Cancerbero – Reconquering the Throne of Death (2019)

Release date: August 5th, 2019
Label: Veins Full of Wrath Productions

The band needs no introduction as everybody knows this horde by now and we been waiting for this release since it was announced and the wait was worth it.

And from the beginning Chaos Descends (Intro) / Impious Prophecy this will get your appetite going as it gets heavier with each pulse and when the vocals of Peter come in this goes off and will have you banging your head, an absolute great opener! the drums are crushing on here as well, Impending Doom, another head crusher as this has all the goods you need and lyrics to boot and gets more intense as it goes but it even gets better on Extermination, this fucker here is brutal as hell as the leads and the vomital vocals take it to new level, pure intensity here and old school no doubt this brought back memories no doubt.

And no letting down as Devastating Force of Evil is one of those tracks that have a choppy start before going off into total chaos and even with a break it doesn’t matter the lead on here is fucking off the wall. Evil Incarnate, with the drums ablazing in the beginning this one has a riff that I have heard before somewhere and it works well here and again those drums, they attack you like it should be and the guitar work on here oh you just need to hear it, good shit!

A bit of a change on Triumph of Darkness as it’s more complex I would say than the rest up to now as its heavy for sure and long but it has a life of its own a nice change for what’s to come as Abyssal Wrath is the track when I first listened to this just grabbed me my the balls, this is an all out assault on your ass from start to finish, and to close the blasphemy out Guardian of Hell is a fucking anthem in my book as this is about our friend the hellhound and a excellent closer to this blasphemous opus.

I would say to all those fuckers that say Death Metal these days is dead well you are fucking wrong and even the title of this album stands true, the band is on fire here and I would highly recommend it and spread the word,Veins Full of Wrath Productions is one of the best labels out there so contact the man.

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