Asvddhasrti – Disembodiment (2020)

Release date: July 25th, 2020
Label: Independent

A one man project of some Black/Death Metal and learned this was written last year, but it finally was produced the way it should be.

And only two tracks and as Asvddhasrti the man behind all this proves he knows what he was doing as this is some killer shit from start to finish.

Guide Us to the End of Time is just a brilliant track as it has so many killer hooks to it, tons of black Metal vibes in it and then it pours in this heavy dark death into it, as this might be long but no worries as the break when the bass comes in just grabs you as the drums come in the background and then the blast evasion of the mind, a fucking killer track and the way it ends with the guitar.

Embrace the Purifying Fire the last of the two, well what would you want this track has that certain vibe, really crunchy riff at the beginning but you hear this really atmospheric vibe to it, and then we go insane as it goes into fuck off mode and some killer breaks that will destroy you, a gem of a track.

Hell what can I say this is some killer shit! It might of taken some time for this man to release this, but he nailed it as this is perfect! no fucking around here at all, righteous stuff.

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