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Krux – Dystopian Visions (2022)

Release date: September 4th, 2022
Label: Independent

A band that went under the name Krull but now changed the name, now they taken a more Blackened Thrash Metal approach to their music as it looks like they have a new vocalist added to their ranks as well.

And from the opener Apokalyptor the first thing that struck out for me were the vocals as they are strong and this is the only track sung in spanish on here, as far as the music it’s varies as it has a good drive but they throw in some cmplex changes not what bands usually do playing this style, an interesting opener.

A litte more aggression on Serpent Dreams as the drums get more of a pounding on here, the band take it up a notch on this one and it carries on into Straight to Hell and this sounds like where going there as the vocals lead us there, the spoken part adds to the whole thing.

As we get into Divine Technology and this one is up there to, as it covers a subject I can get into, has a good vibe through out the whole thing as the closer Dark Age has this feel to it, of darkness, of what the world is headed to, not the fastest track but has its own life to it, really needs to be heard to be enjoyed.

Not a bad debut under the new name, as it has some good high points, give it a listen you might like what you hear.


Perpetual Holocaust – Infernal Damnation (2022)

Perpetual Holocaust
Release date: 2022
Label: Deculto Prods

An exclusive here as this EP hasn’t been released yet, the band sent me this to put up on my Youtube channel they told me it will be coming out on tape version through Deculto Prods but no date.

Four solid tracks of their branded style of death metal, the drumming throughout this speaks for itself.

Onslaught Kommand – Demo (2022)

Onslaught Kommand
Release date: August 12th, 2022
Label: Godz ov War Productions

Hell yeah! here is one for extremist, this crushes if you dig old bands like Dead Infection, Terrorizer any of that old school Grindcore this demo should fill your need, gut wrenching from start to finish this band brings this genre to the scene and it does it just right, raw production and all the goods are here.

One band I will be happy to hear more from if this is what they deliver, enjoy!

Pentagram – Live & Reh. (Evil Past) 1985-1987 (2022)

Release date: 2022
Label: Deathrash Records

A nice compilation put out by this Colombian label, this is raw so don’t expect high quality here the first six tracks are from the infamous “Death Metal Holocaust” 1985 and the next part includes Instrumental Rehearsals from 1986 and they ain’t labeled on the package but once you hear it you will know what it is if your familiar with the band and the last part is live tracks from Manuel Plaza, Santiago de Chile 1987 which I think have been released before on cd.

This is for collectors only a nice package as well comes in a 7″ cardboard digi pack, my advice for if you want to purchase this get it from Warhemic Productions not off Ebay.

1.Fatal Predictions
2.Temple Of Perdition
3.Evil Incarnate
4.Summoned For The Grave
5.Invert The Cross
6.Throught The Cave
7.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
8.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
9.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
10.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
11.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
12.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
13.The Malefice
14.Demoniac Possession
16.Temple Of Perdition

Repulsive Corruption – Heretical Descomposition (2022)

Repulsive Corruption
Release date: Sep 3, 2022
Label: Independen

Not much is known about this death/thrash band, I know they formed in 2017 but never released anything until this EP, and it storms, only four tracks on here.

Forced Prayer this opener pretty much sets the pace on what we are going to get here, fast aggressive riffage with some power packed vocals and ripping leads to boot. an excellent opener as it goes into Dead Time with a more crunch at the start but after the kill begins, this is heavy in its own glory, all into extreme metal will enjoy this.

And no letting up on Land of the Dead as with a more pounding vibe to it but goes off near the end, not bad just another side of the band, and to close The Form of Paranoia which goes off from the beginning and the vocals get the work here, a good closer to this debut.

As far as I’m concerned this band has all the elements down to a pack, well written tracks that should take them to higher ground.


Black Grail – VIIII (2022)

Black Grail
Release date: September 23rd, 2022
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Black Grail has got to be one of the strangest black metal acts out there as their first full length from 2015 pretty much left us with a promising sound of what was to come, but it never came back as last years second full length Dinámicas espirituales was probably the strangest releases of the year, I just couldn’t get into it, hell it took them so many years to follow up the debut I expected more.

So the band is back with a new EP and from the opening track Encarcelado y Condenado I knew the band was experimenting again as this has a very doomy feeling to it, its very slow with some spoken vocals here and there, nothing mind blowing here for my taste, things pickup on Reflexiones en cicuta as the beat is more up there and some evil screams pop up and then it gets heavy and interesting as it might catch the ears of the listener as it goes on, way better than the opener.

La separación, vista como muerte is a short instrumental that sounds eerie and creepy and leads us into Transmigración del alma which at this point is the heaviest thing heard and shows the band going off, this is more like it as this track has that killer instinct, and to close a disolución, consumación de la ascesis which goes back to the slow depressing vibe and it basically ends like that as it rides out like that.

This might be for some of you but not my cup of tea, the guy at Iron Bonehead Productions must like it as he released it, so I have no clue what this band has to offer in the future.

Letalis – Bestia Oculta (2022)

Release date: September 7th, 2022
Label: Independent

Here is the debut by this female (Jacqueline Jara) fronted Heavy Speed Metal band, And from the beginning of the title track you can hear the band is pretty tight and this girl has some pipes on her, this is catchy even with the breaks the band throws in so not a bad opener and Culto a las sombras shows a heavier side of the band, more speed and aggression filled and it continues on Nací para vencer which has a killer drive to it and some ripping leads on here but it has a break in which the bass takes over but then goes into a frenzy, which closes it out, good stuff.

Escupe Fuego is that one track you find on an album and you like from the first listen, well at least for me as it has a great drive and some heavy pounding parts that really stand out, Veneno de escorpión is up there as well, the screams on here are powerful as hell as the track is just as good. Máquina de almas podridas great track with some lyrics that are powerful to today’s society and the way she sings it comes across very well.

Lloviendo sobre el mar here is where a change comes as this is pretty slow at the beginning but it builds up as it goes the vocals are what is mostly highlighted here, different but not bad and to close Cráneos a speedy track but a strange ending as the bass crashes in and this rides out in a fade.

Not a bad release if your into this kind of stuff, lets just hope they ain’t just a one off shot band as I have seen a handful of these female fronted bands put out some good material but fade into oblivion later on.


Xilpillah – Promo Live (2022)

Release date: July 28, 2022
Label: Independent

Another new comer to the scene we get this live promo and they go under the Black /Thrash Metal genre according to their Facebook page, and both these tracks on here are pretty good, both show two sides of the band and both are solid tracks.

They need to get into a studio and show what they really got, I sure will be hoping for more and hopefully soon.


Sendero Muerto – Promo XX II (2022)

Sendero Muerto
Release date: July 28, 2022

Some black metal from the south, this is the bands second release from what I know as not much info is out there on them but this promo sounds promising, you can download the bands release from 2019 here.

But lets get into this new one, four tracks on this and still has the same sound as the 2019 release but as the Intro comes on you can hear the production is a little weaker than before but don’t get me wrong as the intensity shines on El Puente del Suicidio as this track blazes at the start but then comes down at the end.

False Temple is in about the same mode as the previous and comes across as being to short, and the closer Interlude which is an instrumental brings this to a close on a high note as its heavy and hits the spot.

A band I will keep an ear too, as with the right production will get its due.