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Sol Sistere – Extinguished Cold Light (2019)

Sol Sistere
Release date: May 3rd, 2019
Label: Hammerheart Records

It’s been awhile since I heard from this horde as I read they have recruited a new singer that simply goes by S and it’s a good change as this adds new character to the band.

Elemental Chaos opens this ritual and it’s a fantastic opener as the band comes back with a vengeance of pure energy and even with a spoken part this is has a very sinister feel to it as it has a lot to offer, and it continues on Spiral Moon as this track has a deep more straight forward feel to it and reading the lyrics to this one makes it even better, the atmospheric black metal is there but these guys take it to another level as this is more intense from what I hear and it grabs you no doubt, the ending riff is classic!

It really gets interesting on Descending Light as here we take another step beyond with a few tempo changes but still rips at you with these killer riffage going off in such a chaotic way and all these tracks are long so there is a lot to offer on each one like on The Faceless which is over eight minutes long but has such a catchy groove to it and probably the best track for me to this point.

But this gets better cause the remaining tracks on here have a life of their own all of them are strong and this band has its own brand to their music as it has a lot to offer to the listener as I can tell a lot of time must of been put into this and it shows here as the musicianship on here is top notch, the whole band sounds tight as can the way the closer Juxtaposed Universe is as good as it can get and the lyrics took this one to the top for me something you will need to do if you get a copy as it adds more to the whole thing.

Sol Sistere is one of those bands that has the formula to explode across the planet if they were heard all over, this is a fantastic album that needs to be heard.

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Slaughtbbath – Alchemical Warfare (2019)

Release date: August 26th, 2019
Label: Hells Headbangers Records

Well this new release by the band is just as good as the previous release or even better as this is a storm of an album as it comes at you right from the start, Ritual Bloodbath the opener sets the pace of what to expect and it will floor you pounding drums and sick and brutal vocals that will quench your thirst if your into this kinda stuff.

The production on here is excellent! with a taste of old school written all over it, tons of heavy riffage throughout the whole thing, each track has its own flare to it and will crush the weak, even the slower parts are brutal.The lyrical content on here is pure blasphemous attack and comes through clear as you can get it.

The track Rejoined into Chaos is bit different at this point in the album but hell it’s catchy as fuck but goes into pure insanity after awhile and would say one of my favorites on here as its raw and has this killer feeling to it. One thing I forgot to mention is the guitar tone on this album is magnificent and on the title track Alchemical Warfare the band gets back into the crushing as this rips you a new one from start to finish.

This album ends strong as the remainder of tracks on here are all killer, for me the wait for this was well worth it as it will hammer your skull through the whole thing as it has its black thrash vibe to it but better in its own way, highly recommended.

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Cancerbero – Reconquering the Throne of Death (2019)

Release date: August 5th, 2019
Label: Veins Full of Wrath Productions

The band needs no introduction as everybody knows this horde by now and we been waiting for this release since it was announced and the wait was worth it.

And from the beginning Chaos Descends (Intro) / Impious Prophecy this will get your appetite going as it gets heavier with each pulse and when the vocals of Peter come in this goes off and will have you banging your head, an absolute great opener! the drums are crushing on here as well, Impending Doom, another head crusher as this has all the goods you need and lyrics to boot and gets more intense as it goes but it even gets better on Extermination, this fucker here is brutal as hell as the leads and the vomital vocals take it to new level, pure intensity here and old school no doubt this brought back memories no doubt.

And no letting down as Devastating Force of Evil is one of those tracks that have a choppy start before going off into total chaos and even with a break it doesn’t matter the lead on here is fucking off the wall. Evil Incarnate, with the drums ablazing in the beginning this one has a riff that I have heard before somewhere and it works well here and again those drums, they attack you like it should be and the guitar work on here oh you just need to hear it, good shit!

A bit of a change on Triumph of Darkness as it’s more complex I would say than the rest up to now as its heavy for sure and long but it has a life of its own a nice change for what’s to come as Abyssal Wrath is the track when I first listened to this just grabbed me my the balls, this is an all out assault on your ass from start to finish, and to close the blasphemy out Guardian of Hell is a fucking anthem in my book as this is about our friend the hellhound and a excellent closer to this blasphemous opus.

I would say to all those fuckers that say Death Metal these days is dead well you are fucking wrong and even the title of this album stands true, the band is on fire here and I would highly recommend it and spread the word,Veins Full of Wrath Productions is one of the best labels out there so contact the man.

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Rotten Malefice – Hoguera de Cadáveres (2019)

Rotten Malefice
Release date: April 18th, 2019
Label: Independent

This band has been around for a few years releasing their own style of Death Metal and this is the first time I ever featured them on here, this new demo consist of two studio tracks and three live.

Hoguera de Cadaveres opens this up and its catchy as hell with these crunchy riffs and the vocals are excellent as this whole thing is sung in spanish and the way they come off is perfect but you gotta hear the leads on here they took this track right to the top and even the next one Ciegos en la fe is just as good pure anti christianity tracks but the music is just crushing with an awesome production to boot.

The live tracks are good for filler as they were recorded on a single deck I take as you can hear the crowd in the background but you can make out what is going on and maybe will hear studio versions in the future but these two studio tracks are just mind blowing they got better with each listen.

Inclosing I read on their facebook page that they have a full length to be coming out this year but it must of been put on hold because it was posted back in late July and nothing has been mentioned after that except this demo so will see what happens.

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Agonic Death – Voices From Beyond (2019)

Agonic Death
Release date: October 4th, 2019
Label: Vomito de Caos Producciones

Well this is something I was happy to see pop up as I wondered what happened to this band after the debut was an absolute crusher! but onto this new 4 track EP.

Desolated Souls /Voices from Beyond, and straight out this track means business as it just rips out with a bashing that will have you hooked, the fucking leads on here are a blazing and even the break near the end is heavy as fuck a great opener in deed, Unholy War some good old anti christian stuff here and more tempo changes on here that made this interesting and it’s up there with the first one, will say the production on here is very good the vocals stand out as well as all the instruments.

Moon, is a Mortuary Drape cover that adds a different flare to this EP as this is a excellent cover that won’t disappoint and the closer Black Flame/The Darkness Falls, this track was previously released by the band but here it sounds better than the original as it has a new life and hell it smashes your head as its pure praise of hell and a nice guitar outro that ends this trip.

Well this some good shit here but you need to act fast if you want a copy as its only been pressed to a 100 copies on tape.

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Perversion Flames – Demo III (2019)

Perversion Flames
Release date: August 16th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here is a band that has been around for awhile but I to be honest and had wondered what ever happened to them as they have only released a few demos and singles in the past and was surprised when I read they released another demo last year and I will say that one is killer, I only wish I had known because its killer!

This new 3 track is a bit different as the production isn’t as good as the previous and they have taken a different approach here but it’s not bad as these tracks are pretty strong, it just took me a few listens for them to sink into me but the opener The Aberrant Signal is as good as it can get anybody will agree as this is a pounding number and the ripping lead near the end really brought full chaos to it. Anticosmogenesis is up next and a bit different but with a killer drum roll then the bass line this fucker is pure death metal with its slow pounding part then this fantastic sounding solo that really grabs you but you can tell the band has taken another way on their lyrical content as it’s all about the satanic shit anymore more on the mystical and horror side but this closer Flames of Perversion to me is the highlight on here as the band comes all out ablazing and simply shreds on all angles so its worth a listen.

The only let down is the production as it kinda took the feeling out of it in a way but hopefully some of these tracks get re recorded on a future release but still is good the band is still active in the end.

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Ritual Blasphemer – Satanic Ceremony (2019)

Ritual Blasphemer
Release date: June 6th, 2019
Label: El Conjuro Records

Most of you fuckers out there probably already know what this is all about but for the newcomers this is the first release from this crushing death metal act, this was released last year but this is my take on the cd version released this year with bonus tracks.

With an interesting intro that goes straight into Satanic Ceremony, we get this heavy pounding as the vocals are sick and the pounding of the drums and the guitar work that just sinks into your skull,the ritual has begun!

Blasphemous Attack just goes off just the way I like it, full blasphemy right to the point as this one will crush you cause it’s short and straight to the point and it doesn’t let up on Diabolical Insane which is a bit different but is powerful to the hilt in it’s own style as its more complex to the previous but still will kill you.

So we go into Black Pest and this my friends is a scorcher of a track as it goes in for the kill from the beginning and its just a catchy one because most likely the vocals and the theres when the leads come in it just gets better, just one of those tracks that gets your blood pumping and oh fuck Infernal Slaves, which was the original closer on the tape version simply goes off as this track has everything you could want and the part where the band goes off its an all out assault on your body and soul, I fucking love it!

So we go onto the bonus tracks, first one being a cover of old Sepultura Warriors Of Death which they do a fine job of and would make the band proud it has their flare to it but hits it on the nail! and so we close with Ritual Blasphemer and its as strong as the rest as one thing I noticed is the bands music gets heavier as it goes along and it shows here to the end.

I’m so glad that I got a copy of this and i strongly recommend getting a copy as this is worth every cent, the production is perfect for a debut and nice packaging, contact the band or label to get a copy as this is going fast, a total crusher of a debut.

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Voor – Voor (2019)

Release date: July 13th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here is a band that has been around since 2012 from Rancagua and this their first full length, in the archives they are labeled thrash but to me there is more to their music as it has a whole technic of its own.

With a cool intro (Into Chaos) the band breaks into The Killer which is a strong opener and the vocals really stand out as well as the music is very catchy with a great drive to it and some tempo changes that keep you interested on what more is to come and the next track Reached by Your Death is a good example as this one is pounding heavy from the start and I will say the production on here is superb as you can hear all the instruments clearly and is one of my favorites on here till this point.

As we go on Rage from the South is a bit different as the tempo is more on the heavy metal side but once again the vocals really stand out but it has some catchy hooks to it that never made it dull as it goes well with the flow and will say there are some great leads through out this whole album.The Deserving of Death on here the tempo gets a bit faster and has a killer punch to it with the backing vocals “You Deserve to Die!” with an all out assault this is one of best tracks on here as it simply shreds and goes into Stoned Forever which is fast and furious from the get go but I will say I thought there would of been more to the lyrical content but all that is said is the title throughout the song but it really doesn’t matter cause the music will crush the weak.

The Deadliest Weapon has a vibe of its own and the message behind the lyrics is what made this standout for me and the playing as well as you hear the bass going off, this got better with each time I played it, so we go onto Unquiet Peace which I really had to give a few listens to before I really got it as there are many tempo changes in here that you would have to make up your own mind to it, so were getting near the end here and Your Fucking Church needs no introduction as the title speaks for itself as far as the music its killer with a bass solo thrown in and you can hear it cracking throughout and a killer lead to finish it off, and to the closer The Hatred Command a strong number with the chant THC! that adds to the flare of it as it’s heavy on all ends which is a good closer for the album.

In closing this a killer debut as it has a lot offer to anybody that likes they’re music heavy and I put a couple of tracks so you can hear them but will have to contact the band for a physical copy on their Facebook page.

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The Deserving of Death

Stoned Forever

Drencrom – Permanent Living Death (2019)

Release date: August 20th, 2019
Label: Deathrash Armageddon

Been waiting for this release for awhile as this is one of the brutalist thrash bands around and this here proves it, I seen these guys live and what you hear on here is what you get when they play live, a total assault on your mind.

On here there are some old tracks as some new and none disappoint,the production on here is the best they have done to this point and something I haven’t heard in years on the track Make Her Suffer there is a drum solo by And who is one of the best drummers when it comes to the extreme side of things and right after that Fuck Your Opinion comes in and man does this shred the vocals of Schizoid are sick as he sounds like he’s spewing right out of hell and this whole thing is sung in english just in case you’re wondering, it ends with Isolated Outburst which is an instrumental and starts out a bit different but ends this very strong as it’s catchy as fuck! but this whole release shreds from start to finish.

For those wanting this from what I read the label is selling this on vinyl format but you get a cd version as a bonus so who knows if a cd only version will come soon and yes this is highly recommended if you like extreme metal this is labeled under the thrash genre it’s heavier than that a true gem.The band has no social media so get in contact with the label.

Martyrium – Children Scream for Mercy (2019)

Release date: June 30th, 2019
Label: Australis Records

From the north of Chile comes the bands second full length and for those who don’t know these guys play thrash and the way they do it is purely as good as it gets as this is some furious kick you in the face shit!

From the start with a cool intro then the band takes off and first thing I noticed was the vocal style which surely sounds like that traditional chilean style you would expect but the riffing on here is excellent and the chant “Eaten Alive” adds that special flare to it.

As I listened to this whole album it got better with each spin as these guys really have some great hooks in their tracks with some killer leads everything a thrasher would want, you get those crunchy riffs as well and I really like the lyrical content of these songs as well cause they deal with real life which is a plus for me and yes sung in english and easy to understand.

This whole album is solid and is one of the best thrash albums I heard this year, I can’t even pick my favorite tracks as all of them kill and just when I was giving up on the thrash genre comes this gem, oh yeah it’s definitely got that old school feel to it. give it a listen you won’t be disappointed, whole album is on Spotify.

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