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Inoxidable – La Voladora (2022)

Release date: March 25th, 2022
Label: ThreeMetal Forces Distro

The second full length from this Heavy/Thrash Metal outfit, so I came in with an open mind to review this as these guys are well known in Chile.

And the Intro is like a Sabbathish sounding piece which is ok by me, but it takes a whole different turn as it goes into the title track La Voladora, as this is heavier, and I really dug the lyrics to this as well and some excellent lead in here as well as the solid drive delivered.

And the pounding continues on Subyugados with lots of crunchy riffage spilled all over it and the vocal range is just right, Parásitos is the track that has stuck to my head from all the times I listened to it probably from lyrical content pure fuck off! to the parasites of life.

Athrathrao (El basilisco) more on the heavy side when it starts but gets driving quick and brings all the good the band has given throughout the release and even a breakdown which is on the doomy side, but they throw in this ripping lead that takes is to another dimension. Fuego y metal is more om chanting side of things like an anthem you could say different from the rest but good for what it is and that is basically it as Outro closes the studio tracks on here, this is an instrumental with this heavy riff being played and then a lead comes in to give it more character, but it’s not over.

Two live tracks El brujo and Chicha y metal are added as bonus tracks, and the first of the two is pretty sick as it has this grotesque feeling it and the production is goo sounds like they took it off the soundboard, the last one is full of aggression is all I can say a good closer to all of this.

An album that I enjoy more each time I listen to but there is not much on this release on the net so I only posted what I found.


Genocidal Impalament – Portador de Flamas Funerarias (2022)

Genocidal Impalament
Release date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Independent

This is a Death/Black Metal one man project, one of the guitarists for Bestial Mortem (Sibyllinos Inspicerent) to be exact, a compilation of the two demos released earlier this year.

And this is heavy as fuck, and straight to the point, some really punishing metal here, Genocidio Universal is a great opener and the vocals are sick sounding but could of been a little higher as they seem to get drowned out at times.

One thing I noticed is that this whole thing comes in under 14 minutes and there are 8 tracks, so be prepared to be slaughtered, this has nothing new to offer the genre but it’s good for what it is and I see potential in it all.

Crazy maniacs will probably love this, I hope this dude keeps this going and we hear more in the near future and it’s available on Bandcamp.

Urticaria – Brutópolis (2022)

Release date: March 10th, 2022
Label: Independent

Time for some serious Thrash as this is some killer shit if this is what fills your need. There is plenty here as this has 13 tracks, but all are in a quick time range as the band definitely have that old school sound.

From the opener Nuevo orden you can hear this band is out to slay, and it continues for a while and the production on here is as good as it gets.

As the more I got into this I could hear the band experimenting with other aspects to their music but it’s all good, they even do a cover of Sepultura (Inner Self) which is good and the only track sung in English but doesn’t matter as this release is smashing, they close it out with a bonus track off a demo Interconectados which isn’t bad.

For me this is a brilliant release, has all the elements of a good thrash album, I highly recommend it.


Bestial Mortem – Epístola de inminente colapso (2022)

Bestial Mortem
Release date: March 2nd, 2022
Label: Independent

After delivering a pretty solid EP a couple of years ago, we get this new demo from the band.

Some solid Blackened Death Metal is delivered on the 4 tracks offered here.

Infausta Epifanía opens up and this crushes as it opens with a great drive the drums really stand out on this, great tempo changes in here a solid opener, as we go into Anhedonia de una efígie with a more guitar filled intro this builds up as it goes with a slow pace to start this gets better as the drive builds up but comes down again, vice versa to be real but good.

And it really gets good on Distopía Inexorable, this track is super catchy with some great hooks thrown in, this is the highlight to me at this point an excellent slab of metal that goes into the closer Remanente Memoria which starts out slow but then it goes off into a faster pace but then slows down again but the ending is quite pleasing to the ears.

Good shit that needs to be heard; you can download a copy on their Bandcamp page.


Gryftigæn – Fehunðyrdauðr (2022)

Release date: March 1st, 2022
Label: Inferna Profundus Records

With so many Black Metal bands coming out of Chile these days it’s quite often I will come across something that stands out to my ears and this release has hit the spot.

As Æter opens this up a short intro that sets up the ritual we are about to go into, Djúphljóð is the first taste and this a raw piece with some hate filled vocals by Lord Valtgryftåke and just the pace of this track got my mind going with thoughts of pure mayhem, the pace got different on Sacrament of Phosphorescence a bit slower tempo here but the atmosphere is dark but it gets heavier as it goes, pure chaos as his has a spectacular drive towards the end.

Seiðursongen comes out full force this is one filled with some interesting changes and the vocals standout more as well, a longer track full of hypnotic aspects that crawl into your brain, as we head into Crossing Through the Pillars of Azazyl which is an all-out unleashing of hell as this is haunting as hell, a very eerie feeling to it as the agonizing vocals show, an epic piece.

As we near the end Drowned in a Rising Sun is pretty much a conclusion piece as it has a feeling of the end of the ritual we just went through, and it proves as Eiðr myrkr closes this, a short outro that fits in well.

Black Metal hordes should give this a listen, some good shit here.

Apokryphus – Walpurgis (2022)

Release date: May 1, 2022
Labei: Independent

Just a single from the instrumental band, just a bit for us who got into last year’s release.

With the Intro:”Night on Bald Mountain” by Modest Músorgski, this goes off into a pure piece of craziness you could say, it’s what is expected from the band, even the ending fits well with the artwork they used for this.

Hopefully there is more in the near future.


Poltergeist – Proclamacion (2022)

Release date: March 8th, 2022
Label: Independent

This Black/Speed Metal trio has been on a roll this year as they even got a DVD out as well, but this is on their latest EP from the studio.

Five tracks of blistering metal as the opener Mefisto shows, rapid fire speed comes straight forward with some lead that grabs you and an instrumental as well that leads us into Expulsión de la santidad, and here we get a taste of the vocals, and they are just right, but it gets better as the lyrics are up there and fit the character of the track perfectly and some tasty guitar licks as well.

Velocidad sobre el altar, a bit different on the pace here but the lyrics are what is best here, like a flaming spear through the false ones out there, the only track off here that didn’t make on the DVD and the reason probably shows compared to their other material.

Persecución maligna gets us back into their heavier paced attack and this up there with what we had before with a slight tempo change even adds more to the track but it stays at this pace till the end, not bad. As we close out with
Witch Hunt (Onslaught cover) which being a fan of those early Onslaught records, this cover is faster and its a hit or miss to be honest cause for me the original will never be topped.

This is good stuff and wait to hear what is in the future for from them, so check it out.


Ad Finem Omnia – No Peace · No Dawn (2022)

Ad Finem Omnia
Release date: March 21st, 2022
Label: Purity Through Fire

The duo is here with its first full length of black metal and this ritual takes us on a ride filled with all kinds of passages, from the start Vultures got me and the lyrical content is what stood out here more for me so the interest was there, the music is well as it could be it will grab you from the start.

The Abyss, this track is the first one that was on the demo so those who know, know it’s harder hitting from the previous and the feeling is they want to take you to the abyss so prepare to be taken a really good number, the production takes this version to another level.

With a title like Solve: Route to Extinction I wondered what this could be about and not to be surprised, hit the spot right as society has gone to shit and this takes us there but the way this is composed is superb, has some great hooks that will sink into you, really enjoyed this one. Coagula: Promethean Fire and from here you can hear the band has many elements to their music, each track throughout this whole thing has a life of its own and remains on the blistering side of things.

Doomed to Death, the single is on here as well and if you liked the first version you will enjoy this as Pitch Black is the other demo track covered and the production brings new life to these old tracks so enjoy them.

Only three tracks remain but will leave those to you as this is a solid release from start to finish a bit of everything you could put into a black metal release is here some rawness to perfection, give it a listen.


Nar Mattaru – Proclamation of the Veils of the Negative Existence (The Ascension) (2022)

Nar Mattaru
Release date: March 23rd, 2022
Label: Total Death over Mexico

One of the most interesting Death Metal bands on the scene as they always bring something new to the table, and the title and artwork pretty much gives you a feeling to expect some wild things going on here.

So, let’s get into it and from the start of Evolution – Involution Pt. I you hear sitars playing which for me it was great as I always found pleasure in that sound and when the band comes in, they have a monstrous sound that is crushing as hell, as the vocal work laid here is bombastic, the track is slow and powerful to the bone.

Ascension, gets us back to pure death metal as this has the speed and hammering most want and some sick vocals with some torturous vocals that add to the blend here, the slower tempo here really gives a hellish feeling.

One thing I will say these are not your typical short tracks they are long as My Angel of my Dark Desires is over 7+ minutes long but nothing wrong with that if the composition is well written, as it is here. Litanies to Darkness, has a slower feel to it but has a haunting feel to it as it might drag to some, but the feeling is eerie.

Evolution – Involution Pt. II, the continuing part is more laid back as some heavy riffage, and sick yells dominate this, the ending is raw as hell, I, Son of Azagthot closes this out in true spirit as the band belts it out here in the only way to finish this opus out with the sitar sending us our way.

A hell of an album, one of the best I heard so far this year, highly recommended.


Bestial Mortem – Epístola de inminente colapso (2022)

Bestial Mortem
Release date: March 2nd, 2022
Label: Independent

Nice demo of Blackened Death Metal from this band that has been around for a while now, each track has its own feel but all pack a punch, my favorite being Distopía Inexorable with all kinds of tempo changes this has a great feeling to it.

And the closer Remanente Memoria is just a great way to end this as a killer riff rides it out.

Short and sweet is what you get here and to the point, let’s hope for a full length now as these guys are due for one by now.