Agonic Death – Voices From Beyond (2019)

Agonic Death
Release date: October 4th, 2019
Label: Vomito de Caos Producciones

Well this is something I was happy to see pop up as I wondered what happened to this band after the debut was an absolute crusher! but onto this new 4 track EP.

Desolated Souls /Voices from Beyond, and straight out this track means business as it just rips out with a bashing that will have you hooked, the fucking leads on here are a blazing and even the break near the end is heavy as fuck a great opener in deed, Unholy War some good old anti christian stuff here and more tempo changes on here that made this interesting and it’s up there with the first one, will say the production on here is very good the vocals stand out as well as all the instruments.

Moon, is a Mortuary Drape cover that adds a different flare to this EP as this is a excellent cover that won’t disappoint and the closer Black Flame/The Darkness Falls, this track was previously released by the band but here it sounds better than the original as it has a new life and hell it smashes your head as its pure praise of hell and a nice guitar outro that ends this trip.

Well this some good shit here but you need to act fast if you want a copy as its only been pressed to a 100 copies on tape.

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