Blood Rites – Demo 1 (2018)

Blood Rites
Release date:June 9th, 2018
Label:Caverna Abismal Records

Black Metal this time around from this new trio, well from what I hear this is a side project of Evilkrusher the bassist and vocalist for Deathly Scythe but on here he plays guitar.

You get three tracks on here, on this first track Holy Hate first thing you’ll notice is the long intro before we get things rolling and once we do we get some pure old school filthy black metal but more on the thrashing side and it just pounds your head and the vocals here are more sick and come across really fresh but the track is very short, same thing on the next one Mask of Damnation more at a midpace here before it picks up with a nice blend of keyboards added to give it more depth,good shit.Dark Majestics closes this out with more dirty spewing through the whole thing and near the end it really gets insane and just puts an end to this really good debut of a demo.

Everything on here is killer only thing is the intros might not be for everybody but it doesn’t really matter as this is some solid shit that needs to be heard but like in some cases these days actual copies are hard to find an this is an example as it’s been sold out for quite awhile now, I just hope this project keeps going as it has potential.

(* A second pressing of this demo is being issued)

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