Aarkanne – De Profundis (2020)

Release date: November 24th, 2020
Label: Into Endless Chaos Records/Ars Negative

The first demo from this one man raw Black Metal project, Three tracks on this ritual.

De Profundis I, and this from the get go goes right to the throat, this is what you want to here when it comes to this genre, the fucking drums are out to kill on here and the riffage will make your hair stand up, this is blazing chaos as good as it gets pure hate at its finest, excellent opener!

And the drive continues on De Profundis II with a different tempo at the start this gets even better as we go on with this really killer possessing riff and gets more intoxicating as it goes as the vocals I will mention on here are just perfect as the screaming is as intense as it can get.

And to close it out De Profundis III, a bit different at the start with a different edge to the vocals is expressed but still has a mighty punch to it as you can hear as this really is crushing as you listen to it, a strong closer.

An excellent debut, great production here, maniacs should give this a listen as this delivers the goods.

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