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Nuclear – Formula for Anarchy (New Album to be released 6/15/2015)


Thrash veterans Nuclear have a new album coming out Formula for Anarchy on Candlelight Records, These guys have been around for awhile now releasing a few live recordings but this is their first studio album since 2010 if your into straight forward Thrash this band is for you.
Track List:
3.Scam 38
4.Self-Righteous Hypocrites
5.Corporate Corruption
6.Waging War
7.Killing Spree
8.Left for Dead
9.Tough Guy
10.When Four Means None

Official Promo Video

Kasbeel – Born From Satan’s Blasphemy

Just Released:

KASBEEL, the southern Black metal band is already whipping the obscure and blaspheme scene with their first full length called REBELLION AND OPPOSITION. With a crude sound with antichristian lyrics a is the new strike that offers the chileans black metalers which had edited this album under Australis Records on CD format.

Rebellion and Opposition was recorded on the Acusti-k studios between July and October 2013 and was masterized by Pablo Wawa Guidiño on Maestria Studios.

The release of this infected opus consists in 9 tracks which are added to a serie of presentations in which KASBEEL, have spread their black pest, such as sharing stage with Marduk this past april 2014. KASBEEL, line up is conformed by Guillermo Elgueta (Bass & Vocals), Jorge Ortiz (Drums), Rolando Illesca (Guitar) y Baltazar Brevis ( Guitars & Backing Vocals)

Extreme Chilean Metal Vol.1

Here is something I put together showcasing just some of the bands that this page will focus on, Vol.2 is in the works so stay tune.

01 – 00:00 Attacker Bloody Axe – Carry Me Through The Gates
02 – 03:49 Invincible Force – Onwards To War
03 – 06:30 Evil Force – Supremacy Of Darkness
04 – 12:17 Ripper – Await Your Death
05 – 17:08 Perversor – Alcoholic Agressor
06 – 20:53 Verdugo – Verdugo
07 – 24:05 Miserycore – Hellthrashers Speed Mayhem
08 – 27:57 Ammit – Strangled by Fury and Hatred
09 – 31:02 Nefasto – Fuck Opus Dei
10 – 33:40 Misa Negra – Los Elegidos
11 – 37:44 Force Of Darkness – Summoning The Black Arts
12 – 43:13 Necroripper – Necrometal
13 – 47:55 Metastasis – Do My Will
14 – 52:17 Dementors – Eternal Rage
15 – 56:06 Dekapited – Exhumación
16 – 1:00:18 Slaughtbbath – True Power Knows No Mercy
17 – 1:03:34 Evil Madness – Smash Your Brain