Alienation – Promo (2017)

Release date:January 2017

So I wake up this new year and I came across this new death thrash band from Santiago and man what a way to start 2017 off this two song promo is why I made this site,two tracks that just blew me away on the first listen.

Modern Slavery is an instrumental with a deafening yell at the beginning that opens this up and right there you can here that these guys are influenced by the old guard just an excellent opener but Alienation is the track that will kill your ass this is filthy raw pure fucking shit that will have your head rolling and the vocals are excellent!as well, if you’re an extremist like me this will hit the spot, I guarantee it.

This is the flyer from their first show ever later this year and what a lineup to start things off on.

In closing I hope to hear more from these guys soon as this was just a tease but a excellent one to start their journey on.They have physical copies of this so I would contact them here ALIENATION.CHILE.THRASH@GMAIL.COM or their Facebook page.both tracks have been uploaded to hear enjoy!

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