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Oraculum – Always Higher (2017)

Release date: September 22nd, 2017
Invictus Productions

Here’s another band that I have been anxiously waiting to release new material ever since I heard their debut EP Sorcery of the Damned back in 2014. Oraculum hails from Rancagua, and features 2 members of the barbaric Black/Death Metal act known as Wrathprayer, but here they are devoted to spread pure Death Metal madness with a raw and dirty edge. Invictus Productions from Ireland took the band under it’s wing from the start and now brings us this new piece of chilean barbarity.

Now, speaking about the songs, It seems to me that the songwriting is different, like if they are taking a more direct approach than what we were able to notice in Sorcery of the Damned, where the songs seemed more “logically constructed”, and the whole record had a more unified atmosphere, while now both songs are much more direct and aggressive from the start. Lex Talionis has a faster pace, more frantic and messy, while Semper Excelcius is more heavy and crushing.

Soundwise, the overall production seems to be a little bit more polished than the previous work. It’s not an abysmal change, and it won’t threw you off, but you’ll notice an improvement in the sound quality, resulting in a more powerful sound, even if it’s still dark, raw and dirty.

But there is something that I must complain about. This EP is way too short. I mean, only two songs plus the intro and a cover (a masterfully executed version of Sphinx from Germany’s Poison), which results in basically like 10 minutes of new music makes it a little dissapointing to me. But aside from that, it’s a very good release, which leaves you craving for more. I just hope that we don’t have to wait for another three years to have a new Oraculum album on the streets.

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Always Higher by Oraculum

Intenebras – Primi Quatridui Mysterium (2017)

Releae date: December 10th, 2017
Ancestral Terror Records

3 years after the release of their first full length, the savage Occultum Regnum Et Umbras, finally we have some new material from this killer Black/Thrash Metal act from Santiago. The band suffered quite a big change with the departure of Mortal Sorceress and the entrance of SS Mort, who took care of both the bass and vocal duties.

As one can expect, a change of vocalist is always a crucial moment in the life of a band, more so in this case when they switch from a female to a male vocalist, but I can say with absolute certainty that the change was for the better. Not that Mortal Sorceress did a bad job (far from it), but the new vocal style, which is darker and more “controlled”, added a new dimension to the band’s compositions.

But to me what really stands out about Intenebras is the superb guitar work of Ma’hai Jippen, which is both catchy and aggressive, and the savage and relentless drumming of Sinn Hayek. Both of them are in charge of the songwriting, and let me tell you, this people really know what they are doing. Every song is very carefully crafted, nothing is left to chance. The album grabs you from the very beginning, but it’s true beauty lies on the little details that you will discover with every new listen. The drum patterns, the riffs, the pace changes, the deep and dark growlings of SS Mort, every element fits perfectly with each other.

This EP contains 4 original songs and a cover of Tiamat’s I Am the King from The Astral Sleep (very well done by the way). The lyrics are in spanish, mixed with a few verses in latin (as well as the track titles). Needless to say that this is absolutely recommended.

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