Butamacho – Tue Tué (2022)

Release date: March 20th, 2022
Label: Putrid Prods.

After a few years gone by the band are back with their third full length and a few new members in the lineup and they bring this opus of death that should please their old fans.

And a very strong start with Ritual en Tocoihue as they take us into the ritual, some great lyrics and music to, heavy pounding start with great death tone vocals this sets the mode for a bashing, as the title track Tue Tué comes in and this is a creeper as it gets stronger as it goes, great lyrics on this one as well it has some insane guitar ripping on here that is chaotic.

Hablando con las sombras is even more wilder as it comes straight at you some hooks are thrown in but when that lead comes be prepared as it will blow your mind. its off the wall stuff. as Hualve has a more heavier punch of a tempo to start but gets faster as it goes, and will please most.

Dornajo is another punisher on here as it has a good pace of brutality with no let up and to end this Brujo maestro, and this blast at you from the start, these high pitch screams that are spread out during some tracks on here really shine here, there is a bonus track Novenario cabríon on the tape version of this but not on the cd, kind of strange as there is plenty room for it.

I highly recommend this slab if your into obscure death metal, has some excellent lyrics of pure satanic might.

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