Apostasy – Death Return (2021)

Release date: May 14th, 2021
Label: Fallen Temple

Apostasy needs no introduction as the band has been laying out some crushing metal for a few years now, here we have the third full length and here we get a few previous released tracks as well.

And an interesting sounding Intro / Death Return, and from Death Return we are off and no holding back this has some punch to it as the eerie vocal growl comes in and then the band explodes with a vengeance as it goes on with what is expected and I will say the production on here is perfect just listen to the ripping leads that fill this a killer opener.

Jus Primae Noctis oh hell what an excellent vibe from the start, this is bone crushing and in the best way, this will have your fill no doubt, even with the mid break the vocals come in just in the right way pure aggression, very catchy track as it reaps on, some killer pounding on here as we go onto Son of Hate and this one really got to me not as heavy speed filled at the start but hell then it goes off, for me this is one of the highlights on here, just a well written composition as it has so much feel as the vocals really add to the delight of the whole thing.

And we go onto Deceased in Funeral, an old favorite that has new life here and if you heard the original version it is heard perfectly here, always dug this track and here it shines even better so enjoy as it has gotten better, if you dig ripping leads you need check this out.

The Great Apostasy – The Night, you know what this is about if your a fan of the band and here it sounds better with todays technology, this shit will never get old and for a new generation of bangers this is just a taste of what was but delivered in a more brutal way for the ones just getting into the band.

Praise of Darkness, a bit different as this is short with a high vocal output and leads into Obey the Antichrist the final track on here and with a mid pace feel to it at the beginning and the vocals really strong this goes off after that, this is pounding lots of anger in bedded as it goes and different vibes put in for a strong closer as the band goes right to the point to end this.

For me this is what is expected from the band a really good release that should appeal to fans old and new. a solid release!

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