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Astrum – Existencia Perdida (2019)

Release date: March 6th, 2019
Label: Independent

I stumbled across this release and they play melodic death metal which I usually might pass on but this is something that just caught my ear as it has an intention of grabbing you and it did me the instant I heard it as the twin guitar effect on here is superb, and from the track Cataclismo this takes you on a ride of pure enjoyment!

Yes you get your typical death metal vocals which are sung in spanish by the way but this is HEAVY in all kinda ways, the musicianship on here is as good as it gets, for a first release this is top notch, really can’t favor any tracks as all them have their own feel to them which is a good thing but hell I’m listening to this as I write this and it gets better with each listen.

These guys take melodic death metal to its peak! It might not be for the extremist out there but it deserves a listen and I’m glad I did because I find no fault in this whole release,This is available on digital format but I looked at the bands facebook and they have physical copies so contact them for that. hopefully this and maybe others catch on and we hear more from this band in the future.

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Dangerous – Against All (2019)

Release date: March 9th, 2019
Label: Wolf Demons Records

Here we have the latest from this established thrash band as they have been on the scene for quite a few years now and have made a name for themselves by now.

A four track demo of some very interesting subjects as the opener Animal Liberation / Human Annihilation is basically what the title says, as I was reading the lyrics one might think it’s a vegan song but it’s more as they show you the other side of things as how humans are hypocrites with their stupid thinking, I personally love the message behind this and yes it rips in the way the band is known for so a great opener.

The next track Inner War is a gem as it has so much feeling to it and it should as it starts out with a slow bassline before it burst into a rage as the vocals come in and then it hits you with a punch and the leads on here are fucking killer as you can hear the snare drum going off as well and with a nice break near the end that just made this the track I love on here most.

Night Stalker, well you know who this is about, Richard Ramirez of course and a nice little thrasher on how his bent mind worked and very interesting as a bass solo appears near the end before this all outrage comes in to finish, the last track is a cover of Los Prisioneros a Chilean legendary band that the youth back in the day looked up too and this cover is excellent as the band give their own flare to it, nothing like the original but heavy this time and the message behind the song is perfect.

This is a great demo that still shows the band not letting down and still in the same vein as their previous release so definitely worth checking out, this was just released on tape and digital so go grab a copy.

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Wolf Demons Records

Critical Defiance – Misconception (2019)

Critical Defiance
Release date:February 8th, 2019
Label:Unspeakable Axe Records

Some new Thrash from this band from Villa Alemana and had to check them out as I been hearing a lot about them since this was released.

From the opening track Desert Ways, I could hear there was something special as it was long with all kinds of shredding going on and just the way this band plays with all kinds of in your face aggression!

What’s really interested me was that each song has its own appeal to it even the instrumental 507 has this special sound to it that isn’t like the rest a bit tech maybe but still crushing! and the track What About You shows on how brutality can be taken to it’s ultimate as the solos are pure kill!

Onset is a hit or miss track as it’s long and a lot is happening throughout it which the listener will have to come to conclusion with as it’s 7 minutes long so have a listen, Pursuit of Chaos has a pure Bay Area feel to it with those chants that you heard a few bands back then added but they are all over this album but here they reminded me of that time, Misconception the title and final track is a perfect closer as to me the band get back to their best sound as the previous was a bit of a change for me.

This is should please all the thrashers out there as it has everything you would want in a release, vocals are perfect for it as sometimes these vocals might get boring on some thrash albums but not here, so I would put this as one of the best of the year at this point, an excellent debut.

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Craneal – Promo (2019)

Release date:Jan,29,2019

So the band put this up today and just in time as I needed a fix of some brutal thrash and this 2 song promo did the trick,they hail from Osorno and this is their second release and I was very impressed by the first one you can read here.

This first track Craneal which is an instrumental is just a pure delight to the ears as this has all the elements a kick ass track should have ripping riffs and the dueling leads are all on here to get your headbanging to a tilt a excellent driving track that nails it!

Tiempo Final was bit different at the start when I first listened to it but it really got good when I read the lyrics to it as they are about what this fucking world we live in is today is crumbling to and the song rips as you hear the anger in Angel Torres vocals and the great chorus “GUERRA,MISERIA Y VIOLENCIA” makes it stand out.

Everything on here is perfect for a thrash release,good production as you can hear all the instruments,I have no complaints and this shows that there are some really good bands that are not based in Santiago, there are plenty of killer bands all over they just need to be noticed and get that special push that some label will see and support them,the band is giving this away you can download it here. The video below has the lyrics to Tiempo Final.

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Evil Madness – Hidden Behind the Cross (2018)

Evil Madness
Release date:December 31st, 2018
Label:Grotesque Sounds Productions

Here we have the new EP by the band released on the last day of 2018 and a great way to start the new year, I knew this was coming soon and it was worth the wait, four original tracks plus a Demolition (Chile) cover.

Right from the start of Souls Possession you get that crushing speed this band is known for,ripping leads that kill as well, so a really good opener,the pace changes a bit on the beginning of Hidden Behind the Cross but this pounds no doubt and the bass shines bright on here as well and a fantastic lead that leads us into an all out speed frenzy and the ending is pure mayhem to the ears.

Darkness Rites comes out with pure fury in the typical way the band is known to do,totally thrashes everything in its path, and the last original track Blind Minds oh man is this the killer for me this starts out with a really nice mid pace tempo that I could picture a mosh pit going on while this being played live,even with a slight change that still has you pumped up then in closing as rips to the end, best track for me on here.

The cover of Demolition does the original justice or even better cause the production, if you heard the original you would know what I mean.

This is an excellent release to add to the rest of the bands discography,I highly recommend it as it shreds all the way through.

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Top 10 of 2018


Well another year gone by and a very good one,as in previous years I would make a top twenty but this year it’s a bit different as I have comrade Soukpen adding his top ten.

These are not in particular order as different genre are represented.


1.Concilivm – The Veiled Enigma
(Von Frost Records)

2.Deathwards – Towards Death
(Invictus Productions)

3.Invocation – The Mastery of the Unseen
(Iron Bonehead Productions)

4.Mayhemic – No Life
(Evil Steel Records)

5.Deathly Scythe – Celestial Darkness
(Necrolatry Records/Life Eternal Productions)

6.Undertaker of the Damned – Satanas Potestas Est
(Australis Records)

7.Hellish – The Spectre of Lonely Souls
(Unspeakable Axe Records

8.Alienation – Ideological Hoarding

9.Culto A La Malevolencia – In Nomine Capra

10.Apostasy – The Sign of Darkness
(Fallen Temple)


1.Necromantic Forces – The Ocult Power of the Only God of Chaos
(No Mercy Reks)

2.Hypnosinosis – ῾Υπνωσίνοσις

3.Dead Moon Temple – Ænigmasólvoid
(Throats Productions)

4.Meridion – Rise from the South

5.Invocation Spells – Spread Cruelty in the Abyss
(Suicide Records/Hells Headbangers Records)

6.Devotion – Far Beyond All Light
(Mouth of Madness)

7.Blasfemia – Nocturnal Astral Visions
(Tribulacion Productions)

8.Ritual Blasphemer – Satanic Ceremony

9.Misticismo – Terraria
(Grim Records)

10.Invocation – The Mastery of the Unseen
(Iron Bonehead Productions)