Blasart – Depravatus (2022)

Release date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Independent

Another band that hasn’t done anything in awhile but have returned, being labeled black metal, I would go more on black/thrash as these 3 tracks on this EP are speed filled.

Rage filled Call of the Sacred Phallus, this surprised me on the first listen as it has all the goods inbedded in it, great aggression here and good production that kept me satisfied as we roll on to Profanation of the Nazarenes Death a more blasphemic track as far as the lyrics go and the intensity is there but you will hear this vocal part that is weaker but this still rages.

And closing Ritual of Poisonous Immersion which is hard driving to the point and ends this on a solid note.

If this is the bands new direction then its a winner, I sure would be interested in future projects, you can get this for free on their Bandcamp.


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