Behead – Choose Your Death (2022)

Release date: August 31st, 2022
Label: Burning Coffin Records/Dreadful Records

At last the debut full length from this death thrash band, I been following them since the beginning and this release is way over due as the band has always had some good material to deliver and it shows on this debut.

Moonlight Nocturne starts this out an instrumental with two sides to it the first consist of a piano playing and just about half way the band comes in, nothing bombastic yet, here they keep the tempo just right for what is to come next all hell breaks loose on Endless Hatred as this is riveting, as this has a pounding part that will grab your attention, it rips no doubt.

Reborn an absolute crusher, and will say this is sung in Spanish as they toggle those on here. but the band got away from that Thrash sound from the past you can tell from this point, Impossible Equilibrium this starts kinda slow but then all cylinders come in an all out onslaught will be brought on you, a crusher. and it continues on Worrying Seconds as this is headsplitting as well, fast paced with just the right touch, the bass bashing on here is quite a delight as well as the ripping leads.

If you like the heaviness thats been given to this point then Inestabilidad won’t let you down, this is a solid ripper, no fucking around here. enen a slight break near the end does nothing to takeaway anything. Indiferencia comes on a little different sounds like it’s an old track for some reason to my ears, its heavy but different.

As we get near the end, Suicidal Mind comes in and a nice hook to it at the start then it goes off and it does in a righteous way one of the best on here, the closer Human Despair is the longest track on here so it has a few different parts to it but is a strohg closer to this opus.

For a band that has been on the scene for over ten years now, I always thought they got left behind but better late than never as this debut is as solid as they come, good luck to them.


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