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Consumed – LIVE Incarnation of EVIL (2022)

Release date: September 1st, 2022
Label: Connuctione Incesta

Here is a great Live release by Consumed, this needs no review as it is a solid release all the way through even an Incantation cover to add to the sickness spewed on here, only thing this was released on tape format only and that is the only way it will be according to the band, they plan on putting out their debut later on on cd.


Rotten Malefice – Rotten Malefice (2022)

Rotten Malefice
Release date: August 14th, 2022
Label: ThreeMetal Forces Distro

A release that I been waiting for quite awhile now for as their last demo Hoguera de cadáveres (2019) really left me wanting more.I will only review the new tracks on here as their first demo is also on here as a bonus.

And this first one En los Brazos de la Muerte is hard hitting death metal like you would expect heavy but it stops out of nowhere and sounds like its over but it comes back, I had to check the cd as I thought it might of skipped but no that is the way the band planned it, and its a short reprise that sounds like another track, strange but I can live with it.

The track Rotten Malefice gets us back on a more tradional sound with some whirlling riffage at the start the pace gets harder at one point but it calms down towards the end not bad, En el Nombre del Caos here things change as this is more aggressive from the pace it has some good pitches throughout the whole thing, this one is more out there than what was heard earlier, Hoguera de Cadáveres this even gets better but also has that stop part like on the first track but here the second part is some of the best shit on here.

Gritos here is the heavy hitter, this out to kill from the start fast paced chaos all the way through, one of the best on here, has this real catchy riff to it, and to close Combustión Espontanea and it starts with an acoustic guitar part but after that the band comes in and delivers a hell of a compostion and it breaks down toward the end but it is strong the way it ends.

This one is one of those you get more out of it with each listen, not a bad release, just more death metal for the vein.


Diabol – Lunatic Abominations (2022)

Release date: March 13th, 2022
Label: Metallian Onslaught Records

Back with a new EP and a better production, if you got into the bands first demo you will like this as well, lots of dirty black/thrash but this has a punk attitude as well, it shows on Lonewolf Rider as this is good but nothing new as other bands have done it before. Noxferatv comes on strong with the bass pounding at the start and it has a good vibe all the way through.

Sangre en el tridente, to this point this is one of the more outstanding tracks on here as its pretty in your face at the start but takes a new turn at the end but I still think it rules, Gargoyles one thing I noticed as they are using English and Spanish in the lyrics and on this one it shows, but this track is kinda weak compared to the previous.

Lunatico, gets us back into a more kick ass groove, there is a blazing lead in here and just more aggression and those backing chants add to the thrill of it. and this next one Sierpe is a bit strange as the way it is sung at thr begining but it picks up a bit and has its own life to it, not bad but out there, Burnout which is a cover of The Carburetors is not what I expected to close this. as the song has a rock n roll feel to it.

This didn’t calculate in my brain as much as the first demo did it has its high and lows. just have to see what comes next.


Blasart – Depravatus (2022)

Release date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Independent

Another band that hasn’t done anything in awhile but have returned, being labeled black metal, I would go more on black/thrash as these 3 tracks on this EP are speed filled.

Rage filled Call of the Sacred Phallus, this surprised me on the first listen as it has all the goods inbedded in it, great aggression here and good production that kept me satisfied as we roll on to Profanation of the Nazarenes Death a more blasphemic track as far as the lyrics go and the intensity is there but you will hear this vocal part that is weaker but this still rages.

And closing Ritual of Poisonous Immersion which is hard driving to the point and ends this on a solid note.

If this is the bands new direction then its a winner, I sure would be interested in future projects, you can get this for free on their Bandcamp.


Butamacho – Tue Tué (2022)

Release date: March 20th, 2022
Label: Putrid Prods.

After a few years gone by the band are back with their third full length and a few new members in the lineup and they bring this opus of death that should please their old fans.

And a very strong start with Ritual en Tocoihue as they take us into the ritual, some great lyrics and music to, heavy pounding start with great death tone vocals this sets the mode for a bashing, as the title track Tue Tué comes in and this is a creeper as it gets stronger as it goes, great lyrics on this one as well it has some insane guitar ripping on here that is chaotic.

Hablando con las sombras is even more wilder as it comes straight at you some hooks are thrown in but when that lead comes be prepared as it will blow your mind. its off the wall stuff. as Hualve has a more heavier punch of a tempo to start but gets faster as it goes, and will please most.

Dornajo is another punisher on here as it has a good pace of brutality with no let up and to end this Brujo maestro, and this blast at you from the start, these high pitch screams that are spread out during some tracks on here really shine here, there is a bonus track Novenario cabríon on the tape version of this but not on the cd, kind of strange as there is plenty room for it.

I highly recommend this slab if your into obscure death metal, has some excellent lyrics of pure satanic might.

Culto a la Malevolencia – Spectant Nos Morte (2022)

Culto a la Malevolencia
Release date: August 2, 2022
Label: Independent

Hell it’s been a few years since I heard from this band from way up in Arica, so this their second EP which contains five tracks and from the start In Nomine Capra I could hear a difference that the band had taken a turn as far as the vocals are different now before they had two dudes going off on their debut as well as the lyrical content as it’s more out there than before but still this is punishing metal,

The five tracks on here all deliver well, The sheep sounds between tracks add character to the release, This is something you need to listen to to really make up your mind, the band sent me this and there are physical copies availabe but send them an email Contact:

Below is the whole release.

Repugnatory – Eterna Abominación (2022)

Release date: August 27th, 2022
Label: Independent

One of the more consistent bands on the scene, these guys put out albums right after the other this being the fourth and one of their best yet.

Ritual opens it up and this goes straight for the blasphemy that will be covered here, if you know this band by now you will hear that they use that same formula they been using on their music previously but here it sounds better the production is excellent! this track kills.

As Supremacía infernal sounding like a crusher from start this rides along with verocious power, its pure evil as it goes, the band is going off here. Viendo el cielo caer, have to love the titles on these and this is just right, the track has a great flow to it and leaving me with a vicious grin on me to this point. Dios muerto a little different than previous but gets better as it goes, the ending parts are really good, La voz de los espíritu is just an instrumental as filler as we get back to business on Conteplaras el horror a good driving track that fits in well on this release but it gets heavier on Espanto del más allá which is quite short but delivers the punch.

The title track to close and wouldn’t want it any other way as everybody is going off here as this is the longest track and everybody is taking a shot and a strange quick ending.

This has got to be my fvorite release by the band so far, as it’s well put together, all the tracks are composed right, just hoping sor a physicl copy in the future.


Behead – Choose Your Death (2022)

Release date: August 31st, 2022
Label: Burning Coffin Records/Dreadful Records

At last the debut full length from this death thrash band, I been following them since the beginning and this release is way over due as the band has always had some good material to deliver and it shows on this debut.

Moonlight Nocturne starts this out an instrumental with two sides to it the first consist of a piano playing and just about half way the band comes in, nothing bombastic yet, here they keep the tempo just right for what is to come next all hell breaks loose on Endless Hatred as this is riveting, as this has a pounding part that will grab your attention, it rips no doubt.

Reborn an absolute crusher, and will say this is sung in Spanish as they toggle those on here. but the band got away from that Thrash sound from the past you can tell from this point, Impossible Equilibrium this starts kinda slow but then all cylinders come in an all out onslaught will be brought on you, a crusher. and it continues on Worrying Seconds as this is headsplitting as well, fast paced with just the right touch, the bass bashing on here is quite a delight as well as the ripping leads.

If you like the heaviness thats been given to this point then Inestabilidad won’t let you down, this is a solid ripper, no fucking around here. enen a slight break near the end does nothing to takeaway anything. Indiferencia comes on a little different sounds like it’s an old track for some reason to my ears, its heavy but different.

As we get near the end, Suicidal Mind comes in and a nice hook to it at the start then it goes off and it does in a righteous way one of the best on here, the closer Human Despair is the longest track on here so it has a few different parts to it but is a strohg closer to this opus.

For a band that has been on the scene for over ten years now, I always thought they got left behind but better late than never as this debut is as solid as they come, good luck to them.


Speedhammer – On Speed Nights (2022)

Release date: August 21st, 2022
Label: Independent

Well it was a surprise to me when this showed up in my mail, as I remember when this band put out their first demo and then they released Hooded Metal which I could never find and I ridden them off cause nothing new since 2017.

So this is a demo which shows the direction in which the band is on now after all these years, and the band have taken this weird fascination with Japan now as some of the songs lean towards that and even the band photo even shows that.

So lets get into this, Speedhammer Arrives in Tokio yes the cities name is spelled like that on here and it’s one of the better tracks on here as the lyrics come in well, the band consider themselves as Obscure and Alcoholic Evil Speed Metal these days and from this track it sure sounds like it, but to be honest other bands on the scene have covered this well while these guys were on hiatus.

Grand Dragon is a pretty generic track has a good vibe to it but this next one The Tengu Demon is where the Japanese stuff comes in as a spoken part starts it off then they procide to sing in that language but the chorus in English “Die… by… the sword!
Of the tengu demon”
the nusic isn’t bad has some good speed to it. Speed Nights X this one is a bit strange as it has great lyrics but the nusic doesn’t rise to the occasion till the end, Die in Fire is a lovely love song in which they can only manage and to close Biermaniac which is recorded live, and this version sounds a bit better than the studio version.

Like I said at the start nothing new but I will keep following them, they have a preview track from their up coming full release on their Bandcamp and the production sounds quite well so something to look forward to.

Ritual Pyre – Ritual Pyre (2022)

Ritual Pyre
Release date: September 21, 2022
Label: Forgotten Treasures Records

The latest from this duo in form of an EP of Death Netal, and from the opener Spirit´s Journey you can hear that this isn’t your tradional fast paced stuff, it’s not bad but I expected more but they pick up the pace on Erase Their Curse as this one starts slow as well but creeps up then it goes off and the guitar tone isn’t bad either the bass can be hears quite well, the track has it’s highs and lows.

Nothing much changes on Ritual as it starts slow then this crunchy riffage comes in that gives it some life but no head bashing stuff yet. so halfway through and Dwellers comes in and riffage from the last one crosses over to this one but this gets better as it goes. Aeonic Slumber is pretty much like everything that has been put out during this whole thing and to end Winged Dragon with a heavier beat at the start, sounds like they saved the best for last, of all the tracks on here I would pick this one as the highlight as it has everything we heard beforehand but here it all falls into place just in the right mode.

This is more on the Death/Doom side of things some might like it.