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Perversor – Umbravorous (2018)

Release date:November 1st, 2018

Perversor is back with their third full length and I was pretty much shocked when I heard of this release coming out from the flyer that was going around saying it was coming out soon but they put the digital version out just a few days later.

So this is what you would expect from these veterans of the scene,no fucking around here as they go at from the beginning with no mercy as Deadly Poison and Black Fire grabs you by the balls as soon as you hear it, one thing I noticed on here is that the production is excellent! and that was one of the things that bothered me from their last full length but here they have nailed it to perfection.

I won’t go into every track on here as they all stand out but tracks like Formidable Destino, Merchant Of Spirits and the closer D.M.T which is my personal favorite on here, just because it has this punishing sound to it that gets your blood flowing.

If your into Perversor you will love this even to new comers of the band this is a good release to get you into the band.The vinyl and cd version is coming out on Pulverised Records from what the band mentions but no date has been announced.

Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher (2018)

Release date:October 19th, 2018
Label:Dark Recollections Productions

So the long awaited full length by this band has finally surfaced and it’s a good one no doubt as we get all the tracks from the 2016 Condemnatus Tormentum demo release are featured here as well rerecorded and sound even better.

It starts out with Bastardos de la Virtud which is a new track and I love how the intro has this eerie sound to the opening riff as it blends in before we go straight into this chaos and you can tell it’s the band because of its signature sound and it’s just very catchy all around as there is plenty of mayhem being cast out through this whole track, as we get into another new track Ritual de Profanación, I will say this whole album is sung in spanish but it really doesn’t matter as these tracks are really something to hear, right to the point as this one starts a bit slower but just for a bit as it starts to drive very quick and crushes in its glory.

Speed Death the instrumental on here sounds as good as ever, the production is really good on this as you can hear all the instruments ablazing as we blend into another new number, Fuerzas malditas and more of the same good shit on here as well but with a bit more aggression than the previous, just like the way the riffs are like a flowing force as this never gets boring just the way these compositions are written, they have their ups and downs but all just kill!

There are two keyboard instrumentals on here Lingua mortis and Condemnatus tormentum done by Brazilian Leandro Kastiphas former vocalist of Mystifier that add more feeling to the album.Nekrovulva, when I first heard it sounded like the band had taken a slower pace but just for a bit as it shreds as well the guitars on here really go off, some really good shit.

The next three tracks are all from 2016 demo and like I mentioned before all sound better on here so it’s a pleasure to hear them again,La cumbre del caos is actually the last track on here by the band and yes of all this one has a way different feel but still some great vibe to it, it closes out with an instrumental and then a Impurity cover Canonical Destruction which does the original justice.

This is a killer release from the band and is highly recommended not a dull moment through the whole thing, one thing though for those wanting to get a physical copy you should get in contact with the band as I posted earlier about this and Dark Recollections Productions from Mexico was to issue this but I have no clue what’s going on with that so the band released it in digital form but copies are available in Chile as far as I know.

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Mortis – EP (2018)

Release date:October 5, 2018

Here we have a new Death Metal band from Concepcion and this hasn’t been officially released yet as I got contacted by a friend and asked me if I would put this up on my channel, so I did and when I first heard it I figured it was some guy singing then I seen a video and was surprised a female was singing and playing bass.

This has six tracks of pure kick ass shit that runs about 20 min, and I had to listen to this a few times to really hear what was going on here and it got better with each listen as the band sounds like a veteran band instead of new, really tight with dueling leads and fast paced drumming all in good with really grotesque vocals to add to the punch, reminded me a bit of Suffocation at times.Sons of Bitch and Venganza are the two that stand out for me but this has something for everybody into death metal.

Not a bad release that should put the band on the scene once they get this out so will see as they have no social media page but I think one should be out soon once physical copies are available.

(some live footage from the bands channel)

Rotten Tomb – Promo 2018

Rotten Tomb
Release date:October 1st, 2018

A couple of new live tracks from this excellent death metal band from Iquique, Tarapacá.

Human Paradox is a crushing number total deep sounding death with heavy deep down vocals full of aggression and various time changes as you get some fast parts as well thrown in to keep this interesting, not a bad number to ad to the discography of the band,Devourer Of Life is more on the up tempo on the start and is the better of the two on here by a bit in my opinion, you get this old swedish death metal vibe on here which is always a good thing in my book.

In closing not a bad little promo, the production is as good as it can get I just hope we get a full length from the band soon as it’s about time.

(flyer from the gig this was recorded at)

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Invocation – The Mastery of the Unseen (2018)

Release date:September 17th, 2018
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

This has been out for awhile now since writing this and actually when I saw the tracks I remembered I have heard them before as they were on a promo tape the band released a while back so it was nothing really that new but for the rest of the world it was.

These two tracks are in the same crushing direction the band has been going, some pleasurable Black/Death Metal with that signature sound they have been unleashing since their start. Sense of Premonition (vocals,guitar) really stands out on both tracks and those demonic growls of his really bring more life to the music.

This is a good small fix for fans of the band, let’s just see what comes next.

There’s no light, only pure hypnotic darkness!!

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Corpsehammer – Perversión (2018)

Release date:April 13th, 2018
Label:Morbid Skull Records

This trio is consist of a Chilean vocalist and two Swedes if I’m not mistaken but just like Temple Below I featured them on here because it’s some good Black/Death Metal, even the songs are sung in spanish/english.the band has two earlier EP’s and this latest one picks up were the last one left off.

Three tracks of hellish blasphemy in the old school vein no doubt, Reino / Sangre Del Diablo is a great starter as the opening spoken part breaks into the second part of the song and there you get what the band has to offer but the next track Rito & Magia is the one that got me best all forces at full speed and the vocals of Midnight Horror are really something else very powerful with that gut feeling to them, same goes on Sexo & Muerte which ends this as an outro takes us away.

I’m ready to hear a full lp from these guys, this is some good filthy shit worth checking out.

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Martillo Austral – Origin (2017)

Martillo Austral
Release date:November 30th, 2017
Label:Via Nocturna

Released late last year and I was totally shocked they had this out, as there was no promotion for this on a high level, so a Polish label released it which is great! but before I go on I want to say this, the band is not NSBM like some would consider as the band contacted me when I put their first demo up on my channel and people started commenting shit that they were a nazi band which is all bullshit.

I don’t really care if they were because good music needs to be heard.

From the start I heard the production on this and what a delight to the ears as everything stands out, Self-eater grabs you from the instant as everything just grabs you, the vocals are your typical black metal vocals but they come through very strong as the english is superb something you wouldn’t expect from a Chilean band.

There is so much variation in the tracks is what makes this such a joy to listen to as through the whole release you get different sounds, the riffing is pure BM that you will enjoy and not that total blast beat here as you get slow parts in some of the tracks but pure headbanging delite.

The Origin, the title track pretty much rounds up this release but fuck man this shit grabs you, it’s a pure joy to my ears, as there is so much character to these tracks, oh and that bass guitar has never sounded better it brings so much life to this whole thing, a pure delight!

A very impacting release as you get everything on here pounding riffs and some heavy slow parts that don’t disappoint, i would give this a listen as it delivers in it’s own special way!

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Anuuruk – Unspeakable Uncreation (2018)

Release date: January 19th, 2018
Labael: Apocalyptic Prods.

Apocalyptic Prods. has built a reputation for signing unknown bands with great potential. So, everytime they announce a new release I tend to keep my eyes and ears open, because there’s a pretty good chance that it’s going to be something good. One of their latest interesting finds was Anuuruk, a four-headed Death Metal monster from Quilpué, and what we have here is their first full lenght entitled Unspeakable Uncreation.

Anuuruk plays a very straightforward type of Death Metal in the vein of Grave, Unleashed, Carnage or Autopsy to name a few of the bands that comes to mind when listening to Unspeakable Uncreation. Razor sharp guitars, machinegun-like drumming and the deep growls that sounds like emanations from the deepest abyss are the key elements that blend together to give birth to the ten blasphemous songs presented on this album.

As the title suggest, the lyrical themes of the songs are based on the concept of uncreation, forgotten gods from archaic cultures, the destruction of everything that is deemed as “sacred” and more. Nothing groundbreaking really, but what else could you want from a Death Metal record?

Do not expect any melodic passages, or atmospheric interludes or stuff like that, just some relentless and bludgeoning fast paced Death Metal. Anuuruk might not be the most original band of the bunch, but they do know what they are doing. Another good band to keep an eye on.

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Mayhemic – No Life (2018)

Release date:September 11, 2018
Label:Evil Steel Records/Punishment Records

Mayhemic is more than expected with a year of great year of releases so far, Helmuth who runs Evil Steel Records announces he just signed this band from Santiago, and man did he hit a jackpot, this is Thrash as good as it gets these days, total old school German sound written all over it, this could of been released back in the day and would of crushed the scene.

It’s only three tracks of pure enjoyment as it’s only a little over ten minutes, from the opening riff of Beyond Hell this is off to the races as the other two Burn The Cross and Mayhemic possess the same formula ripping leads and great vocals, the speed it’s all there in full glory.

This to me at this point has got to be the best demo released so far this year as far as the Chilean scene goes,if your into more recent bands like Deathhammer (Nor) you will love this, below is a flyer containing more info on getting this, in closing gotta say I can’t wait to hear more from this band because this left me craving for more.

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Strigoi – Strigoi (2018)

Release date:September 9, 2018

Here is a new band from Valdivia/Puerto Montt and this is the first release by them on digital format but will soon be released on tape by Dissonant Death Records, by their logo you can tell they base some of their music on classic horror films some interesting black death thrash.

The intro (Voivode’s Path) is interesting as it has a musical part that builds up to a part of a Hammerhorror film and then the first track Spectral Chimes which in lyrical content is about a vampire rising and the music is excellent as it has feeling as there are changes but they all fit in so well that it’s a delight to the ears to hear this, the vocals are something I heard before but they are as well perfect for this, a great opening track.

Sepulchral Earth’s Fumes takes us a step into a heavier side and this really impressed me with it’s aggression and just the style itself that’s very catchy, not one of those all out blast beat songs but perfection when it comes to death metal oh and the leads on here are something to here, they really grab you.

This finishes off with Volcanic Miasma and here again we have one of those tracks that starts out with a mid tempo and just gets better with even a deeper flow that carries it to another dimension and then goes into a frenzy of madness before coming back down to finish this off.

Morbid Metal is what they call their music and it is and more, If you like old school death metal you need to check this out, I was really impressed by the way the compositions are written, sometimes bands do this and fuck up tracks not here this what I call perfection as I was never bored through the whole thing, hope to hear more in the future.