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Diabolvs – Rite of Consecration (2020)

Release date: January 10th, 2020
Label: Independent

So here we go into 2020 with this new Death Metal bands first release in form of an EP, with some veteran musicians behind this project this sounds like it should be interesting.

And we open up with Perpetual Sorrow which opens up with a mellow laid back guitar intro which goes away quick and the band comes in on fire as the vocals take a hold as soon as they come in, the double guitar sound on here really one of the things that stand out, this has a very old school feeling to it as it has some really catchy riffage going on, some blast beat parts that keep it interesting, not a bad opener.

On this next track Diabolvs things really get more deep in the hatred compartment as this is total killer to the damn christians of this fucking world the lyrics to this add to the flavor of the whole song, it floored me on the first listen, the vocals are sick pure hell with a fuck off! attitude, oh and it even gets better on Temple of Hypocrites and just by the title you know where this is going the lyrics get right to the point as well as the music, I might be a little crazy but what this band delivers in their lyrics is something I believe in so it makes it even more enjoyable.

Killing My Enemies, things get a little bit even heavier here as this has more blast beats and with a track with that name what would you expect it has these break downs where the guitars come in to put a little more flare to it which I have no problem with as these leads are killer and actually add a lot a flare to the tracks.

Well this track The Ancestral Spirits Claim Their Kingdom might not be as brutal on the lyrical part but hell this is a gem as it is just so fucking good like a breath of fresh air it absolutely as its heavy as fuck and just grabs your ass as it has this killer drive to it as the whole band explodes here in all kinda ways the leads took me on another trip, shit this was the one that killed me, so to the closer Rite of Consecration and its a perfect closer as it has everything that was heard before but the lyrics really took it a step beyond and even the music is pounding as it should be and the way it ends with the guitar fading into oblivion makes this a must hear.

I recommend this as it doesn’t really bring nothing new to the genre but who cares as this adds to it and brings new light which is what I like most about it, you fuckers need to hear this and spread the word of this band and lets hope to hear more.


Insidious – Ecos de la Osamenta (2019)

Release date: September 28th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here I get this late comer from last year a Death Metal band from Iquique which is way up north, this is the band’s first release in form of a EP with 6 tracks.

I gave this a few listens to sink in as on this first track Tráfico de órganos, the band comes out a blazing before it gets into a more creeping tempo, then I hear these pinch harmonics and I thought oh no not this again but thankfully it doesn’t go on through this whole EP as when that part is over this takes on a an excellent feel to it, The vocals are excellent by the way, sick dirty growls that are crystal clear.

And from the next track Pasado Criminal, things change for the better this track has a whole different feel to it as the guitar work on here is absolutely mind blowing, with the crushing blast beats this kills love the backing vocals as well and all these different tempos make this a really catchy one and this next one El Otro Lado del Sendero is a gem here the band really is out for the kill! hell it doesn’t get any better as this destroys, the drumming on here is a feast of brutality fucking gotta love this even with a break in the track it doesn’t matter, this gets better as it goes on.

Onto Bioterrorismo, the opening is brilliant has the old school feel to it but then has its own life the vocals are sick as hell on here and this band I will say sounds fresh like they been doing this for awhile with some mid tempo changes thrown in here and there another one that grabs you, Peste Negra the shortest track on here goes right to the point as the guitar rips heavily on here which cuts like a saw you could say, total chaos on here.

So we close out with F.e.t.o. which is as good as everything on here, I will say this is one hell of a debut that took me by surprise, I highly recommend you have a listen to this as for me it has its own character to it and hopefully the band gets some recognition from this.

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Cenotafio – Larvae Tedeum Teratos (2019)

Release date: November 20th, 2019
Label: Apocalyptic Productions

Here is this two man band that I been waiting for to release a new full length that pretty much killed me as they have this unique sound to their Black/Death Metal that just grabs a hold of your ass, so I was thrilled of the news of this release.

With only four tracks a full length you may ask well these are some long tracks just like the first one but fuck it they won’t bore you at all instead take you on a ride you will likely want to take again and again.

Just as La Apoptosis opens this up with this eerie sound that sets the mood and then the haunting riffs and these vocals from hell that just fit the mold perfectly, as I was reading the lyrics they are in spanish on this whole opus but they don’t really make a difference they sound like a fucking demon screaming from hell that actually don’t make a difference, this is some powerful shit here and for being the opening track and long it flew buy as it has this great atmosphere to it, a fucking excellent opener to this.

El Martirio, oh hell what brilliance this comes out like a storm on hells wings this is what I love a pure kick in the ass, this track will obliterate you, even when it slows down it’s still kicking ass as the vocals are sick as hell the screams the blast beats make you wanna kill somebody and that’s only half way then we get some lead that will surely pleasure you,then the sounds of torment that is expected with the title,this fucking rules!

A bit of a change up on La Sentencia y la Plaga, well as this has a more deep slower pace to it but the sickening growels keep it interesting as later we get these blast beats that wake your ass up, not as intense as the previous but still a smasher of a track that leads to Maleficae and here this one has a black metal vibe at the beginning due to the riff but then it captures the brilliance this band offers but its a long one with a lot of killer vibes, the drums are pounding like hell on here and the interesting breaks with the guitar stand out, like I mentioned its long but near the end it really has a excellent punch to it as it fades away with some interesting sounds you need to hear to understand.

In closing this is a killer release if you like deep underground metal with balls this a must have in my book a band that needs more exposure no doubt as this will take down the weak,go out and support and buy a copy.

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Putrid Coffin – Desecrated Tombs (2019)

Putrid Coffin
Release date: March 14th, 2019
Label: La Cripta Metal Shop

The latest from Putrid Coffin its been awhile since the first album came out and I was pretty impressed with the debut and this new EP does not disappoint we get the same head bashing as on the debut with a bit better production this time around.

So lets get into it Dark Power Of Sorcerer opens this up with a nice intro then the band kicks in with its power as you can really hear the drums clear as light on here with the high hats that really stand out and one thing that the vocals on here reminded me of the Dutch man Alexander van Leeuwen (Mental Distortion,Desecrate) but the music is tight death thrash as you would expect even the slow part when the lead comes in is a pleasure to the ears.

XVTH Century Pestilent Covenant, has these short blast beats that stop and go that make you think what’s next as the guitars are ripping on here with some breaks that add to the chaos on here,like I said the production really is good, as you can hear both guitars going off in their own way,hard to explain its something you need to hear to really appreciate,onto Desecrating Tombs the title track which is interesting, its pace has a good drive to it and keeps you pinned as this band really has a good vibe especially on the fast parts as they are out to torture your soul and especially on this track,pure head pounding madness.

Darkness is Endless (Aluhe), this is the ass kicker here this one took me on the first listen as its an all out onslaught even the breaks go into more heart ripping shit! this one hit the spot my favorite track on here to this point and the closer Magnificence of Baal continues in the same vein this whole EP has shown from the start as the bands tracks take you on a trip of ups and downs through this whole thing.

Not a bad second offering from the band it’s what I expected solid death/thrash but for me it’s more in the death vein as I listened to it more and more.

The band has no social media page but this can be bought from their label which is reliable as I have purchased from them before and a big hail to Nelson for sending me this,cheers! comrade.

Gravered – Cult to… (2019)

Release date: November 2nd, 2019
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation

Gravered is pure Death Metal especially if you like that old Swedish sound this new EP is right in the veins of this traditional sound but made in Chile.This EP is worth the listen if you like this kinda shit.

Intro (Funus Magno) a very interesting instrumental that goes good with this as we go into Classic Cult to Death and from here its total death metal the way I like it, they have this old school Swedish tone to their music it took me back to the heyday, which in my book is pure excellence! heavy dark and brutal like old Nihilist,Grave,etc. that good old shit if you know what I mean.then it ends with Outro (Ad Sepulcrum) which I guess was part of the whole deal here which is good.but here we go on to,haha madness.

Non Cristo doesn’t need explanation as the fucking church choir shit opens this up but then we get what we want to hear this track is a fuck off to christianity as it should be, this is dark and deep as it should be, praised by pure hatred the vocals are sick and catch the drumming on here, crushing to the T this track kills!

Podrido as this is part of being live from what I read but if it is the recording is excellent as it delivers with no exception
as it brings a little bit to the listener and shows what the band has to offer as this endinging track Coffins Graves and Tombs is a perfect ender for this EP a live track that delivers to a full tilt.

Fuck I love this and if you like the old Swedish death metal sound this is where its at Gravered is a band to get into and support!

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Vomit – Invoker of the Past (2019)

Release date: July 10th, 2019
Label: Deathrune Records

Well well finally I got my hands on this long awaited debut from Vomit as their previous two demos really left a dent on a lot of people and here we get a couple of redone tracks off both those demos and new material as well.

This starts out with The Offering the first track off the first demo but here it sounds way better as the production on here really brings more life to the band and I’ll say just to keep this review more shorter that all the redone tracks on here all feel more fresh so you know what to expect.

But let’s get into the new material on here with Invoker of the Past being the next and this is like an anthem to old school as the chorus “True Spirit” gets to the point and the ripping on here is top notch! a fucking great track that will leave you floored! so the next new one Aberrant Insanity a fucking cool track about the shit in life with all its twist and turns, a lot of tempo changes on here but gets heavier as it goes on,not a dull moment at all.

Down in Hell of all the new tracks on here this is my favourite as this will rip you from ear hole to asshole, as this is pure hatred from hell, it crush your weak soul an all out onslaught on what this type of music was meant to be. Legions of Doom (Savage Death cover) an old track from this New Jersey band from back in the day that I remember well and this cover is righteous as hell, it puts new life into this and good to see a band cover a more obscure underground band than the usual.

The final new one on here Unholiness a pure blasphemous number full of hatred towards all fucking religion as the band is out to kill on this one, the album closes out with the old favourite Nyctophobia and a perfect closer to this awesome debut.

The wait I had to go through to get this was well worth it as this will please anybody into old school death/thrash as its heard all over this release, The production on here is perfect! ripping leads,crushing drums,distorted bass all shine to the t. another one to add to the onslaught of this years releases. Go get it you won’t regret this one.

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Storm Death – Ancient Premonitions of the Gods (2019)

Storm Death
Release date: September 1st, 2019
Label: Tanatofobia Productions/Street Metal Blasphemy

Here we go Death Metal freaks this band hails out of Melipilla and I been waiting a while to hear this and fuck is this release a joy to the ears as this a crushing full length as it has a taste of Deicide but fuck that!

This will take you on a trip to the ecstacy of death metal as it should be,from the first number Ancient Premonitions of the Gods in the Supremacy of the Winds of the End you can hear this band is out to kill! not a blasting track but the way they get their point across is excellent! as the pounding is there and gives you a taste of what the band is out for.

As you will hear on Conquered Mind as things get more heavier and yeah this is what you want when it comes to bashing shit! I will say the vocals are your typical death metal growls but fuck it works quite well and this stuff reminds me of Autopsy, etc in some kind of way because no need for full blast parts as this is death metal but the leads on here will grab you.The Day When the Ancients Rise is up next and this is a bit slower in the beginning but goes into a frenzy of mayhem later on as this is heavy as fuck to tell you the truth.just give it a listen.

Damned Voices from Another Self is next and this track is a blessing just listen to that riff ripping in the beginning but just the way this is consuming your soul, what a masterpiece of a track this is as there is a heavy vocal that should remind the old folk of the past. Falling into Xibalba is an all out onslaught as the band goes into another phase on what they have to offer and shreds so another killer on this.

Nebiros Bezemer Is the first track on here that is sung in spanish but who fuckin cares this is heavy just listen to the drums on here and the rest as this is a death metal as most like, no poser shit here!and the vocals oh my! and that sweet guitar, a blessing that left me with a grin of delight.

Oh hell and El aposento de la sabiduría, de la muerte y la creación and for some reason these tracks at the end that are in spanish give a more pounding to my ears as this just a more intenseness to it.and the closer The Raising of Two Black Serpents Who’s Fight and Burn Eternally in the Gates… is just a beautiful way of closing this masterpiece out an instrumental that hits that nerve.

Shit what is there to say this is one of the best Death Metal releases of the year Storm Witch is a force to be dealt with.

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Rotten Malefice – Hoguera de Cadáveres (2019)

Rotten Malefice
Release date: April 18th, 2019
Label: Independent

This band has been around for a few years releasing their own style of Death Metal and this is the first time I ever featured them on here, this new demo consist of two studio tracks and three live.

Hoguera de Cadaveres opens this up and its catchy as hell with these crunchy riffs and the vocals are excellent as this whole thing is sung in spanish and the way they come off is perfect but you gotta hear the leads on here they took this track right to the top and even the next one Ciegos en la fe is just as good pure anti christianity tracks but the music is just crushing with an awesome production to boot.

The live tracks are good for filler as they were recorded on a single deck I take as you can hear the crowd in the background but you can make out what is going on and maybe will hear studio versions in the future but these two studio tracks are just mind blowing they got better with each listen.

Inclosing I read on their facebook page that they have a full length to be coming out this year but it must of been put on hold because it was posted back in late July and nothing has been mentioned after that except this demo so will see what happens.

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Agonic Death – Voices From Beyond (2019)

Agonic Death
Release date: October 4th, 2019
Label: Vomito de Caos Producciones

Well this is something I was happy to see pop up as I wondered what happened to this band after the debut was an absolute crusher! but onto this new 4 track EP.

Desolated Souls /Voices from Beyond, and straight out this track means business as it just rips out with a bashing that will have you hooked, the fucking leads on here are a blazing and even the break near the end is heavy as fuck a great opener in deed, Unholy War some good old anti christian stuff here and more tempo changes on here that made this interesting and it’s up there with the first one, will say the production on here is very good the vocals stand out as well as all the instruments.

Moon, is a Mortuary Drape cover that adds a different flare to this EP as this is a excellent cover that won’t disappoint and the closer Black Flame/The Darkness Falls, this track was previously released by the band but here it sounds better than the original as it has a new life and hell it smashes your head as its pure praise of hell and a nice guitar outro that ends this trip.

Well this some good shit here but you need to act fast if you want a copy as its only been pressed to a 100 copies on tape.

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Perversion Flames – Demo III (2019)

Perversion Flames
Release date: August 16th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here is a band that has been around for awhile but I to be honest and had wondered what ever happened to them as they have only released a few demos and singles in the past and was surprised when I read they released another demo last year and I will say that one is killer, I only wish I had known because its killer!

This new 3 track is a bit different as the production isn’t as good as the previous and they have taken a different approach here but it’s not bad as these tracks are pretty strong, it just took me a few listens for them to sink into me but the opener The Aberrant Signal is as good as it can get anybody will agree as this is a pounding number and the ripping lead near the end really brought full chaos to it. Anticosmogenesis is up next and a bit different but with a killer drum roll then the bass line this fucker is pure death metal with its slow pounding part then this fantastic sounding solo that really grabs you but you can tell the band has taken another way on their lyrical content as it’s all about the satanic shit anymore more on the mystical and horror side but this closer Flames of Perversion to me is the highlight on here as the band comes all out ablazing and simply shreds on all angles so its worth a listen.

The only let down is the production as it kinda took the feeling out of it in a way but hopefully some of these tracks get re recorded on a future release but still is good the band is still active in the end.

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