Astrum – Existencia Perdida (2019)

Release date: March 6th, 2019
Label: Independent

I stumbled across this release and they play melodic death metal which I usually might pass on but this is something that just caught my ear as it has an intention of grabbing you and it did me the instant I heard it as the twin guitar effect on here is superb, and from the track Cataclismo this takes you on a ride of pure enjoyment!

Yes you get your typical death metal vocals which are sung in spanish by the way but this is HEAVY in all kinda ways, the musicianship on here is as good as it gets, for a first release this is top notch, really can’t favor any tracks as all them have their own feel to them which is a good thing but hell I’m listening to this as I write this and it gets better with each listen.

These guys take melodic death metal to its peak! It might not be for the extremist out there but it deserves a listen and I’m glad I did because I find no fault in this whole release,This is available on digital format but I looked at the bands facebook and they have physical copies so contact them for that. hopefully this and maybe others catch on and we hear more from this band in the future.

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