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Pistilos Opium – Híbrido (2020)

Pistilos Opium
Release date: February 2nd, 2020
Label: Fallen Temple/Thanatology Productions

This is a new band and more on the old school death/doom side and this is their first release and this EP really has a powerful punch to it as the production on here is excellent! four tracks of some very catchy shit that will grab you from the first listen.

The opener Distancia comes off as some doom heavy powerful stuff as the vocals really stand out as the band has a great drive behind it with this feeling that it is ready to explode and it does as this will grab you from the start, I was amazed on how good this is.

And holy shit! the title track Híbrido, takes things to another level as the the hook on the opening riff just gets you then these fierceful vocals take over with no remorse and then the guitar leads oh man this is powerful stuff to mind fuck you, excellent track! Things get even heavier on Pernicioso as this one to this point is the mind blower for me as so much killer shit is going on these mind shredding leads and the way the track just has this great feel to it, one of the highlights on here for me as it has this awesome feel to it and to the closer Destrucción de fe with the bass hammering down in the start I knew I was in for something good as this rolls with so much intensity that just makes you lose it and it even gets heavier near the band is going off on all cylinders that leaves you wanting more.

I highly recommend you give this a listen as I came into it with an open mind and it grabbed me from the start the production on here is excellent, this band will go far with the right connections so spread the word.

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1879 – Sangre Barbarie y Honor (2020)

Release date: March 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Hell yes! with all the shit going on in the world at the moment 1879 releases a free download of their latest work and as I was told by the band this will get a physical release as soon as all the shit happening has ended but for those that don’t know about the band they play Black Metal which concentrates more on History,Hate and War in their lyrics as 1879 was the year the War of the Pacific started against Bolivia and Peru and ended up winning a few years later.

So let’s get to this, here we have 10 tracks one being an instrumental and I knew what to expect from the band as I have heard the earlier releases but this full length has been something I have waited on and others as well.Fuego Cruzado opens this off and straight from the lyrics we are off to war as this is pretty straight forward to the point as everybody is going off on here as the vocals are your typical black death vocals but with there own character to them which got me into the mood of what’s to come. Embestida de la Muerte ah yes the intro takes us back to that time with a war feeling but then the band comes in and we are going in for the kill! you could say as this one is out to kill the enemy! tons of heavy bust your balls pounding here as this is more like the earlier material I heard excellent track!

Artillería Letal, you want a fast one well this one’s for you as here all guns come a blazing as this feeds off hatred as it should fuck the drums are pounding on here like a machine gun, a true headbasher here this will kill your ass, fucking brutal! even the hard pounding riffage at the end tops it off.Marcha Lenta hacia la Muerte is a bit different as its heavy kinda doomy at the start as the tale is about the troops crossing the desert and the sound works but this gets heavy as fuck as it goes along so you can picture what this is about a very killer track as this has a lot of flare to it that made it very enjoyable from start to finish as it goes into the instrumental Desolación del Desierto which is basically the bass guitar and sounds perfect for the title and theme of what’s going on here.

And we get back into the madness on Demencia Guerra y Alcohol and this rips as it’s a celebration of the Chilean troops taking control and fucking women and drinking as it was meant to be as the track is solid piece of torture, as we get back into the action on Carne de Cañon and is another hard bashing track with its own life to it some tempo changes that really make it interesting as this one shines as well, the guitar on here is off the wall with some killer riffs that need to be heard a good one no doubt.Fosa Comun, Fosa de la Gloria is more on a slower tempo as it tells more of the dark side of the war and more different than the rest on here but it packs a punch in its own right as the ending brings more light to it.

As we get near the end Himnos de Guerra is one of those tracks that is out to make a point this has that pounding kinda riffage at the start that goes with the lyrics telling you a tale as it goes on it gets even heavier as the drums take control and song even gets heavier as it goes on and shines even more towards the end, as I liked it more after a few listens but this closer Sobre el Palacio De los Virreyes is the final nail in the coffin as this claims victory and the music and lyrics here are filled with Chilean pride as this is what this band is about, the track cuts at a point as you hear these waves of the ocean playing and then the drums come back and all hell breaks loose as this must be a hidden track that ends this on a total high as the duel vocal sound here adds to the glory.

Fuck! this is good shit and can’t wait til its released, but you can get it here but support the band and buy the physical copy when it comes out.

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Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Horror (2020)

Sign of Evil
Release date: February 2020
Label: Caligari Records/Edged Circle Productions

So here we have mastermind Camilo Pierattini aka Witchfucker (Invocation Spells,Dekapited,Speed Attack) and his solo project, I must admit as soon as he mentioned of this project I was wondering what more he could bring to the table as all his other bands simply shred.

So from Death Will Rise we get this dirty almost punky style bass intro but as soon as that part gets through the real element of what is going to be delivered here comes to light and nothing like his other bands as this has a life of its own, this first track is heavy as fuck with its own special taste so I was impressed with this, the rhythm guitar on here is just blazing!

Something to mention there is a lot of filler between tracks on here to give the demo that more powerful feel to it, so we go onto this next one Guilty, which keeps the aggression going and in good fashion as this has more of a feeling of what this whole project is about with what the title says and it’s very enjoyable from what I’m hearing to this point.Horror brings this home with this piano intro and then the guitar that has this evil wicked sound that is spread throughout this whole thing it’s strange sounding eerie as it should be and is something to hear as it sounds like something from what a horror flick would bring to the table and its short and sweet.Spilling Black Signs, of all the tracks to this point this one is really off the wall as the guitar is in its own world and as I listened it was like what the fuck is going on here but it gets heavier as it goes along but like most the tracks on here its very short but to the point and it continues on Force to Eternity as this really has a psychotic feel to it with a killer bass line to open then the madness comes in which is really excellent to be honest.

So the closer Death Crew is about as good as the whole demo as all the elements that were put into the previous tracks are here and this is something you should listen to as it has a bit of everything in it, I mean I came into it with an open mind and had to listen a few times and it’s worth a listen as I want to hear more as this very short but packs some good shit in it.

Horror (Official Video)

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Ancient Crypts – Inhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass (2020)

Ancient Crypts
Release date: January 13th, 2020
Label: Crypts of Eternity Productions/Burning Coffin Records

After the Devoured by Serpents demo released back in 2013 I was wondering what happened to this band as that demo left a very good impression on me so here we are in 2020 and they release this new EP and things have changed since as all these tracks on here are new and have a new feeling from what I heard previously.

This starts out with Introduction: Andante Allucinatorio which is an instrumental and then we go into the first track An Amorphous Simphony of Accursed Flutes which comes out driving but then we get these high pitch guitar sounds that surprised me but then it gets intense for a bit as it slows down a bit but with this excellent guitar part but then it gets a bit on a more pounding vibe but the vocals on here are really good as they brought more light to the track, a bit different from what I heard before from the band.

Sarcophagidaes, more heaviness here as this has more of a crunchier feel to it from the start the drums really stood out here for me, if you like that heavy pounding style of death metal this track is for you. Inhaling the Fumes of a Burning Carcass is a longer number on here as the band has more of a deep dark feeling here as it has a evil feeling as the vocals really put a feeling to this as this track has something that they never done before as it closes down to awaken to a slow pounding vibe that might not suit all just to let you know.

He Spoke Behind the Mask of Clay is the last track and more on the heavy side as the band goes all out on here with all kinds of good sickness prevails here, the guitar leads really take it to another step, but this EP is nothing like the last demo this might be for some people and maybe not it has its moments but to be honest the demo was a bit different compared to this.

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Coffin Curse – Ceased to Be (2020)

Coffin Curse
Release date: January 27th, 2020
Label: Memento Mori

Oh yeah the long awaited full length from Coffin Curse and after all these years I knew what to expect so this will be good as this band has never disappointed in my book.

So Gathered unto Death opens this up and from the get go this track strikes at you with plenty of killer hooks and so great lyrics to add to the whole flare of it a great opener as Where Sickness Thrives things get a bit even heavier as there are lots of killer hooks on here as well but there is an excellent lead in here that grabs you instantly and it finishes of with a glorious head smashing jam that really kicked my ass!

Chopped Clean Off, great title don’t you think? and up to this point a very powerful out to kill track as it is out to kill from the start as this is a crusher from start to finish, one of those tracks that end before you know it, so its good believe me.Descend into Abhorrence gets us back into a more a crushing death metal that the band is good at this has that creeper feel to it in the beginning but hell does it get better as the tempo speeds up and keeps you pinned as it gets a bit crunchier at a point but then blows up again and this mystifying killer lead sound on here really brought even more light to it,good shit!

Just as I thought things might be getting a bit slower Feeding on Perpetual Disgrace comes on and this really brought me up this track kills plenty of speed catchy hooks all over and the aggression on here is just the way I like it, one of the best tracks on here for me.Extinct takes a bit more of slower pace but heavy I will say and reading the lyrics this fits in well as it gets going more midway through a bit of a change from the rest of the album but not bad as it has its high points, you just need to hear it to really get the feeling of it.

Grave Offender gets us back into the more fast paced and dark sick lyrics which blend in so well here as this has its own killer punch to it that enjoyed as its a quick one and the closer Deep in Streams of Purifying Dirt is a long epic track that offers all kinds of goods through the whole thing as I was never let down on here as this closed this killer debut with a high like it should.

I highly recommend this release death metal only the way Coffin Curse has been delivering for years now, the production and all that is perfect on here the wait was worth the wait!

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Ripper – Sensory Stagnation (2019)

Release date: September 30th, 2019
Label: Unspeakable Axe Records

A few months late, but I finally could get my hands on a copy of Ripper’s new EP, Sensory Stagnation. It has been 3 years since the release of their highly acclaimed second album Experiment of Existence, so the expectations for this new material were big.

After the brief intro Dissociation, The Unreal starts, and after the initial riff, the song begins dwelling into a more Death/Thrash territory that we were used to. This is specially noticeable during the slower guitar parts, which really give you a Death Metal vibe (think of early Atheist or Pestilence).

Sensory Stagnation is a bit more fast paced than the previous song, but keeps the proto Death Metal atmosphere with a lot of variety on the bass, and aggressive riffs. Best song of the EP in my opinion.

Like a Sacrilege is a cover by an old forgotten band from Santiago called Aberration. To the best of my knowledge they only released one demo in the early 90’s before fading into obscurity. Ripper‘s homage to the original song is very good, taking a faster approach in comparison to the more Death Metal rooted original, but very well executed. Also, on their first demo, Ripper made a cover of a different song by Aberration.

For closing they decided to go with a re-recording of Terror Streets, an old song that goes back to their demo days. Aside from the fact that it’s not a new composition, there’s not really much to complain about it, since it’s a fast and aggressive piece, just pure Thrash Metal mayhem.

The only downside that I see here, is that essentialy there’s only two new tracks if we exclude the intro, the Aberration cover and the re-recorded song. Now, the quality of those two songs is as high as we could have hoped for after Experiment of Existence, so take my complain with a grain of salt. The album was recorded at DM6 Studio, with Pablo Clares at the helm, so you know what to expect soundwise. The artwork was done by Bastián Velásquez, frontman of Deathsvn.

Now, what actually is important is the fact that after this album, both bass player Pablo Cortés and guitar player Daniel Poblete left the band (they play in Suppression now). Since Pablo’s remarkable and unique style has always been one of Ripper‘s distinctive elements, one can only wonder what will his departure mean to the band. Plus, he was in charge of most of the musical composition of this EP, so it’s not going to be an easy task to replace him.

Ripper definitely kept the pace with Sensory Stagnation, and also pushed the bar a little further in terms of variety and execution, venturing with a few hints of Death Metal into their music. Now, with a new lineup it will be very interesting to hear what they can come up with next, but in the meantime, this album is perfect if you are looking for a good dose of Thrash Metal.

Invocation – Attunement to Death (2020)

Release date: February 21st, 2020
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

So the wait is over, I say that because I will admit I have followed this band since the beginning and always knew they would do some damage on their journey and this new EP is a pure smasher as it got me on the first spin.

As they have their trademark sound and on this has gone to a different level and it shows after this little opener Oppression we get down to business as Flying Ointments comes in and you hear the band going off as good as ever, this track has all the goods you would want if you know what I mean, the crushing riffage they deliver is all there so were off to a trip as the vocals of Sense of Premonition are there for the calling. the pounding on here is to tear your ass off!

Divine Transition is up next and the long track but fuck man. I love how these tracks come in on here, they just fade in to the groove but into it this is a headbanger of a track the pounding of the drums and the riffage oh my is this shit good and with its macabre sounding part it comes out to get you, a sure brain crusher of a track! I fuckin love it.

But it gets better than ever on The First Mirror as this is pure punishment at full tilt as here we get a flare that the band is out to kill! excellent vocals and sick as fuck and the music has a bit of everything good all the different tempos on here are fucking killer! one of the best tracks on here.

So we go onto the track The Officiants which was circulating around since the news of this release was mentioned and from the first hear you knew what to expect, this rules! by no account it delivers and shows what the band was going to deliver us and it was right to the point! So we go onto this closer Secret Tongues and this is to me my favorite track as everything the band wants to put in your brain is here that hypnotic sound they deliver is at its full glory the pounding parts on here just brought this so energizing feel to it that it brought this whole thing to a fantastic end a hell of a release!

Do I recommend, hell yeah! one of the best releases of the year that needs to be spread worldwide, these fuckers know what they are doing so get out there and support.

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Diabolvs – Rite of Consecration (2020)

Release date: January 10th, 2020
Label: Independent

So here we go into 2020 with this new Death Metal bands first release in form of an EP, with some veteran musicians behind this project this sounds like it should be interesting.

And we open up with Perpetual Sorrow which opens up with a mellow laid back guitar intro which goes away quick and the band comes in on fire as the vocals take a hold as soon as they come in, the double guitar sound on here really one of the things that stand out, this has a very old school feeling to it as it has some really catchy riffage going on, some blast beat parts that keep it interesting, not a bad opener.

On this next track Diabolvs things really get more deep in the hatred compartment as this is total killer to the damn christians of this fucking world the lyrics to this add to the flavor of the whole song, it floored me on the first listen, the vocals are sick pure hell with a fuck off! attitude, oh and it even gets better on Temple of Hypocrites and just by the title you know where this is going the lyrics get right to the point as well as the music, I might be a little crazy but what this band delivers in their lyrics is something I believe in so it makes it even more enjoyable.

Killing My Enemies, things get a little bit even heavier here as this has more blast beats and with a track with that name what would you expect it has these break downs where the guitars come in to put a little more flare to it which I have no problem with as these leads are killer and actually add a lot a flare to the tracks.

Well this track The Ancestral Spirits Claim Their Kingdom might not be as brutal on the lyrical part but hell this is a gem as it is just so fucking good like a breath of fresh air it absolutely as its heavy as fuck and just grabs your ass as it has this killer drive to it as the whole band explodes here in all kinda ways the leads took me on another trip, shit this was the one that killed me, so to the closer Rite of Consecration and its a perfect closer as it has everything that was heard before but the lyrics really took it a step beyond and even the music is pounding as it should be and the way it ends with the guitar fading into oblivion makes this a must hear.

I recommend this as it doesn’t really bring nothing new to the genre but who cares as this adds to it and brings new light which is what I like most about it, you fuckers need to hear this and spread the word of this band and lets hope to hear more.


Violent Jaws – Víctimas de la Mentira (2019)

Violent Jaws
Release date: December 29th, 2019
Label: Axe Victims Records

Here we have this Black Thrash bands second demo but more official as the first was a rehearsal and I been wanting to hear this as I seen this band has done a few gigs and always wanted to hear what was behind this distinctive bands name.

And we get five tracks two sung in spanish and the other two in english and a instrumental to close it out, and this first number Ahogado en el silencio del abismo sets the mood on what this band has to offer some great speed with some tempo changes that are all catchy and this is raw no doubt and it grabbed me real good, nothing that hasn’t been done before but its done well on here anybody that likes that old school feel its well presented here.

Victimas de la Mentira, the title track is even better as it starts out with a tight pounding riff before it goes into a frenzy of chaos, I must say the vocals might be kind of drowned out a bit on here but really doesn’t matter much but this rules with a killer bass line thrown in for good measure and we go onto these two next tracks sung in english Placer Bestial and Violent Jaws and the language doesn’t make a difference both tracks are killer the first one was a bit short but the second is one of the best on here as it rips and pounds like I like it.

The instrumental closer Subterranea Adoración is a awesome track that drives and makes you want more, I really liked this demo as everything on here is catchy so the wait to hear this was worth it and hopefully we get a full length next time out, I put the whole demo below so you can check it out.


Insidious – Ecos de la Osamenta (2019)

Release date: September 28th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here I get this late comer from last year a Death Metal band from Iquique which is way up north, this is the band’s first release in form of a EP with 6 tracks.

I gave this a few listens to sink in as on this first track Tráfico de órganos, the band comes out a blazing before it gets into a more creeping tempo, then I hear these pinch harmonics and I thought oh no not this again but thankfully it doesn’t go on through this whole EP as when that part is over this takes on a an excellent feel to it, The vocals are excellent by the way, sick dirty growls that are crystal clear.

And from the next track Pasado Criminal, things change for the better this track has a whole different feel to it as the guitar work on here is absolutely mind blowing, with the crushing blast beats this kills love the backing vocals as well and all these different tempos make this a really catchy one and this next one El Otro Lado del Sendero is a gem here the band really is out for the kill! hell it doesn’t get any better as this destroys, the drumming on here is a feast of brutality fucking gotta love this even with a break in the track it doesn’t matter, this gets better as it goes on.

Onto Bioterrorismo, the opening is brilliant has the old school feel to it but then has its own life the vocals are sick as hell on here and this band I will say sounds fresh like they been doing this for awhile with some mid tempo changes thrown in here and there another one that grabs you, Peste Negra the shortest track on here goes right to the point as the guitar rips heavily on here which cuts like a saw you could say, total chaos on here.

So we close out with F.e.t.o. which is as good as everything on here, I will say this is one hell of a debut that took me by surprise, I highly recommend you have a listen to this as for me it has its own character to it and hopefully the band gets some recognition from this.

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