Blasfemia – Nocturnal Astral Visions (2018)

Release date:April 1, 2018
Label:Tribulacion Productions

The long awaited third full length by this one man project, here we get nine tracks of black thrash with a cover of Morbid to end it.

As Bloody Evocation starts out you will hear the ocean and this is what brought my attention and this is about Qalilitu a succubitic archdemoness who dwells within the blood-seas of Gamaliel, so this is a very interesting track to begin this with and the way it’s written it is perfect and the production is just right, lots of riffing going on and the guitar sound as it fades really took me.

More interesting lyrical content on Goetia 5th Spirit as this contains some demonology more towards Marbas, described as a president in hell but onto the music, it drives like it should with some breaks but towards the end it really gets fast before it comes to the end, really enjoyed this one.

Journey to Personal Death, is about Kali and it’s another powerful track full of energy, have to love how Niphaviroz has put this all together with great results, Siniestra posesión sabática is the only track sung in spanish and this one is straightforward to the point with all the cylinders going and the lyrics that match, probably the hardest hitting track to this point.

Onto the other half of this opus and Apocryphal needs no introduction as we get what we anti christian lovers love, I love the guitar tone on this one as it has a more mystical sound to it and the drums really stand out on here as well, only thing was it was the shortest track on here and left me wanting more.

But this next track gave me my fill again as Unknown Silent Annihilator is an all out assault on your ass and about the mesopotamian mythological hybrid of serpent, lion and bird, this one is one of the best on here as this takes you to meet the beast! I fucking love it! even the break makes you feel like your on a trek. Lux Ferre (Knowledge Light) shouldn’t be hard to describe on what’s going on here and the track crushes from the start as you can hear the intensity being delivered and even the bass stands out on this one, another one that really stands out.

The original tracks end with Pacted Profanation and it is a well written track about death but you really have to read the lyrics to really appreciate what it’s about, after a dreary kind of riff in the beginning it spews into all it’s glory especially the vocals stand out more than anything as they are vicious. Winds Of Funeral (Morbid cover) ends this with it’s own flavor to this classic, must be an extra track as this is not on the tape version of this release.

Well the long wait is over and this release was well worth it, I highly recommend it as it has all that anybody into this genre would want but to me it was best when you read the lyrics as they bring more light to the whole thing.

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