Ashakk Xul – Demo I (2020)

Ashakk Xul
Release date: May 31st, 2020
Label: Putrid Prods.

Some Death Metal from Valdivia, this is the bands first demo, a four track opus to pound into your skull.

As I first gave this a listen and from this first track Abandoned Race Floating in the Abyss the first thing I noticed was the tone of the guitar and it hits you right from the start and the vocals as well as they are a mix of high and lows which fit in well here, and it gets more interesting when the break comes in as it gets more dark and dwelling as the pounding double bass drums kick in and the growls are just right before it assaults you to the end.

So we go on to Ashakk Xul which bursts right out to this hard driving pulse and then a break that goes off the drums on here are just pounding! and some great brakes on here as this will smother your ass, a total neck breaking track.

And more intense shit on Decadent Empire as this comes out to drill a new one in you from the start as all cylinders are a blaze here the vocals are killer! hard driving and to the point as they have this killing feel to them the way it should be and the track just obliviates at full tilt, fucking good shit here.

And to the closer Imminent Conquest well this one has all the goods we heard previously and more grinding here as a killer riff with the drums pounding the hell out of everything but with a weird ending as just when you are losing it the fucker ends haha! but no bad feelings good shit my friends.

My take good Chilean Death Metal these fuckers know the deal and we need more so give them a shot, cheers!

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