excellent closer.

This is only for maniacs that like shit like Devil’s Poison, Speedböozer etc. I highly recommend it and hope more is in the near future.

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Faustian Spirit – Demo (2020)

Faustian Spirit
Release date: October 11th, 2020
Label: Independent

The first offering from this Black Metal unit, a three track demo with a very interesting sound.

As the first track Dissolution of the I, starts out with this keyboard intro it directly goes into chaos and the vocals are very enjoyable as they ain’t all over the place, with more feeling as it goes with a different tempo thrown in it got more interesting but it gets back into the grit as it goes on, A very enjoyable first track.

For me things really started getting better on Acausal Emanation as this comes in more on a heavier note with mid pace feel but after that a more faster feel drives in and the guitar on here sounds excellent! it has this great vibe to it, and near the end it gets even better as the riffage is so catchy and still insane but in its own special way.

Sinister Path breaks out with that old school feel to it and this one has a lot of flare to it as well the pounding is there for certain, but what I love on here is the guitar technics that are all over the place, and a great closer to this.

This has a lot of promise as you can hear these guys know what they are doing, something to look out for in the future no doubt.

Ancalagoth – Demo (2020)

Release date: June 28th, 2020
Label: Independent

A Black Metal band that was founded in 2012 and this is their first demo and with a interesting name as it relates to the greatest Dragon and the cover shows it.

It opens up with a spoken intro that sounds a calling for the beast himself as you hear its roar at the end as it goes into Ancalagoth and this has nice raw production to it, the track is pretty catchy as it comes in crashing from the start, the vocals are as good as well, sung in Spanish and the guitar could of been a bit louder but still is listenable, a good start.

And it gets better on Promaucaes as it has this really dark sounding riff as it begins that rolls through out the track but here the guitar lead really stands out and gave it more feeling not bad.

Canto a Lucifer, well here things really change as this is really slow, a whole new dimension to the band and the lead in here is what actually saved it as it goes into Angfalast and they are back to the good fast shit with the calling of the beast is felt as he keeps yelling it out.

The closer En mi fría tumba is interesting as it starts with this eerie sounding guitar that sets the mood of the title and then the band kicks in to this hard driving force and the vocals are pretty much clear here and you can get the feeling and there is a great hook in here as well that showed this band has potential and ends with the same guitar intro.

Only question I have is why they took so long to put something out as this isn’t bad at all, and I checked and seen they have taken all their social media pages down, so who knows what is installed for the future with these guys, at least its on Bandcamp and you can get it for free.

Asvddhasrti – Disembodiment (2020)

Release date: July 25th, 2020
Label: Independent

A one man project of some Black/Death Metal and learned this was written last year, but it finally was produced the way it should be.

And only two tracks and as Asvddhasrti the man behind all this proves he knows what he was doing as this is some killer shit from start to finish.

Guide Us to the End of Time is just a brilliant track as it has so many killer hooks to it, tons of black Metal vibes in it and then it pours in this heavy dark death into it, as this might be long but no worries as the break when the bass comes in just grabs you as the drums come in the background and then the blast evasion of the mind, a fucking killer track and the way it ends with the guitar.

Embrace the Purifying Fire the last of the two, well what would you want this track has that certain vibe, really crunchy riff at the beginning but you hear this really atmospheric vibe to it, and then we go insane as it goes into fuck off mode and some killer breaks that will destroy you, a gem of a track.

Hell what can I say this is some killer shit! It might of taken some time for this man to release this, but he nailed it as this is perfect! no fucking around here at all, righteous stuff.

Ashakk Xul – Demo I (2020)

Ashakk Xul
Release date: May 31st, 2020
Label: Putrid Prods.

Some Death Metal from Valdivia, this is the bands first demo, a four track opus to pound into your skull.

As I first gave this a listen and from this first track Abandoned Race Floating in the Abyss the first thing I noticed was the tone of the guitar and it hits you right from the start and the vocals as well as they are a mix of high and lows which fit in well here, and it gets more interesting when the break comes in as it gets more dark and dwelling as the pounding double bass drums kick in and the growls are just right before it assaults you to the end.

So we go on to Ashakk Xul which bursts right out to this hard driving pulse and then a break that goes off the drums on here are just pounding! and some great brakes on here as this will smother your ass, a total neck breaking track.

And more intense shit on Decadent Empire as this comes out to drill a new one in you from the start as all cylinders are a blaze here the vocals are killer! hard driving and to the point as they have this killing feel to them the way it should be and the track just obliviates at full tilt, fucking good shit here.

And to the closer Imminent Conquest well this one has all the goods we heard previously and more grinding here as a killer riff with the drums pounding the hell out of everything but with a weird ending as just when you are losing it the fucker ends haha! but no bad feelings good shit my friends.

My take good Chilean Death Metal these fuckers know the deal and we need more so give them a shot, cheers!

Indoctrinate – Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation in the Temple of Flesh (2020)

Release date: September 25th, 2020
Label: Unholy Prophecies

Indoctrinate rises from the ashes of Sadistik Goathammer and this debut is a crusher.

I was pretty much floored from the first take I heard this, N.A.G.I.T.H.A. opens it up and you knew you where in for treat as if you like old school shit this takes you back to that time, as it gave me that old Grave feeling from when I first heard it.

And it continues through the whole album, with some smashing heavy slow parts that will melt your face off just listen to Antediluvian Experiencia (Celebrate in Profane Exaltation) this will annihilate your ass.

Every track on here kills, well written tracks not a bad moment through the whole thing, great production, excellent vocals, one of the best albums of the year, this is a must have. Get it while you can only 1000 copies available.

Fusilated – Preso En El Holocausto (2020)

Release Date: Sept.26 2020
Label: Independent

Something new Black Thrash from this young trio from Chillan, they released a full length earlier this year, you might want to check out but lets get to this demo.

Only two tracks and sung in Spanish and here we see the progress of the band you could say as both these tracks are powerful in all aspects as the first one Inconsecuencia goes for the throat right from the start, a real headbanger here and production sounds more thicker on here than on the album.

Preso En El Holocausto, now here is total killer this starts out fast as hell but there are some great hooks as it goes along, and it really gets good when it breaks down and the part the bass guitar shines on was really impressive and then returns to an all out assault to finish it off.

Excellent demo that shows the band growing in a positive way as both these tracks are well written.

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Sargatanas – Demo Tape MMXX (2020)

Release date: August 19th, 2020
Label: Independent

An interesting ritual by this raw Black Metal band which is just two members.

Three tracks of which are all connected as the titles show.

Part I. Amen dico vobis quia unus vestrum me traditurus est
Part II. Ignem veni mittere in terram et quid volo si accendatur
Part III. Non enim veni vocare iustos sed peccatores

As the female member actually just says the titles in spoken form before each track with her own flare to it and lays some more vocals in some parts.

The music is quite interesting as the keyboards at the beginning give it a haunting feeling before the guitar riffing comes in and the vocal yells expanded the feel of this and it goes on into the next part which this could of been better as the drum tracking here is a little bit to much as it drowned out what could of been better.

The last part was the best as it showed the potential of the band as this was more down to earth with a killer riff and here the drums sound better so will leave it at that.

This might not be for everybody but it left me wondering what will come next as this is just the beginning so will see.
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