Castigo – Perturbación (2017)

Release date:April 16th, 2017

Here is Castigo from Concepción and not to be confused with the one from Quilpue, these guys are black thrash according to them but whatever they are this EP just kills from start to finish, I hear all kinds of old school vibes on here that will please any speed freak out there. The band has been around since 2015 and after just releasing a single two years ago they finally got this presentation out.

Ejecución e Insanidad
starts this out and right from the get go it tears into you with what here at ECM love when it comes to speed as there is everything to fill your soul to the brim, the production is raw but everything can be heard the bass especially in the beginning and some leads in here that left me floored.

Tu Puta Muerte, fuck what can you say this one like the first will beat your fucking skull in as here there is nothing but pure hatred as the title goes and the band is so tight and the drumming as well, for a young band these guys sound like veterans. Tormento Espectral, you can say is the final original new track on this release and again you can hear the band at an all full onslaught that just drives into you as they don’t slow down for one bit as the track fades out still going at full speed.

Genocidio and Pure Evil and Hate (Behemoth cover) the first one is a remake of their first single and here it’s more fresh on how the band sounds now and fits in well with the whole release, the cover is a good one and the only track that’s sung in english, would’ve liked another original to close it but this doesn’t take away anything on here.

I been wanting to do a review for this for awhile now as Nicolas Muñoz (Deranged, Defeater) sent this to me months ago and said they were looking for a label to pick them up, and from what I heard this band needs to be put out there as more bands are getting signed by labels this one should be without a doubt.

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