Ad Finem Omnia – Demo MMXX (2020)

Ad Finem Omnia
Release date: May 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Well here we go with the first demo from Ad Finem Omnia and like I said earlier this year, made up by a few members of Sol Sistere and this something you might want to hear as this is pure black metal in the old school way.

From this first track Widespread Destruction you know we are in for something and this lives up to its title with some great lyrics that are to the point and the music is just as good. an excellent opener, The Abyss has a bit of a more complex feel to it but it drives the aggression is there for those who can’t get enough the drumming is as good as it gets, this really has a powerful punch that kills! One break on here really set the light something you need to hear to know what I’m talking about.

Pitch Black is up there with the rest with some deep lyrics that a lot can relate to that made this even more pleasurable and with a total aggression the way I like it so no slowing down to this point and the closer Abolish God the first track that we got a taste of earlier this year and hear it sounds just as good as ever and still one of the best tracks the band has released to end this great demo.

I’m sure that this will catch the eye of the underground as its got what it needs to spread this excellent sound the band is delivering to us, I highly recommend this.

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