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Somnvs Mortis – El Advenimiento de las Pesadillas Perpetuas (2019)

Somnvs Mortis
Release date: July 13th, 2019
Label: Darkness & Evil Records

I should have wrote this review ages ago, but I suppose it’s never too late for some shameless self promotion, since this was the first release of a new label I started last year to help promote some interesting projects.

But let’s talk about what matters here, wich is the band and their music. El Advenimiento de las Pesadillas Perpetuas is the first official release of Somnvs Mortis, a side project of EV (who plays guitars in the killer Death Metal band Exanimatvm) and Hermes (drummer of another very prolific local Death Metal band called Infernal Doom) with JV on vocal duties. They play some straight forward Black Metal, influenced by the classic scandinavian acts of the early 90’s. Nothing new, you might think, but this guys really know what they are doing, and their work has quality enough to not be dismissed as the 666th clone of Mayhem that ever walked the earth.

Cayendo en el Sueño Morturio serves as the intro for the EP, and immediatelly you get suck into it’s ominous atmosphere and as the track unfolds you get the feeling that something dark and sinister is coming. And yes, from the start of Somnvs Mortis you will notice some somber and hypnotic riffs, and a lot of diversity on Hermes’ drumming. The guy is quite a resourceful drummer and not just a blast beat machine. And JV’s vocals might not leave you in shock & awe, but his style fits the music very well as he describes the horrors produced by Ayayema, the entity that haunted the Selk’nam people in their dreams. Another important thing is that even when this track is quite long (08:34) it doesn’t get boring or monotonous at all.

Donde Yace lo Inconcebible starts with a faster pace, and the bass has a lot more presence here. The song is basically divided in three parts, starting with high intensity and a frantic pace, then the middle section is darker and slower, and then after a great rythm change the final part ends on a high again. After that, the tranquillity of the outro Sombrías Visiones Oníricas will help you recover from the head pounding that you have been withstanding for the previous 15 minutes.

To wrap things up, Somnvs Mortis crafted a great debut cimented on some very good songwriting, good riffs, great drumming and an overall powerful and sombre atmosphere. And yes, I’m bias, but don’t take my word for it, go and listen to this for yourself and make your own opinion. And if you happen to like this, then go get a copy of the re-release that Oratorium Records put out recently. This new version includes a great cover of Funeral Fog as bonus track, so act fast, before it’s sold out again.

Official band Facebook page

Ominous – Promo MMXIX (2019)

Release date: August 25th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here we have this new Death Metal band that released this two track demo last year and I just discovered them and this demo is a gem, both tracks took me back to the heyday of Death, this one of those releases that grab you by the balls the first time you hear it.

From the beginning of Paralysis this has old school written all over it! this is some killer shit it has all those great elements from the Swedish scene in graved into it and I Should be Dead, packs a hell of a punch this storms out with an intent to kill it just goes after you and the vocals on here are just perfect, the breakdown brings this killer lead that keeps you glued and then it burst into oblivion you can hear the drumming is pounding on here as it leaves you floored, this is a demo you seriously need to hear if you take your Death Metal seriously as this will crush you.

You can get this for free on Bandcamp and I hope they release something new soon this is something to look forward to.

Teogonia – Invierno (2020)

Release date: March 10th, 2020
Label: La Caliya Project

Teogonia is a band I have been following since the beginning they are Death Crust/ Metal Punk band and if you like extreme shit this is something you should hear as they have their own style to things and I was thrilled to see some new material from them.

It starts out with an extract from the film “The Monster Club” in the Spanish version which is quite long as it leads into Warthrone and its short and sweet as you can hear the band and what sound they have to deliver, to me it has a lot to offer as it doesn’t sound like a lot bands that use this genre to they’re name, here I hear all kind of goods.

One thing I’ll say they switch languages on here on some tracks you get English and others Spanish, like the first was English but the next one is in Spanish, Enemigo Absoluto is an all out kill to pigs in this world and the killer bass line gives this track a more punk feel but I liked the part he says “All the world detest the police” in different languages that really sunk well for me as I hate them fucking pigs!

The Art of Revolt, more straight to the point shit! as this track just soars in with an all out assault and a killer lead that will grab you even more and the final lyrics are right on to what its all about, excellent!
Interludio is a short acoustic guitar instrumental that fits in well and leads into These Choirs are the Truth and by the title you can understand what is going on here but this track has a different feel to it compared to the earlier, yes its heavy but with a whole different feel to it you need to hear to understand, as the closer Las Ratas en las Paredes is an absolute spike into Christianity which is fine by me and the track is an absolute scorcher heavy as hell it is a superb way of ending this.

It’s great to hear this band out with some new material if you dig extreme music check this out as like I mentioned earlier it has its own flare to it, I highly recommend you give this a listen, the band has it down for a free DL on their Bandcamp page.

Official Facebook

Sempiternal – Legiones del Sepulcro (2020)

Release date: January 23rd, 2020
Label: Messiah of Evil Records

Here is a Death Metal band from Santiago that has been around since 2015 and this is the bands latest work in form of a four track demo and not much is known about them cause to this point I have never really heard about them, they sing in the native language but fuck it, it took me a few listens and this got really good to be honest.

Legiones del Sepulcro opens this up with a slight intro and from there the band comes out storming as this is some aggressive shit, the vocal’s are sick as fuck and they stand out as the guy makes them sound like he’s puking his guts out that go well as this is on the macabre side of things, a very impressive opener.

More insanity on El arbol del cementerio and love the title as this comes in with a pounding beat but then burst into hell as it gets heavy as fuck! this will tear you a new one for sure as it has some great tempo changes in it and the way it kills as the end, just simply killer! so we go to La ultima morada which in the beginning has a different vibe to it but not to worry as this gets better as it goes so no dull moment on here at all fits well with what is being delivered here.

The closer Sin retorno is an instrumental with a lot of might put into it, not just something to put in to get things done it is heavy as fuck but ends just when you want more.

I think this is some pretty worthwhile metal that you should give a listen to, its only available on digital format and who knows what the future of the band is but hopefully we hear more from them in the near future as this has potential.

Official Facebook

Vermis – Promo (2019)

Release date: April 19th, 2019
Label: Independent

A new Death Metal band from Santiago, there is not much known about this band but this two track demo is something that should be heard.

Both tracks have there own special style like the first one The Scent of Death is the more straight forward track as I listened to this and these guys sound like pros, this simply blew my mind the first time heard it as I was amazed on how good this is, very powerful as the track has this great flow to it and the vocals sound perfect, for a three piece this sounds amazing you can hear all the instruments, great production to boot.

This second number Implossion starts out a bit different but the guitar work here is what you will first notice and then it goes into a frenzy of lunacy as the track breaks into a more chaotic feel to it as it has this pounding vibe to it throughout the whole thing that just left me wanting more.

These guys should promote this more as there is nothing on them but their Bandcamp page I would love to hear more from them in the future they have to tools to break out.

Sombras y Fuego – Tiranía Oculta (2020)

Sombras y Fuego
Release date: March 15th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Death/Thrash/Black Metal project of one man and this first demo is a killer! Three tracks of pure rip your face off material of pure hate.

Muerte a cada segundo, starts this off and from the get go I was impressed on how good the production is on here and the lyrics are perfect as they can relate to things that are happening these days and the music is extreme as you can get it, this is right up my alley when it comes to heavy fucking shit! A excellent starter to this demo.

This next track Terrorismo como respuesta is just as good as the first, no letting down, and very interesting guitar sound that reminded me of that old band Mental Distortion from years ago, but this has a life of it’s own and never let me down, good shit!

To close this off Fuego en las calles which just by the title you should know what this is about and fuck this is my favorite track on here as it shreds the whole way through with such an on the point lyrical content it made my day finding this band.

As I read what is said on the bands Bandcamp page this is just a preview of a full length that will come out and I’m really looking forward to that in the future, this rules! check it out.

Official Facebook

Worship Chaos – End of Times (2020)

Worship Chaos
Release date: May 6, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a death thrash band I stumbled across and to get things out of the way, first I did some research on them and I see it consist of two members and they released a promo before this demo and to be honest that promo wasn’t that special as things sound much better here and they use a drum machine which really doesn’t matter to me cause it sounds very promising.

Things start off with Intro which is a instrumental which is short and sweet and you won’t get any high tech production here but raw as hell and I mean that in a good way as its listenable, Sacrificio is where we get to hear what this band is delivering as the vocals are very good especially if you like the old school sound, the ripping on the guitar sounds insane on here as well, so a solid track and chaos continues on Hellish Vengeance as this tremendous roar starts this and then as the title says you can hear in the lyrics “I wanna break your skull” and yeah this rips full out to kill vibe with a killer lead that just tears you apart, the highlight to me at this point.

Infected Cells, hell this one is different and really good as the speed is there and all that good shit, the break added more flavor to it but its so catchy that it ended to quick as the last riff just stopped out of nowhere, so the last track Violence of War is a bit more on the mid tempo at the beginning but burst out into full madness as it goes along then a killer break that a killer lead comes in but unfortunately its drowned out by the rhythm guitar but you can still hear it, its a demo so fuck it still kills to finish this off in a high note.

So I’m very impressed by this effort this band has great potential, so if the band reads this don’t give up you can do it! They don’t have no Facebook page but a YouTube channel you can hear the older shit plus this demo and more info about the band in the description part but I put it below as this copy sounds better than the video.

Official YouTube

Violent Scum – Ornaments of Bloodshed (2020)

Violent Scum
Release date: February 28th, 2020
Label: Melipulli

The long awaited full release from these death metal maniacs, if you don’t know who this band is by now I don’t know where you been, as for me I been listening to their shit for some time now and my copy of this is still in Chile due to that corona fucking shit but a copy has been released so I had to hear it but wish I had my copy cause I support bands as much as I can but fuck it lets get into this.

So it opens with Violent Scum something I posted awhile back and here it sounds as good as ever, the vocals of Miguel Gonzales are sick as always and are one of the driving forces of the band, but if you like leads this band delivers them as good as it gets, if you love sick and twisted lyrics this is the band for you as well.

Pernicious Messiah, here we keep going with more sickness this shit really is out to kill your ass! as it has this great tempo to it in the beginning before it goes off to crush your fucking skull the pounding is what its all about and this track delivers, lots of speedy parts to fill the void killer shit! and it continues on Burial in the Sky as the riffage here is one of those that grab you instantly, this track has all kinds of heavy shit in it to please any death head out there, the ending is cool as it has a special way of fading out.

This next one Suffocate the Despaired is the longest track on here and has the same punch as the previous but for me it kind of dragged but still it has some great things to offer as the leads on here are something to hear, believe me its not dull but not as good as the previous but don’t worry because Revenge Offerings gets us back into that killer mood a short number that packs a powerful punch, this is out for the kill no doubt. the Ghost Tribe, yes a driver no holding back here, this one of the best tracks on here with a total hammer down to crush the weak, just listen to those drums pounding, fucking brilliant!

Proves things get better as they go as Hate Worship is another outstanding track this has all the elements I like when it comes to death metal, simply a scorcher of a track well executed the way it should be fucking love it, and as the next one The Secret Cult of Darkness has the no holds barred attitude to it its a ripper the nice drum intro to it as we get this heavy riffage and it goes into a more fast paced feel to it as it just has a great drive to it and the vocals are sick as they can get and another one of my tops on here some outstanding death, so it ends with Letanía de iniciación which is the only song sung in the native language and a vengeance filled one as this puts an end to this release and the psychotic sounding bass line at the end was a change that came out of nowhere.

The release was well worth the wait this is Violent Scum doing they’re best as we have come to know so definitely go out there and try to get a copy.

Official Facebook

Ad Finem Omnia – Demo MMXX (2020)

Ad Finem Omnia
Release date: May 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Well here we go with the first demo from Ad Finem Omnia and like I said earlier this year, made up by a few members of Sol Sistere and this something you might want to hear as this is pure black metal in the old school way.

From this first track Widespread Destruction you know we are in for something and this lives up to its title with some great lyrics that are to the point and the music is just as good. an excellent opener, The Abyss has a bit of a more complex feel to it but it drives the aggression is there for those who can’t get enough the drumming is as good as it gets, this really has a powerful punch that kills! One break on here really set the light something you need to hear to know what I’m talking about.

Pitch Black is up there with the rest with some deep lyrics that a lot can relate to that made this even more pleasurable and with a total aggression the way I like it so no slowing down to this point and the closer Abolish God the first track that we got a taste of earlier this year and hear it sounds just as good as ever and still one of the best tracks the band has released to end this great demo.

I’m sure that this will catch the eye of the underground as its got what it needs to spread this excellent sound the band is delivering to us, I highly recommend this.

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Ecologist – Río Loncomilla: Abandonado a las mareas de la pestilencia humana (2020)

Release date: March 24th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Atmospheric Black Metal project of a man that simply goes under the name V, this caught my attention because of what the message that is being brought here and by the title this is dedicated to the Loncomilla river in the Maule region of Chile and what this sick world has done to this glorious place and I have done my research and I know exactly what the point is here.

So this EP just contains two tracks and both are lengthy and both are totally different as Las raíces que decaen is the track that got me wanting to hear more as it has this great feel to it as it roars through with such a intense drive the drums just have this going and the great guitar work even the breaks do this justice, for a track that is a bit over ten minutes it has not a single dull moment, you seriously need to check this out.

Like I mentioned both tracks are very different and Abandonar del espíritu is something more, but you have to understand what the message that is trying to come across here and by the title I can surely respect what the point is. the vocals add to it as they are dark with feeling that actually made is even more enjoyable.

I was amazed on how good the production is on here, I surely hope to hear more from this as it hit a spot in me.

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