Atomicide – Chaos Abomination (2015)

Release date:January 30th, 2015
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

If you ain’t familiar with this band (Death/Thrash) they been around since 2003 with various demos and a great split with Ejecutor,This opus of mayhem is their second full length,what we got here is a furious slab of nine tracks that are straight forward,this sounds a little more upbeat than their previous and I mean production wise but the only bad thing I can find on here is that the vocals are kinda drowned out but everything else sounds great on here ripping leads,the drums most of all you can hear them perfectly.
If your into old Morbid Angel or anything in that vein I would check this out,the band is giving this away to download for free on their bandcamp page.I think this is a good release that keeps you interested in it as each track plays,I had to give it a few spins before it all started to fall into place and I hope the band puts out a follow up to this as I always liked this band from their early material.

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