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Phantasmagore – Insurrection or Submission (2021)

Release date: March 29th, 2021
Label: Independent

Well were do I even start, been wanting to feature this band and what a hell of a release this is as it pretty much floored me as it has this Dead Infection (POL) feel to it and with that you can’t go wrong in my book.

Overwhelming Recognition, the first of the five tracks on here sets the mood on the ass kicking you will get here this is a sheer bone crushing head splitting piece with a superb production that packs a might, an awesome opener to this and you just got to love the opening of Drips Echoes Through the Chasm, slow and brutal with this great tone on the guitar and it picks up might as it goes, strong as fuck as it will crush you even more as it goes on, great bass solo in here and then it rips you apart, excellent stuff.

Will say the vocals on here are just right, sick and grotesque that will please anybody into this, as we go onto Deadly, and the title fits well as this is an instrumental but the fucker rips and catchy as hell another winner on here and the goods continue on Insurrection or Submission, this has its own feel and still really catchy with different tempos thrown through out the composition it will grab you as well.

To the closer Post Mortem Mutilation, more of the goods delivered here as well, the drums to me really stood out here as they are being bashed to hell, the track breaks down for a second and then this killer lead comes in then it ends in full glory.

All I can say this release should take this band to the next level and hopefully some label picks this up and gives it a physical release, one of the best of the year so far.

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Tribulation – Chalice of Unlight (2021)

Release date: March 2nd, 2021
Label: Southern Blaze

Well good to hear some new material from this black horde as they released a full length last year which was basically all their previous works.

So here we have a three track EP and from Chalice of Unlight, this has a very heavy hard pounding feel in the beginning then the riffage gets a bit faster as the drive builds and the vocals here are crystal clear and I mean you can understand what the message is but as it goes it gets in depth I would say so not a bad opener.

An Empire of Total Dark comes in with killer guitar vibe as it rolls on, and it gets more interesting as it goes as the lyrics here are blasphemic as you would expect and the speed comes in as well near the end so not bad which leads into …And Our War Against Light Will Be Won which comes out blazing compared to what has been heard but this breaks down to a slower and dark feeling as it goes and just gets more dreary as it fades off in the end.

Not a bad release as the title track for me is the highlight here, and not really black thrash to be honest but good at what they deliver here as if you have listened to this bands material from the past they have different approaches to their music so you never know what will get but give it a chance you might like it.

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Tenebrosidad – La última palabra será de Satanás (2020)

Release date: November 4th, 2020
Label: Sepulcro Prod./ Narcoleptica Productions/ Nocturnal Silence

Some Black Thrash from a one man band, Boris to be exact, and this being his first release, I might say it has a powerful punch to kick your ass! this is being released world wide by the Russian label Narcoleptica Productions in May as I read so I tell you it made an impact.

Five tracks on here and El ritual de la tenebrosidad being a instrumental this pretty much shows what to expect, real catchy riffs and when the fast shit comes in get ready for a skull crushing party as this delivers and has a raw production that makes it even more in your face as it should be.

As the title track La última palabra será de Satanás comes in here we get what this maniacs vocals sound like and they are right on and the track is blazing, some serious head bashing material here that will have your blood flowing and the slaughter continues on Nadie recordará a los falsos and just by the title you can understand what the hell is represented here pure aggression at its finest! a killer lead in here that blew my mind, a crusher for sure.

Maestro de la luz, is a bit different as the vocals stand out here and you can here the anger as this flows through, its fucking sick! but what comes on La desesperación es maldita is an onslaught of full power to kill the weak, everything previously heard all comes to a tilt here, this track is a gem to end this release and the lead on here will drill you and even the bass stands out!

I say get this if you like aggressive in your face metal, one of the best solo projects of the year! keep it up Boris!

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Mortuarial Avshy – Arcano Ente Nocturno (2020)

Mortuarial Avshy
Release date: September 2nd, 2020
Label: Black Candles Prod.

With the exploding Black Metal scene in the country here is a release that came out last year and wanted to expose this band even more as this release is fucking smashing, could of easily made my list of top 20.

This ritual is just a blessing as it has so much feeling to it from the eerie intro Enter!! The Lord of Fateful Domains this blast right into Satan Rides Under the Sign of the Midnight, and this has these great screams in the beginning and the vocals are the screeching type and excellent on here as far as the music goes you get all the good shit here, blasting drums and even a breakdown that adds flare to the track and the spoken part as well and the way the acoustic guitar comes in at the end really drove my mind what this band had produced here.

And for an all out assault Necrotica Ascendencia, this track will crush you as it shows the band has the killer instinct as well, only thing I noticed here the production got a bit to blurred but still rules, Lunar Suicide Act, well here the beginning is dark and slow but then burst into chaos as all cylinders are pushed and a killer break that added to this as they go into another frenzy, a bit different then before but pure black metal no doubt.

So we reach the halfway point and The Horrific Shadows of My Throne is a sweet instrumental as they add the acoustic guitar and is heard mostly through it but near the end the band goes off and it really made this stand out I really liked this composition, and we get back into it on Under the Ruins, this gave me that old school feel by the riffage spewed here, this is heavy as fuck! not really on the fast part but one of those tracks that will stick in your head mainly because of the riffs and has a great punch.

Walking Through the Dismal Path of Obscurity is the longest track on here and its your typical black metal track, has this really cool hook to it as it goes on and halfway in it gets even more deeper as it slows down and you feel the darkness creep in, then a pyschotic vibe leads us out as it goes straight into The Rising Dying Light which like a continuation of the previous, and this has a hell of a heavy pounding feel to it, this is some brutal shit that destroys!

Blackwinds of Pandemic, to finish the ritual off, here the vocals really stood out and the track is one of those that build up as it goes and ends just as your getting into it if you know what I mean.

Only thing that I wish this would be put out on cd as it was released on tape and only 100 copies, which is probably sold out by now.

News – March 2021

Just got some news of some up coming releases that should be on the look out later this year like a new EP from Black Ceremonial Kult to be released June 14, 2021 on Godz Ov War Productions also Concilivm and Nox Terror coming soon, (previews below)

I also have the new Sick Violence coming in, I’ll post a few tracks on here when I get it and Pull The Plug Patches has an official Unaussprechlichen Kulten patch you can order here. and a few good reissues on cd like the first two Vomit demos on cd released by Tenebrous Aberrations PRODS which you can order here and Lux Nigrum, first EP on Azermedoth Records here. and the last bit of news Black Grail fucked up and put its latest up by mistake on Bandcamp and they took it down but I have it so you will hear about it soon.

I’ll be posting some releases from last year and later as I’m always discovering new material that needs to be heard and if you want to contribute to this site or have any ideas just let me know and bands and labels send in promo flyers for up coming releases to be posted here.


Voor – Cold and Strong as Ice (2020)

Release date: December 21st, 2020
Label: Independent

A four track EP by this thrash band, on the heals of their strong debut full length from 2019 this just adds to where this left off.

From the title track Cold and Strong as Ice which is the first of the two studio tracks on here, this comes right at you strong heavy riffage with attitude, this is pretty solid stuff the vocals are in English and they come across as good as ever and the track has this break near the end that even put more to it, good shit!

And even better on Blood for Blood as this has a killer bass out put as we get into it but what I really liked on here are the lyrics some fuck off! in your face shit and the ripping leads are just what made this even more of a smoker, my favorite of the two studio tracks.

To the live tracks and False People will Die, and by the title you know what to expect, this is a good catchy number as it has some great leads in here and the drive is excellent! this gets better as it goes on, as the final track Rage from the South is a bit different at the start but there is a lot heart behind the track as it is explained at the beginning as the way the Mapuche people have been treated by the Chilean government which is shit! and its all in the lyrics to understand and the track itself gets powerful as it goes and this really fuzzed out distorted lead in here really hits the spot and a killer way to end this.

Voor should have more attention in the metal world to be honest this band writes some really good music and should be up there with the others that are breaking through.

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Aarkanne – De Profundis (2020)

Release date: November 24th, 2020
Label: Into Endless Chaos Records/Ars Negative

The first demo from this one man raw Black Metal project, Three tracks on this ritual.

De Profundis I, and this from the get go goes right to the throat, this is what you want to here when it comes to this genre, the fucking drums are out to kill on here and the riffage will make your hair stand up, this is blazing chaos as good as it gets pure hate at its finest, excellent opener!

And the drive continues on De Profundis II with a different tempo at the start this gets even better as we go on with this really killer possessing riff and gets more intoxicating as it goes as the vocals I will mention on here are just perfect as the screaming is as intense as it can get.

And to close it out De Profundis III, a bit different at the start with a different edge to the vocals is expressed but still has a mighty punch to it as you can hear as this really is crushing as you listen to it, a strong closer.

An excellent debut, great production here, maniacs should give this a listen as this delivers the goods.

Ahorcado – Demo (2021)

Release date: January 18th, 2021
Label: Verdugo 333 Propaganda

Some new Black Metal from this one man project, as listed theres 4 tracks on here.

Sentencia I opens this up and this is gut ripping from the start, really raw and down dirty production as this showed a lot of promise, Condenados I is just some eerie sounding filler that leads into Sentencia II and this one starts out a bit more with a heavier pace before bursting out into madness, really grabbing number to this, it closes with Condenados II, which is basically an outro of a church bell and sounds of people in agony.

A sweet little demo that shows this maniac has the potential to do more and lets hope so in the near future.

Fuego Eterno – El Arte de lo Oculto (2020)

Fuego Eterno
Release date: January 15th, 2021
Label: Independent

Here is a very interesting release as this death thrash band used to go by the name Renegades but changed it for the better as it fits the music better, the first release under the new moniker.

And from the start of Hipnosis, you hear this tremendous bass come in and it basically is heard through out the track but this isn’t aggressive as you would think to open up an album with as the vocals are perfect to get that out of the way, but back to the music this has a lot of breaks that take your soul all over the place as there is a ton of vibes on here and the title pretty much fits this and the musicianship really shines on here as this got better the more I listened it.

On Sumergidos en el placer y el dolor the band comes out storming like I would expect, this shows the death thrash I was expecting and it delivers well and when the bass solo comes in this took it to another dimension a fucking excellent track! and Destrucción del condicionamiento is up there as well with this really grabbing riff at the start and the vocals really stand out here but gets better as I can hear the band puts a lot of different hooks to their music and it really stands out, the ripping leads on here are amazing!

With a heavy bluesy vibe at the start of Inocencia consumida, this adds even more flare to this release as later it comes in more heavier but you have to hear the guitar work on here, its something else as it slows down midway through and gets insane vocally at the end and then the way the band ends it is just right, Dios hizo la carne, pero el diablo al carnicero, pretty long title for a long track as well, a very high speed track from the start and breakdown comes in that brings another edge to it as you hear a female vocal in the background as the main vocal is powerful as hell, but then it slows down even more but with this excellent lead to back it up as this really heavy vibe comes in and finishes off with a really hard fast fist pounding feel to it, good stuff.

To the title track El arte de lo oculto, kind of strange at the beginning due to the vocal effect used but it starts out heavy then a major slow down as the bass comes in then the guitars take over as it speeds up a bit more then the whole band goes off into this hypnotic sounding piece that feels like your spinning into oblivion, very interesting number, the closer Al borde del abismo, and this starts out really slow not what you would expect and it starts coming up very slowly and being the longest track on here expect a lot of changes as it gets heavier as it goes along and I mean that as the speed intensifies, and breaks down again half way but then it goes off at full force towards the end, good closer.

After hearing this a few times it grew on me to be honest, some might call this tech because all the changes, but its different for sure but its catchy as hell, all the compositions are written well and that is what caught my ear the most, a strong release no doubt.

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Southern Cross – Enigmatic Creation (2020)

Southern Cross
Release date: November 20th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a death/thrash band I came across and looked into and they been around since 1994 but as I looked deeper into them this is the only release they are credited for.

Nine tracks on here and this release has a lot of variation on it, Fundation of Humanity (Instrumental) starts this out and its pretty catchy as its a mid pace composition that has a good drive as it goes into Southern Path/Ancestral Legacy and this opens up with a slow heavy tempo but then it builds up and here the vocals come in and we get the taste of death as the track just has this crunchy texture to it then some leads are thrown in that make it even more enjoyable and near the end the pace gets faster which ended this on a high note.

Brotherhood of the Serpent, comes in a bit more on the harder edge as the drums are being pounded to hell then minor break where it takes us on another dimension of the track as it has a good drive and its a solid piece, as Death’s Shadow is a killer riffage fiasco as this is all over the place, a bit more aggression on this one.

And as we get into Blue Blood and this up to this point is one of the highlights on here for me, as this has more fast parts in it and gets to the point and even with some breaks near the end made this stand out and the drive continues on Pit of the Abyss as this has this main way presenting itself as the track has these heavy riffs while a lead is going off, good stuff.

Sarcastic Existence (Instrumental) and a very pleasant one as it has quite a few parts in here that just grab you, I wouldn’t even call it that extreme but on the heavy glory side as the way it was composed is excellent! Masters of Time closes this out and a good one as this has some interesting parts as its quite long but very catchy especially the leads that are put in here, a good closer to this.

In closing this might not be for everybody as its not your typical all out bash of death/thrash like other bands are doing but this has all kinds of elements throughout it that made it listenable to my ears as its has a lot of heavy metal in it which is good as it takes you to another dimension not many bands from the area are doing, so I would give it a listen.

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