Anomie – Mandragora Autumnalis (2022)

Release date: June 27th, 2022
Label: Independent

A new Experimental Black/Death Metal band with their first EP and this is surprisingly good as the band put this together well, the production on here is as good as your going to get it. Exposure the first track on here is basically an intro piece with no actual music but sounds to set the mood to what is coming.

I is first and all the real tracks are just numeralized and this one isn’t bad as you can hear the start as it comes roaring out and the vocals are quite good, but as it goes on it has it breaks but it does deliver as it has this crunchy riffage that fits in just right and it kept my mind interested on what more they had to offer.

On II the pace is a bit different as the guitar comes in solo but it builds up to a stronger conpostion as the full band comes in, the lyrical content on most is on centered life which is fine by me and this one has it all even how the ending is captured.

The closer III is more centered as you can tell by the lyrics the track isn’t that extreme but it has an interesting feel to it with some unexpected breaks but it has it’s high points and shows the band has a lot of potential on the way they write compostions. Null closes this out and just an outro with a censeable feel to it.

I’m sure we will hear more from this band in the future as this release left me with wondering what will be next, not a bad debut.


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