Castigo – Derramando Sangre Impura (2017)

Release date:June 22nd, 2017

This is Castigo from Quilpué and man I was I happy to see this come out as I thought after a demo and a few other tracks that Ikonoklast Destrvctor had given up on this one man project but all is good as the wait was finally over, if you never heard this it’s in the Black/Death Metal vein and it’s fucking dirty as well just the way we like it here.

This first of all is sung in spanish but that doesn’t matter as this will pound your ass as soon as you hear it. Total blasphemy coming straight from hell, I would call it. 10 tracks on here with a couple of old ones from the first demo (2015) that sound stronger on here and even a Blasphemy cover War Command / Demoniac / Ritual and it’s worthy excellent version of this.

I’ll just say this in closing, this maybe a one man project but man is it a good one,the production is as good as you can get it, this was meant to me played LOUD! it will crush the weak without a doubt, and here is the good news you can download the whole thing here. direct from the band. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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